The day after my delightful bridal shower, it was time to get our hustle on as it was set up day for the actual wedding its self. I can remember feeling like I was walking around in a bubble, as I couldn’t believe this wedding we had been planning for almost 2 years was finally almost here.


I don’t think I ever got around to writing much about the details for our wedding, so you guys have no idea what we planned 😛 We had decided that we wanted the whole event to be a big sleep over, with both the reception and the ceremony happening at the same place so no one had to worry about travel in between venues or drink driving.

061 P1060530

There is a place called “The Old House” at the Woodhouse Activity Centre up in the Adelaide hills that I spent a lot of time in as a child, which turned out to be the perfect location. It had dorm rooms that bunked up to 60 people as well as a beautiful outdoor chapel and surrounding gardens, plus enough space to put up a big white marquee. Below is a photo of the chapel, taken from the balcony of  the house.

Guerra pre wedding set up 1

As you can see from the photo’s it was the most beautiful setting. The morning of the day before, we enlisted our entire bridal party to come over and start carting things up there and to help with the set up. We opted to do most things ourselves, I had spent the whole week before hand shopping for and crafting all of the decorations. So when it came to the set up, we really had our work cut out for us. I don’t know how I would have gotten everything done in time with out the help and organisation from my brothers girlfriend Amanda, as well as my mother. Who needs a wedding planner when you have family, right?

Guerra pre wedding set up 13

It was my job to stay at our house and direct people as to what needed to be picked up and taken where, so by the time I got up there, the marquee had been set up and the dance floor installed. That was when we had our first little hiccup, the hire company had brought the wrong chairs. Looking back on it now, it really wasn’t the end of the world but I thought it was a major disaster at the time.

Guerra pre wedding set up 3

I spoke to the manager of the hire company who tried to tell me that we had just picked the wrong ones, and then that we had changed the invoice that many times that we must have changed the chairs too. uurrhhgg. I was so annoyed, because after speaking with Riccardo for like 2 seconds, she agreed that they had sent the wrong chairs and would get the right ones sent up as soon as possible. Then when I discussed it with the moving staff, they had the audacity to ask if they could deliver them the following day. uh, no! That’s our wedding day! We kinda need them! Thankfully, they eventually agreed to drop the right ones off later that afternoon.

Guerra pre wedding set up 5

Riccardo really arrived at the right time for that, because he had previously not been at the venue and I literally handed him the phone as he was getting out of the car. He hadn’t been there, because he was picking up our brides maid Robin from the airport. This is of great importance to note, because the photo below is actually of the first time I ever met her! The first time Riccardo had met her IRL was when he got her from the airport an hour previously 😛 Riccardo and Robin have known each other for the better part of a decade, they met playing World of Warcraft and have been involved with each other playing different games online ever since. They had never met before as Robin lives in New Zealand. There is rarely a day where these two don’t chat on Skype, and when Riccardo was picking his “Grooms Nerds”, Robin just had to be there. We were so excited when she said she would fly over for it!

Guerra pre wedding set up 2

Now we had our final bridal party member and we were waiting for the lighting to go up in the marquee and the correct chairs to arrive, we had our rehearsal and set up the altar.

Guerra pre wedding set up 10Guerra pre wedding set up 12

Everyone wore silly hats, it was great!

Wedding rehersal

That was when I found out about our next little drama. Instead of hiring a traditional photo booth, we had arranged to have this special printer which pulled photo’s off instagram to print out based on our own personal hashtag. They called us when they were supposed to be delivering it to tell us that they had hired it to someone in Melbourne the previous weekend, and they had sent it back with some vital parts missing and they weren’t going to be able to get them back in time. They promised us one of their other premium photo booths at no extra charge instead, but they weren’t going to be able to deliver it until 3pm the following day. The ceremony was at 2pm. I was so cross! But there was nothing I could do about it, so I had a bit of a whinge about it and we moved onto the next task. Once the lights were up and plugged in and the chairs re delivered (thankfully the correct ones this time), it was all hands on deck to get the marquee set up ready for the following day.

Guerra pre wedding set up 6

It took us a while, but once it was finished it looked so pretty! I was so proud of our effort, I couldn’t imagine a better setting for our wedding reception.

Guerra pre wedding set up 7

I was starting to get super excited by this point, and tired. So very very tired. We were all starving so we ordered some pizza’s from the local pizza shop and had a carpet party whilst we ate.

