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Happy Birthday to Me Giveaway!

Happy birthday to me 103…. well, not quite, but it feels like it some days It occurred to me the other day, that I have had this blog going on 3 years soon, and not once have I ever celebrated my blogerversary. Terrible I know. So, since today is my actual real life birthday, I thought I should celebrate both and have a little give away

I have finally finished updating my shop with all the awesome new stuff I made to sell at Avcon. I went a little over board, so there is so many cool new necklaces that have been added.


Click here to check out the store!

Birthday Giveaway!

Adorable food necklaces, Rilakkuma cupcake charms and macaroons

Birthday Giveaway!

How adorable are these marvel charms? Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and the green Lantern!

Birthday Giveaway

So many My Little Pony Necklaces!

Birthday Giveaway!

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without some Hello Kitty!

So now the technical stuff. This giveaway is international, so anyone who wants to join in can If you unlike me as soon as you have entered you will be disqualified. I will be contacting the winner as soon as possible after the giveaway has ended, so make sure you are contactable! If I don’t get an answer from the winner within three days, a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck!

Oh So Kawaii Store Giveaway

Guild wars 2 dance party!

As you guys may or may not know, I have been getting really into guild wars 2 as of late. I got it for Mr Tardo as an engagement present (Its what he wanted! ), and after watching him play it with our friends for a week, I decided that i should get it too. When he fly’s out for work, we spend a lot of time playing together at night. Its like our online date thing, which I think is super cute.

Which is how this video came about. Friday night about a week ago Mr Tardo and I were online and we were mucking around with our friend Anthony. We were all being a bit silly as we had just discovered the command to make all your avatars dance in sync. Anthony was wearing a chicken costume and running around with a big blue kite. I decided I wanted to video it all for some Lol’s, and it seemed as thought Problem was just the perfect song. So here you are, our midnight Guild Wars dance party!


September Loot Crate: The Verse

loot crate


Oh man I was excited for this months loot crate! The theme this time was the verse, and all I could think about was if I was going to get any cool Firefly gear. Lets just say, they did not disappoint! Now, onto the unboxing!

September Loot Crate: The Verse

The box was a little beaten up, but other wise ok

September Loot Crate: The Verse

First look upon opening

September Loot Crate: The Verse

I got a Mal figurine, as well as an Alien figurine. Mal was not impress about having to share his ship with an alien.

September Loot Crate: The Verse

Pop rocks! I’ve never had this candy before, so I am looking forward to the apply goodness mouth explosions

September Loot Crate: The Verse

I have never been much into Star Trek, but whatever this “Tribble” thing is, its adorable

September Loot Crate: The Verse

Of course they were wonderful and set some cold hard cash. There would be nothing worse than accidentally finding myself in the Firefly universe without any of the appropriate currency. Now I have one less thing to worry about!

I am so impressed with this crate. I think it is my favorite yet!


Swing Out Sunday #29 : Gimmie A Pigfoot

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