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Oz Comic Con : Day Two

This post is about the Sunday at the Adelaide Oz Comic Con read about the Saturday here.

Day two started off rather slow for us. Because of this business about us having to move house rather quickly, we spent the morning looking through display villages. It is also because of this reason that I had not been so great on the cosplay organisation. I had originally decided that I was going to go in my Tiny Tina cosplay, that is until i discovered that half of it was missing… the night before. So I decided upon my cat cosplay instead. Because why not? Its adorable and I don’t get nearly enough excuses to wear it out.


Guess how many funny looks I got whilst looking at houses whilst dressed like this…

Today we mainly went to go see the cosplay competition as we had seen most of the things we wanted to the day before. I was not disappointed as there were a heap of good ones

We weren’t going to bother with the Benedict Cumberbatch panel, the line to get in was a million miles long and full of screaming girls by mid afternoon. When we came out of the cosplay comp, they were actually moving where the front of the line was and we got caught in the masses of people trying to get in as we were trying to leave. Somehow we fluked getting right to the front of the line, so we figured we might as well stay. His panel wasn’t half bad, although he does tend to give rather long-winded answers to every question, so only got through about 10 in the whole hour.


Oz Comic Con : Day One

Oz Comic Con has now been and gone and as usual, was brilliant! Since my costuming has pretty much come to a complete halt since this whole house moving business arose, I decided to wear Lolita on the first day. Which is totally fine with me, because I will take any excuse to wear my adorable pink frilly things This is the first time I have worn this Co-ordinate, I am trying to come up with was to make my Betty skirt less dark. I usually wear it with a whole lot of black things, so this time I thought I would try for more pink. Because as I’m sure you all know, I am a big fan of the colour pink!


My Lolita Co-ordinate for the first day of Oz Comic Con

My main reason for wanting to go to comic con this year was to see Billie Piper! I was a massive fan of all her music when I was  a kid in the 90′s, then because an even bigger fan of hers when I fell in love with doctor who. I was absolutely crushed when I found out a few days before the con that she had to cancel I did manage to find a tardis though…


I’ll just wait here for him until he comes back for it…

It wasn’t a total disaster though, the person they got in to replace her was none other than Jewel Staite! Mr Tardo and I went to her panel and she was just lovely. Very down to earth but happy to do what it takes to keep her fans happy, which included saying “Shiny” a few times so people could video it lol. I really enjoyed her panel, she seems like a really lovely lady. The fact that I am a MASSIVE Firefly fan had nothing to do with it… I really wanted to get a photo with her and get it signed like I did with Sean Maher when he came to Adelaide for supernova, but had to seriously restrain myself. We do leave for America in 3 weeks so we are in serious saving mode.

Jewel posing and saying "Shiny" for the crowd

Jewel posing and saying “Shiny” for the crowd

Mr Tardo and I spent a whole lot f our time sitting in the Nintendo chill out zone. I thought it was awesome how they had heaps of DS charging stations, becasue gosh knows we needed them! The amount of street passes you pick up at these things are ridiculous. I think we both spent the entire day walking around with out DS’s in hand


There wasn’t a huge amount of cosplay going on on the first day, they cosplay competition was being held on sunday so I figured that most people were hold out for that. I did find a few favorites on the day though A bunch of my friend from Lolita all dressed up as Disney princesses.


And on our way out, I got jumped by a sith!

Someone please save me! (on second thoughts, don't worry about it, he was actually pretty cute :P )

Someone please save me! (on second thoughts, don’t worry about it, he was actually pretty cute )

Thanks for reading! My post on day 2 of Oz Comic Con will follow shortly!

Swing Out Sunday #12 : Betcha A Nickel

Betcha a Nickel by Ella Fitzgerald is just the cutest song! For back then it is so super cheeky. And of course, fun to dance to. But it wouldn’t have made it on the list if it wasn’t

Rockabilly photo shoot

The shots from my Rockabilly themed photo shoot (which you can read about here) have finally been released, and OMG they are amazing! I think these ones are some of my favorite shots so far out of all of the Fashion Fever Networking shoots I have attended. The one of me lying on the table that you got to see in my sneak peek post is by far my favourite. Check it out…

unnamed (2)

I am so glad that this came out so well, it was a bitch of a pose to hold. Before the photo was taken I actually had the photo shoot producer standing next to me holding my legs up whilst the photographer got in the right spot for the photo. lol. So far, my 2 most favorite photos of all the shoot I have done have been taken by Keryl at Sundance Studio. She is such a super talented lady

A very close second favorite photo of this shoot was this one on the car. I just love how the colors came out! This is the dress that I feel in love with and ended up buying. You can probably now see why! The guys from Trade Mark Media are such awesome people as well. They really make doing this so easy and fun

unnamed (10)

The rest of the photo’s are just as brilliant as these two, let me know what you think!

unnamed (1)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (8)

unnamed (9)


unnamed (4)

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