Guerra pre wedding set up 11

Once the food was consumed, I said goodbye to my fiance for the last time (hehe) and he got in his car and went home. He was meeting all the boys at a barber shop in town early the next morning to get ready, and of course we couldn’t spend the night together! 😛 Me and my girls all spent the night in a dorm room together at the venue, and I shared a blow up mattress with my best friend Amanda. Regardless of how tired I was, I was so excited I spent most of the night wide awake tossing and turning or staring at the ceiling. Then all of a sudden 6.30am came around, and it was time to get out of bed and start hair and make up!

Post about the wedding its self to follow soon! ^_^



The grand adventure that was my bachelorette party took place about a month before the actual wedding, for rather practical reasons. I didn’t want to be at all hung over for my wedding day, or the time before hand as we were organising most of it ourselves and I had so much to do, plus on the off-chance I managed to damage myself I figured I would need time to recover. I also wanted to do something a little more tame than heavy drinking and strippers, a little closer to the wedding so that my family and friend that were flying over for the wedding could come. Thus my bridal shower was organised.

Sarahs Bridal shower 2016 2

Myself, my mum and my Auntie Sharon, who had come down from the gold coast for the wedding.

Again, my delightful bestie came through and organised a lovely lunch for us all, the Thursday before the wedding at the intercontinental hotel. She had these adorable chocolates made for it, and we all had one waiting for us on our plates as we sat down, they were the perfect touch.

Sarahs Bridal shower 2016 1

We were all given a glass of champagne to start off with, and then whilst we all chatted they started bringing out trays of delicious finger food.

Sarahs Bridal shower 2016 3

As always, I got my own tray of yummies thanks to me being allergic to EVERYTHING. lol. All the cakes they gave me were delicious, I also had a plate of little sandwiches but in my enthusiasm to eat them, I forgot to take a photo 😛

Sarahs Bridal shower 2016 4

I had a lovely turn out of twenty or so people, most of which were not able to attend my first party. We had a lovely afternoon of chatting, drinking tea and eating cakes before we all headed home and I started the mad task of packing to get everything up to the wedding venue the next day!

Sarahs Bridal shower 2016 5

I think this is the last quiet moment I had until the following Monday, as things got super hectic from this point on!




It is finally time for post one in the lead up to my fabulous wedding! We had been planning it for so long (almost two years!) that it just kept getting closer and didn’t quite feel real. That slowly started changing when the night of my bachelorette party finally came around! The “night” started super early, as we were having pre drinks at my best friend and maid of honor Amanda’s house.

Sarah's Hens night 2016 22

I went over around 12.20, and at 1 we had the hair and make up artist for the wedding come around to do our hair and make up trials. We needed to do a test run before the wedding, so we figured what better time than before the bachelorette party!

Sarah's Hens night 2016 3Sarah's Hens night 2016 5

We started with the champagne right away, and I was quickly decorated with a tiara, bride to be sash and garter!

Sarah's Hens night 2016 21

Amanda completely out did herself, and I felt absolutely spoiled rotten. I was so excited when people started to arrive! Amanda had set up a scrap booking area as well as a photo booth, so people could take silly photo’s and then leave me messages.

Sarah's Hens night 2016 1

It was great fun! I got some beautiful photos with my friends, bridesmaids and family before we all got too drunk and carried away with ourselves.

Sarah's Hens night 2016 19Sarah's Hens night 2016 20

The icing on the cake though, was a rather delicious looking man named Wayde from Aussie hunks who was walking around serving us all drinks.

Sarah's Hens night 2016 4

The result of the afternoon was this beautiful scrapbook for me to keep as a memento 🙂 <3

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Six o’clock finally rolled around, and it was time for us to get on a bus to head into town for the next part of our evening adventure – Madame Josephine’s all male strip show!

Fair warning – Full frontal male nudity to follow, so if you are not ok with this please do not continue reading!

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Ah crap. Again with the writing semi good intentional half assed resolutions, then promptly going on an accidental hiatus and ignoring them.

Life has just been so darn busy, and not to mention complicated and emotional lately. I just haven’t had the motivation or energy to write about anything.

I HAVE EVEN TRIED TO WRITE THIS POST THREE TIMES NOW! lol. I am the queen of procrastination and distractions. oops 😛

So what have I been up to? My life has pretty much been all consumed by wedding planning. And then having a bachelorette party. Then a bridal shower. THEN ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED!

I am so totally married now. Mrs Sarah Guerra (Pronounced G-wear-ah), that’s me! 😀 It was EPIC. I can’t wait to tell you all about it 🙂

Posts on all these things to follow shortly, I just wanted to jump on here to let you all know quickly that I am in fact, just fine and haven’t dropped off the face of the planet. lol.