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Adelaide Lolita Easter Meet – So much Chocolate!

Easter meet 2015 3

I Know I am a tad bit late, but oh well. Better late than never right? I hope you all had a lovely Easter break

The Easter long weekend for the Adelaide lolita community means a few things, there will be chocolate, it’s going to be a big meet, there will be pastels everywhere, and most importantly, there will be bunny ears!

I was so excited for this meet, but I almost didn’t make it as I had been quite ill for the whole week before. By the time it came around, I was determined to go as I was sick of being couped up in the house, and I desperately wanted to twin my chess chocolate print with my friend Corina.

Easter meet 2015 12

I know I have worn my chess chocolate print a thousand times before, but man I love that dress. It was finally cool enough for me to wear the matching long sleeved blouse, and to even pair it with my chocolate print cardigan! It was my first time wearing the bonnet as well, and I am so pleased with how the coordinate came out.

Easter meet 2015 2

Being Easter Saturday, our original venue san churos was closed Luckily there was another chocolate shop open on Rundle street (I forget the name), that had enough space for us all. They even had gluten free chocolate cake! I was in heaven. Angela and Kiri had organised little bags with chocolate eggs in them for all of us, and we also got a riddle to solve. The answer to each riddle was a place you could hide an Easter egg, I didn’t do so well at figuring it out though.

Easter meet 2015 5

Here is me with my lovely twin for the day Cornia! She thought it was hilarious how short I was standing next to her, so she made me stand up on the curb for our photo. She was still taller than me!

Easter meet 2015 9 Easter meet 2015 10

Corina and I weren’t the only ones to twin that day though. Angela and Kiri were perfectly matching (as always) in there royal melty chocolate JSK’s, with their adorable matching handmade bunny ears. Then there was Dalestair and Sophie twinning in their chocolate quartet dresses.

Easter meet 2015 11

Once we had our big group photo, we went for a wander through the mall and made our way to Miss Pixie’s closing down sale. Which is where I got my adorable bunny ears! I didn’t stay out much longer as I was still feeling a little under the weather, but I am glad I went. It was such a lovely event

My first ever Vlog!


So exciting don’t you think?!

There is an agency ( I’ll leave them un named for now) that approached me today, saying that they were looking for a model to do monthly Vlog’s using their products, and that they wanted me to audition for it. I figured why not, and thought I would give it a go. Mr Tardo has this super fancy web cam, so I borrowed it for a little while, one thing let to another, then BAM! I have my first video. I don’t really know what I’m doing, so I kinda just rambled a lot. I hope you all like it anyway!

I quite enjoyed making it, so even if I don’t end up getting the gig I may make some more in the future anyway. If you have some pointers or constructive criticism, I would love to hear it in the comments

Bad Girl Gangster photo shoot

I had another photo shoot with Fashion Fever Networking a little while ago, only this one was a bit of a different theme to what I have done previously. This one was called “Bad girl gangsters” and was wicked fun. I really enjoyed getting my badass on

Gangster photoshoot 3

We wore bandanna’s and leathers, there were even hot muscle cars for us to pose on. I was pretty happy about that, as they were super awesome. The one I am posing in below even had a remote-controlled hydraulics system which the guy could control on his phone! He thought it was amusing to set it off randomly from across the room without warning, it scared the crap out of me a few times.

One of the girls partners ever brought along a real rifle for us to use as a prop! (Minus the ammo) Cool huh? I’d never actually seen a real gun before, let alone handled one, so it was definitely a new experience!

Gangster photoshoot 2

I remembered to borrow what I call a “duck hat” (because I think the flat ones look like a ducks bill) off my brother for the shoot, and I think it worked really well for me. I was also super naughty and had my first cigarette in a few years, I only ended up smoking half of it though. It made a great prop and I think we got a few good shots with it, so it served its purpose.

Gangster photoshoot 4Gangster photoshoot

We were working with two of my favourite photographers Dan and Angelo, as well which i was happy about. I always get great shots with them and I felt super comfortable too, which is always helpful.

