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Crochet Classes with Classie!

Classie Crochet workshop

A few weeks ago, one of my lovely lolita friends found a special with a school called Classie, to learn how to crochet! Not only could you learn how to crochet, but they taught you in a cafe and fed you tea/coffee whilst you did it! I have always wanted to learn and thought it sounded absolutely delightful, so I decided to attend a class. Of course the second I mentioned it to Amanda she just had to come too!

The morning of the class we both went sleepy eyed in my car to meet the group in North Adelaide at 9am. We were both feeling a little sorry for ourselves as we had stayed up late the night before dancing at Fringe Club, but quickly felt better after the waitress bought me a cup of tea, and Amanda a coffee. Then it was onto the crocheting!

Classie Crochet workshop 3Classie Crochet workshop 2

We were learning basic stitches required to make a “Granny Square”, and I have to admit, at first it confused the bejeebus out of me. Our lovely teacher Kate seemed to have oodles of patience as she showed me for the 4th time how to do a treble stitch as well as where I needed to put it. The amount of times I had to unravel the thing and try again… ahrg!

We eventually got the rhythm going, and I figured out how to properly count my stitches without needing to mark each one down on a piece of paper

Classie Crochet workshop 4

Some of the other ladies we did the class with were just lovely! Once we all got over the need for serious concentration on what we were doing, we all started chatting and had a wonderful time. I was quite sad to see the morning end.

I have decided that with my newly acquired skills I am going to attempt to eventually make a blanket, if I ever find the time!

For anyone living in Adelaide looking for new fun creative things to do in their spare time, I would thoroughly recommend Classie!

Annual Adelaide Lolita Community Strawberry Picking Meet!


A few weekends ago now, I was lucky enough to attend the Adelaide lolita communities annual strawberry picking meet! I was sooooo excited for this one for a few reasons. Its always one of the biggest events of the year (we had 26 of us!), so I get to hand out with all of the girls at the same time. I have managed to miss the past two strawberry picking meets, much to my dismay. Lastly, my dream dress Strawberries and ribbons by Angelic Pretty was the perfect print for the day!

lolita strawberry picking meet 2015 2lolita strawberry picking meet 2015 3

It was an absolute scorcher of a day (it was around the 35 degree’s Celsius mark!) so I decided to go light on some of the accessories. As I mentioned previously, I wore my Strawberries and Ribbons print from Angelic pretty. I opted to go for my clip in extensions to make the plates as it was to hot for a wig, and also decided on a plain ribbon in my hair instead of the big matching head piece. I chose my cute little red ribboned ankle socks from baby over the matching knee highs, again because of the heat. Lastly, my adorable strawberry wicker bag from Dangerfield. I completely forgot that Alycia also owned the same print in pink, so we ended up accidentally twinning

lolita strawberry picking meet 2015 1

Once we had all gathered together out the front we went inside to pay for our entry, then headed out to the strawberry fields. One of the photographers decided that lolita’s must grow in strawberry patches, because we all looked to adorable walking around in the patch in our strawberry prints.

lolita strawberry picking meet 2015 4

Once we were all done picking our strawberries, we headed in to hahndorf (which is a lovely little town in the hills that the strawberry farm is next to) for lunch at Herbees fairy garden cafe. They had a gorgeous set of wings painted on one of their walls, which is where the photo at the beginning of this post was taken. The staff at Herbees were all so excited about our outfits they had to take a photo of us all for their facebook page!

Such a lovely day was had by everyone, eating drinking and shopping. I am so glad I made it to this event finally. I can’t wait for next year!

My top 5 Comfort Movies


This was possibly one of the easiest lists for me to come up with. When I am sick or sad or lonely, I am a sucker for a good chick flick. Something with brooding characters and heart ache that eventually makes it to a happy ending.


1. The Count Of Monte Cristo. I love the adventure in this movie. Poor love sick Edmond is double crossed by his friend, then spends the better part of a decade plotting his revenge. Its really a great story, and I have lost count of how many times I have watched it.

a walk to remember

2. A Walk To Remember. Cheesy I know. The bad boy who is always in trouble falls in love with the local priests daughter, and she “saves” him without ever tarnishing her virtue or faith. It really is a beautiful movie, and “Only hope”, a song sang by Mandy More is just beautiful.

pride and prejudice

3. Pride and Prejudice. What can I say, I love soppy chick flicks. Like this wasn’t going to be on here Mr Darcy and Elizabeth work their way around their stubbornness and find they can’t possibly live without one another. I prefer this version of the film, because there is just something about Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy that sends me swooning.  He has such an odd look to him, but it more than works for me.


