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Buggs and Bag’s Meme party!

Two of my friends Jarryd and Katey (or Bag’s and Buggs as we call them ) had a joint birthday party recently, and to say it was super awesome was a complete understatement. The theme of there party was “Internet Meme’s”, but after a while it just became “hey guys! Come as the internet!”. My friends being the insane wonderful people that they are, as always went all out on the costumes. It was a very silly fun night, and I thought I would share some of the outfits with you!


I went as one of the girls from Carameldansen, complete with creepy anime eyes and blonde hair. Yes, I do have false else lashes glued to my eyebrows Don’t know what Carameldansen is? Click here. It was a sweedish dance song that came out a while ago that features 3 anime girls dancing around like bunnies!

Now, on to the amazing costumes for the night! I will leave a link to each matching meme, just in case any of you don’t know what it is


First up for our costumes we have Tom as Science Cat, Cara as “the internet” and Kenneth as True story.


Next we have Mr Tardo as Badgers, Katey (the birthday girl) as Brace yourself, and Tracy as The almighty Doge.


Bec as Goosebumps girl, Luna as Feminist Frank and Kyle as Gaston


Birthday boy Jarryd as He Man, Enken as Like a Sir and Kenny as oh god why.


Amanda as Pinterest, Kieran as Reddit as Jack as Rick astley. Jack quite literally Rick rolled us, as he spent the whole week before hand telling us all how he was going to come as shut up and take my money fry

and last but not least, we have my brother Andy as Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Our Engagement Party <3

Although Mr Tardo and I got engaged all the way back in May last year, it was only very recently that we finally managed to throw an engagement party! After much debating on a theme (I wanted to have a zombie apocalypse party, but mother wasn’t so keen), we eventually agreed upon an ice cream party! Mr Tardo was super happy about that because ice cream is pretty much his favorite food

The reason it has taken me so long to write about is because I was waiting to get all the photo’s back! On the night I found out that as a lovely present, my friend Jo had hired a photographer for the night! So I have hundreds of beautiful pictures of the party. I think this one is my favourite:

Engagement Party16

Riccardo and I look all lovey, and then there is Katey in the back pulling a silly face pretty much sums up the whole party It was such a wonderful night, and i was completely blown away by the amount of love and generosity shown to us by our friends. We truly are very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people Anyway, there was way to many gorgeous photo’s I wanted to share with you to just have a super long post, so I thought I would make a little slide show album instead. I hope you enjoy looking through them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Live in Adelaide and love our photo’s? Our Photographer was Drew from Andrew Dinham Photographyand he was super lovely! I don’t think he missed a single moment through out the night, and the photo’s speak for themselves!

Salt N Pepa Concert

Lol, I told you I was no good at new years resolutions. I decided I was going to keep up with my regular posting 3 times a week, and then I go ahead and abandon my blog for a week and a half. Go team

Anyway, I was going through some of my photos and realized I never shared any of my Salt N Pepa photos with you! It was such an awesome last-minute adventure.

Salt n Pepa 1

How I ended up at the concert was just a wonderful turn of fate really. As you know, Mr Tardo and I spent Christmas in Melbourne. On boxing day we headed over to his dads place to stay with them for a little while before heading to QLD. When we arrived we had dinner with the whole family, and we were just sitting around chatting afterwards. The topic of our friend Tracy’s epic birthday party came up, which then led to us discussing how I know every word to Shoop and then my love of Salt N Pepa. By some fluke, Mr Tardo’s step mum Jenni had got an email that afternoon from some venue advertising that they were having a one night only concert the next night. It all sort of fell into place after that. I was so excited and decided I needed to go, and Jenni and Mr Tardo’s sister Monique joined in and all of a sudden we were having a girls night out!

Salt n Pepa 2

Me, Jenni and Monique waiting for the show to start

We went out for dinner and then got to the venue nice and early, so we go a good spot right up the front. The opening act was a band called CDB, who I had never heard of. They turned out to be really awesome though! They did a cover of lets groove tonight which was fantastic, and on the whole weren’t terrible to look at either.

salt N Pepa - CDB

I think the guy in the middle is a bit pretty

Finally Salt N Pepa came on, along with DJ Spinderella and two of their back up dancers. They did not disappoint! They did a bunch of skits about the type of terrible men we have all dated at least one of, which had us in stitches it was so funny.

