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One of the greatest men I know.

You may or may not have noticed, but my blogging has gone a little off schedule over the past few days. I have been busy. This time of year is when I hit the ground running, there are parties to attend, Christmas things to organize. I am constantly on the move. But for one horrible day, my world felt like it wanted to stop, all whilst it just went faster. Mr Tardo and I had been in Melbourne for his brother and sisters joint 21st and 18th birthday party. It was a great night, and I’ll blog about it for you all at a later date, as unfortunately this post is a little more somber, but something I wanted to share anyway.

On the Monday after the party I got a call from my family to say tat my Grandfather, I call him Papa, had gotten rather ill very quickly over night and had been taken to hospital. He deteriorated rather fast and his doctors were not sure if he would live out the next 48 hours. Mr Tardo and I went and put ourselves on the next plane home to be by his side. It was a bit touch and go, but 24 hours later he has perked up a bit. But his fate is still uncertain.

Since this has happened, I have also found out that I am sick with a weird gastro/flu virus thing, and can no longer risk being anywhere near him anymore in case I make him worse. This is absolutely killing me and I am not ok.

And thus I come to the point of this post, I am not particularly religious but he is. I ask that those of you who are, please pray for him. If your not, keep him in your thoughts, send good vibes, do what ever it is you do in your faith/belief/lack there of. He is one of the greatest men I know, and I am not ready for him to leave us yet.

Swing Out Sunday #33 : For Dancers Only

Wellington : Martinborough Wine Tour

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned, but last year when I discovered that Mr Tardo would be away, I decided to go visit my friend James in Wellington for my birthday! There also happened to be a dancing exchange on over that same weekend, so I was pretty much sold on the idea. When the date finally came around, I had the most disastrous time actually getting to wellington! I got distracted a work and actually ended up missing my first flight, which meant I would have missed my second. After some crazy panic stricken rebooking (and some serious help from my awesome parents), I made it to my second flight by the skin of my teeth. I put a rather large dent in the planes red wine supply on that flight, let me tell you. When I finally made it to Wellington around midnight, I was amazingly happy to see James’ happy smiling face! He took me home, we gas-bagged for a while (I hadn’t seen him since we met up in New York for Frankie 100) and then I fell asleep on his couch.

The next day he woke me up nice and early, as he had planned to take me and two of his other Aussie friends on a wine tour through Martinborough. My chocolate cardigan and ETC pink chocolate top had arrived in the mail quite literally as I was walking out the door to the airport, so I was just dying to wear them out. Wine touring proved the perfect opportunity, as it was rather cold.

Wellington : Martinborough Wine Tour

My outfit for the day

Funnily enough, our first stop of the tour was to fill up on coffee (well, tea for me!) as none of us were morning people, least of all before coffee.

Wellington : Martinborough Wine Tour

James and I perked up a far bit once we had had our caffeine hit

To be honest, I can’t even remember the names of half the places we went they were all rather long and unpronounceable. But they all had tasting rooms, which we indulged in.

Wellington : Martinborough Wine Tour

I was all goofy smiles that day…

This is Ted and Erhan, other friends of James’ that happened to be from Sydney. I was excited to meet some new dancers from Australia that I hadn’t met yet They were the cutest couple

Wellington : Martinborough Wine Tour

This particular bottle was my favorite of the day, it was named “Susan” after one of the owners ex wives. He said he named all his wines after women because they were sweet and interesting, but packed a punch and went sour quickly if you didn’t look after them correctly. I though that was pretty funny.

Wellington : Martinborough Wine Tour

This wine, named after one of the owners ex wives was my favorite of the day.

This place (again, I forget the name) we found hand a rather nice Pinot, but not much else that was note worthy. However, their kitchen was selling some of the best home made fudge I have every eaten.We did end up staying her a little longer than most of the other places (regardless of the terrible wine) because it was such a lovely little room, and they were playing swing music in the backround. We had a bit of a dance, and then moved on. We ended up leaving with no wine, but about 4 packets of fudge. We had finished one of them by the time we got back to James house!

Wellington : Martinborough Wine Tour


James was such a lovely host, he was our designated driver for the day. The three of us all fell asleep in the car on the way home, so he turned the music don and let us sleep! After all, we did need our energy for the first event of Windy Lindy that night!

Wellington : Martinborough Wine Tour

Me and James, my lovely host for the week

One thing I found interesting on our little day trip, was the way the mountains surrounding the city kept the weather in. When we left James’s house that morning it was freezing cold and raining, but the mountains stopped it from travelling out, so by the time we made it to the other side of them, the sun was out and the weather was beautiful. I took this picture on our way back home. No surprises, it was still cold and rainy upon our return.

Wellington : Martinborough Wine Tour

The clouds hovering over the mountains of Wellington


Halloween shoot final prints!

I have finally got my final prints back from the Halloween photo shoot I did a little while ago with Fashion Fever Networking! I am so excited to share them with you all as they are so cool! I even creep myself out a little in these photo’s I had two amazing photographers for this shoot, the first I shot with was Angelo Beltron who was absolutely delightful to work with and a whole lot of fun. The second was Joelle Christa who was hilarious, according to her I am way to good at being creepy

Without further ado, her are the completed shots! Let me know what you think!



ffn-halloween-1 (2)



ffn-halloween-7 (2)

ffn-halloween-9 (2)







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