4. Sleepless In Seattle. Another oldy but a goody. Man hasn’t been able to sleep since his wife died, his worried son calls a radio talk show about it for advise. Women from around the country hear it and start writing to him, including the already engaged annie. His son decides he likes her and goes adventuring on his own to find her, dad follows. Eventually they meet and it’s love at first sight. Magical

youve got mail

5. You’ve Got Mail. What can I say? I have a thing for Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan Movies… In this one, two strangers meet in a chat room online and start emailing each other. In real life, they are both book store owners competing against one another. They eventually discover who the other is, get over their hate and fall in love. Then, happily ever after happens. Its beautiful.

My Hectic Life, an update.

I know I know, my blogging schedule has been TERRIBLE as of late I am now full swing into studying at TAFE for my Diploma in Human Resource Management, and since I am such a good girl getting all my homework done, I have found that my spare time usually reserved for blogging is now seriously diminishing. The Adelaide Fringe has also started and finished in the past month and a bit, and since I managed to have an artists pass for most of it thanks to teaching at The Swing Sesh, I have been out having fun most nights (Thanks Luna!)

What can I say, life got busy! So much for my new years resolutions I’ve decided I am going to try for at least one post a week, maybe two if your lucky. But it would seem that my previous schedule of at least three a week is not quite as attainable as I would have hoped. Oh well.

For the time being, I thought I would give you a quick recap of a few of the things I have been up to lately

Karen’s Birthday

It was my cousin Karen’s birthday a few weeks back now, and since she hadn’t been in Australia very long Amanda and I took her out for a night on the town. Only after a lovely family dinner first of course, my mum and dad were kind enough to baby sit her little one for the evening

 Karens Birthday 1Karens Birthday 2

We did a bit of cocktail bar hopping, and tried out the new 2KW rooftop bar in the city. It was lovely, and we ran into all these crazies while we were there!

 Karens Birthday 3Karens Birthday 4

This is where I am going to end the photo’s, we headed to Zhivago to get our boogie on after this and the night just got messier. We went for pancakes at 6am before crawling our way home. The birthday girl was bless with no hangover the next day, I unfortunately was not so lucky.

Lucky Seven at the Adelaide Art Museum

The Adelaide Art Museum had been running entertainment night’s once a week in their outdoor garden area in build up to the fringe. Naturally when they got to the Swingin’ 20’s, they called us in to come and perform to Lucky Seven, which we tend to do rather often. It also happened to be opening night of the Fringe!

Lucky Seven gig Feb 15 1

They had 6 of us teachers all matching and dancing to the band, and as always a few other came along to see the band

Lucky Seven gig Feb 15 2

Mr Tardo did the gig with us as well which was nice, as I quite enjoy performing with him

Lucky Seven gig Feb 15 3

Once that was over we all headed off to the Cranker for…

Mel’s 19th Birthday!

Mel had a group of friends already there, and we turned up a bit late because of the gig. She was already a little bit sozzled, which was fine because she is a hilarious drunk. About an hour after I got there she decided she hated what she was wearing, so i did what any other good friend would do and went to the bathroom and swapped outfits with her

Mels 19th birthday 3Mels 19th birthday 2

Once we were done with sitting at the pub for the evening, we decided to go and venture into the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Being opening night, it was packed! So our lovely friend Pete bought us all tickets to go see the late show, so we could skip the line and go straight in.

 Mels 19th birthday 4Mels 19th birthday

The late show was great, but my favorite part was when the host sang Mel a song for her birthday. I was in stitches!

Best Day Ever Bridal fair

Last but not least, I went to another bridal fair finally! I took both my Amanda’s with me, since Amanda (Left) is my maid of honour, and Amanda (Right) is my official organizer of things (She is way more organised and crafty than me ).

Best Day Ever Bridal Fair 4

We wandered around and got lunch, drank champagne, giggled a lot and took a heap of brochures and photo’s of pretty things

Best Day Ever Bridal Fair 3Best Day Ever Bridal Fair 7

I really quite enjoyed this one as there were a heap of things that caught my eye. My two favourite bits being this beautiful table centre piece and the GIANT light up Love sign

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