Salt n Pepa 4

They also played all their classic songs that everyone loved. I don’t think they missed a single one, giddy up, whatta man, push it, none of your business etc, but they did a few versions of other people’s songs as well. It was so good! They were even singing an ACDC song at one point, and Pepa saw a guy in the crowd and was like, “you look like you know this song better than me, you sing it” and just handed him the mike

Salt n Pepa 3

As you probably guessed, my favourite song of theirs was “Shoop”, so I just had to take a video of it. Sorry its a bit wobbly, I was kinda dancing at the same time. They had started the song once before this video started, but Pepa had stopped it to tell us all off because when she said “Girls whats my weakness?” we didn’t scream “Men” loud enough, thus the reaction in the video. It was pretty epic.

You have no idea how happy I am I got to see them live. It was always on my bucket list, but ever other time they had been in Australia I managed to missed them. They were worth the wait

Half-assed New Years Resolutions for 2015

True to form, I have been really slack about writing these, and they have been so half assed, your getting them a week late! I started doing my half assed resolutions last year, as all my blogging friends were getting into it and I thought it might be fun to give it a go. As I explained last year, I have never been much in to making resolutions. I’m so prone to constant mind changing that I don’t like committing to things I may decide I don’t actually like in a week, because a lot of the idea’s I have do quite often turn out to be a bad idea.  Last year they ranged from not so serious resolutions like “Cuddle my puppy more”, to things I should probably actually do like “not eat so much of the things I am intolerant to”. If you want to check them out, you can read about last years resolutions here, and see how I did with them a year later here.

So without further ado, I give you…


  • Pick a wedding date, and possibly even get married!

Wedding rings

As you guys should all know by now, Myself and Mr Tardo got engaged in May last year In a few days we will have finally gotten around to having our engagement party, so it is high time we start thinking about and organizing us actually marrying each other. I am hoping we can get ourselves organized enough to get married in November this year, but if that doesn’t happen I think we will be looking at march/april next year. So stay tuned for a whole heap of wedding themed posts this year!

  • Start saving to go back to Japan

Hirosaki Castle and cherry blossoms

I am just dying to get back over there. Last time Mr Tardo and I were over there, I was only just getting into lolita and didn’t know much about it, so I didn’t buy much. As my tastes in brand expands with my love of lolita I am finding more and more that I am desperate to get myself back over there So this is on my list for this year, to go, or at least save to go back to Japan.

  • Not kill my garden

This is our beautiful backyard in our New house Mr Tardo and I bought this year. I have never been very good with them, I struggle not to kill pot plans, and am not much for the out doors. But, they are all native plants that my mother seems to think should be hard to kill. I will try super hard to keep them all alive. Wish me luck!

  • Buy more Lolita wishlist items

 Usakumya Rucksack Angelic Pretty Melty Ribbon Chocolate Collar Jumperskirt {Pink} Royal Chocolate Mini Hat in Pink from Angelic Pretty

This year I want to add more brand to my wardrobe. Especially some of the things I have been pining over for a while, like a Yusakuma rucksack!

  • Keep up my regular blogging schedule of a post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


I know, not really off to a great start already, but I find with blogging if I set myself a schedule It works better for me, and then I don’t get a back log of stuff

  • Learn to sculpt things other than bows and hearts when doing my 3D Nail art
3d nail art

Please note: I did not do these.

So I am really good at doing bows, and hearts actually. But I do them ALL THE TIME, so I think it is time I expanded and learnt how to do something else. Like these things. They are kinda pretty


  • Continue on with swing out Sundays


I am still in 2 minds as to weather I actually want to continue with it or not. I don’t think anyone ever actually listens to them. I’ll have a think about it.

  • Procrastinate less.


I am pretty much the queen of this. I swear, tumblr will be the end of me one day. I should totally procrastinate less, but honestly, I probably wont

  • Start Pilates classes


So I have gotten a little squishy around the edges last year. Especially since I never did follow through on last years resolution to start going to the gym There is a place nearby that my brother has been going to that does regular classes and I think I should look into going. Not just to lose weight, but to help my muscles to. I have been having a horrible time with my back and neck causing me all sorts of pain recently, and I think I would benefit from a bit more muscle tone.

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