Gangster photoshoot 7

These guys usually have a pretty quick turn around, so I am hoping I will have the shots back pretty soon So stay tuned!

Future Music Festival 2015

Let me just say this right now – I am getting too old for this shit There were so many underage kids at this thing I practically felt like a nana!

When they first announce the line up for Future music this year, I was dying to go. Two of my favourite bands The prodigy and Die Antwoord  were coming to Adelaide with the festival and I so badly wanted top see them. Then i found out no one I knew was going, and resigned myself to missing out. Then, the morning of whilst I was busy moping around about missing it my dear little brother calls me up and says he decided last-minute he wanted to go, and could I drive him in? Bugger that i though, and decided to splurge and spend the money to get myself a ticket.

Future music festival 2015  4

My brother Andy and his friend Kara were my buddies for the day.

It turned out my friend Simon from school (whose shoulders I am sitting on below) had a spare ticket, so I bought it off him and off to the festival I went!

The day for me started off with a bit of a lag, I arrived only to discover I had left my ID at home, and since I had an adults ticket they wouldn’t let me in without it! Lucky for me Mr Tardo was feeling particularly kind, and after dropping us all off drove all the way home again and brought it back for me.

Future music festival 2015 11Future music festival 2015 7

(Profanity warning: Don’t follow any of the music links if you are easily offended, specifically the Die Antwoord ones, some of these songs are quite rude and NSFW)

Once I eventually made it in, the first act we saw was Darude. You know, the guy who played Sandstorm? and feel the beat?

Future music festival 2015 1

I freaking loved those songs when they first came out, so needless to say I was super disappointed when we stayed for his whole set and he didn’t actually play either of them. Not once. He dropped bits of sandstorm in here and there, but then didn’t actually play the whole thing. I was gutted. Not cool.

We didn’t really know any of the bands that were next in the line up, so we took a stab and picked on at random. We ended up seeing Sigma, and they were freaking awesome. They also played a few songs I had heard before, but didn’t know was them.

Future music festival 2015  5

Next up we went and got some lunch and sat on the grass whilst we watched the Hilltop Hoods. As always, they were fantastic. Of course they played Crosby sweater along with a bunch of their other newer stuff, but they also played the Nosebleed Section which I thought was pretty cool.

Future music festival 2015  6

By this point we decided it was time to get a good spot in the main room for Die Antwoord, which saw us catching the end of Nero’s set. By the time Die Antword came on, we were about a meter from the front and squished in like sardines. They started playing Fok Julle Naaiers as they came out on stage and the crowd just lost it. I think it was possibly the roughest mosh pit I have ever been in, but I was doing ok holding myself up. At least I was, until Ninja decided to jump into the crowd right in front of me. The crush that came after that almost saw me hit the ground.

Future music festival 2015 10Future music festival 2015 9

I bailed for a safer distance a bit further back after that, my brother Andy and his mate Kara stayed right up the front for the whole thing though. Ninja went crowd surfing a few more times after that, and my brother Andy said he ended up holding his head at one point and got to have a few words with him which he was super happy about. Damn they put on a good show though, and they played all my favourites, including Fatty Boom Boom and Cookie Thumper .

Future music festival 2015

Once they finished it was back into the mosh for me to find Andy and Kara, and once I had we made our way to the front to wait for The Prodigy to come on stage. We got ourselves a spot right up against the fence smack bang in the middle and waited for them to start. This was the 4th time I had seen The Prodigy live, and they are always amazing, although their shows are usually pretty rough as well. This one was a little more bearable though as this time there was no crowd surfing.

Future music festival 2015 13 Future music festival 2015 12

Oh man were they good. They saw us partying down the front and kept throwing us bottles of water and interacting with us, it was so cool. I managed to get that awesome photo up there of the main guy telling me off. Apparently we were having a moment, so he pointed and told me to put my phone away. Lol.

Future music festival 2015 14

By the end of the festival I was exhausted. My hips didn’t take kindly to me spending a whole day jumping around, but it was so worth it to finally see Die Antwoord play live. What a day!

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