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My first experience as a bride to be!

Bay Bridal Fair

So with all of this house buying business going on, the fact that Riccardo and I are also engaged (read about it here!) has kinda been put on the back burner and was temporarily forgotten about. We haven’t even had an engagement party yet (we have very busy lives ). So when I came across an ad for the bay bridal expo I decided that perhaps I should go. Of course, I couldn’t go alone! Something this girly requires a buddy to gas-bag about all the pretty things with. So one phone call to me dear friend Jo ( She is going to be one of my bridesmaids, and I am going to be one of hers!), and I had my expo buddy. I was so excited! She came to pick me up that morning and brought along her gorgeous baby boy Thomas and we headed in together.

Bay Bridal Fair

Upon entering they had these cute little signs from the car park saying congratulations and pointing us in the direction of the fair. The first thing we noticed was how many different “Photo Booth” things they had there. It really does seem to be the trendy thing to be doing these days. They do seem pretty cool, but with how many friends I have that are photographers, I really doubt we would need one. Non the less, when we walked in and met a guy who had one set up that we could try out, like we were going to say no So the three of us jumped in, and here is our photos! (On a side note, isn’t Thomas just the cutest little thing you have ever seen?! I spend the day being rather clucky )

Bay Bridal fair

Naturally the very next thing that caught my eye was all the gorgeous cakes and treat displays. There were so many gorgeous set ups, so I took a few photos to store for ideas for later. One thing that I was quite disappointed about though, was the amount of cake places that were there that didn’t want to know me the second I asked if they could do anything gluten-free. They were happy to chat with me until I mentioned my dietary requirements (I’m a Glutard. Sigh.), then I got a short “sorry I can’t guarantee gluten-free” before the conversation was abruptly ended. Seriously, you would have thought I just told them I had a communicable disease. O well. Lucky I have a lovely friend who is a chocolatier who is more than up for the challenge



Next it was upstairs to look at some table settings and watch the fashion parade. I found this pretty chandelier table setting which I really enjoyed. I didn’t dare ask how much they were though I think they would look gorgeous with red and white roses which I *think* is going to be my theme. (I’m being kind to my three besties and letting them all wear red instead of pink… aren’t I awesome? )

Bay Bridal Fair

I also found a wedding ring setting which goes almost perfectly with my engagement ring! It wasn’t overly expensive either which was nice I got the guys card as he apparently makes them all himself. He also said that I could come in and he could design one to match my engagement ring perfectly. This one was sort of squared off on the edges, where mine is round. What do you think?

Bay Bridal Fair

   Last but not least, I met this fantastic make up artist called Aleisha She was really lovely and spent a long time chatting with me about her make up styles. I really don’t want to do my own make up for the wedding, but I have really bad Rosacea so I have been searching for someone who knows how to cover it well without making me look like I have a truck load of make up on. After our chat, I’m pretty sure I will use her as she seemed to know what she was talking about, and I am quite confident she will do a great job.

So that was my first official experience acting like a real bride To any of my readers who have done this already, I would love to hear about any tips or helpful website you know of too Please post them in the comments, I need all the help I can get!

Swing Out Sunday #24 : Hallelujah I Love Her So

Now this song takes me back! When I very first started dancing I just loved this song to death. I have great memories of having some drinks at my parents place with some of my swing friends for my birthday, getting drunk and swinging out hard to this in the lounge room. Its such a sweet happy song, it makes me all warm and fuzzy. So without further ado, todays swing out sunday so is Hallelujah I love her so by Ray Charles

Our House : Virtual tour

I am so excited about our new house. It is just perfect. As I’m sure you have all read by now, once we got our keys we had a few hiccups to begin with but soon got it all sorted. We also decided we had to DO ALL THE THINGS straight away, so I have been super busy. We did manage to stop for a family photo out the front before racing off though.

Our House <3

Bella, Myself and Mr Tardo out the front of our new place


I really wanted to show you all around, and photo’s really don’t do the place justice. So, i thought I would try my hand and putting together a little video tour on my phone for you guys. This is my first time making a video for the blog, so I apologize if it is kinda terrible But I wanted to show you all around my new house and thought what better way than to make a quick video of me running about the place So without further ado, welcome to my place!

Our House : Pink Walls and Ikea furnature

Well, its official! Mr Tardo and I are home owners! They had us worried there for a bit as settlement took much longer than we expected, we thought there might have been a problem. We later found out that they took so long because the rep from the bank turned up to the settlement meeting only to discover that he had forgotten all our paperwork, and had to head back to their office to collect them. Once they had the paperwork though, everything went down without a hitch, and I was able to collect the keys that afternoon.

Our House <3

Me being all excitable just after I had picked up our keys

Man that day dragged on, as I had to go back to work after collecting the keys. Mr Tardo conveniently got home that night (he works FIFO of Whyalla), so we went straight from the airport to the house to check things out. Second drama of the new house? I had arranged to get the power connected that day, but when we got there, nothing would turn on. We made many phone calls to the power company and had half my family over trying to figure out where the main switch board was. We even called over my besties BF, who is an electrician, to help us search for it. After chatting with a bunch of the neighbors and running around the house/street for a while, we eventually discovered that all the main switch boards for each house were actually on the side of one of the houses at the other end of the street, behind a tree. Unhelpful, but good to know for the future, and just like that we had power. It wasn’t until we had wandered around the house with the lights on that we realized how big it was. We hadn’t ever seen the place without furniture before. We decided that we could probably use a few extra bits a pieces, so the very next day we headed for Ikea!

Our House <3

1. Mr Tardo eating pudding. Because Yum! 2. Sitting one a pile of cushions whilst we decided what to get. 3. Collecting our boxes from the storage area 4. I was actually there helping too!

Mr Tardo loves the meatballs at Ikea, so lunch was on the agenda before we did any shopping. Once we got round to it, I think we bought out the shop we got so much stuff! A new bigger dinning room table, a whole bunch of chairs, a cabinet for the dining room, 2 pink shelves for my room (!!^_^!!), a dress stand, some pillows… and a bunch of stuff I can’t actually remember right now :S Once we got it all home, it seemed a little daunting, so we called an emergency Ikea furniture building party Amanda, Kris (our handy electrician from the night before) and Jo all came around to help us out. Halfway through we got pretty hungry and ordered pizza and some soft drinks, but it wasn’t until they arrived that we realized that none of our plates and/or glasses had made it to the house yet. All we could find were my champagne glasses, so fancy soda’s it was.

Our House <3

1. Kris being classy drinking Mountain Dew from a champagne glass! 2. Jo putting together out table chairs 3. Kris putting together a chair whilst Amanda supervises. 4. Myself, Tardo and Amanda holding a ladder whilst Kris was in the roof trying to figure out why the bathroom fan didn’t work. Gosh he is handy!

As you can imagine, I was super keen to get started painting my new room (well, office or fairy cave as Mr Tardo has dubbed it). So straight to Bunnings I went to get myself some paint colours! I was so happy with the two shades of pink that I had chosen, that I decided to get started straight away. I have never really been one for waiting. My brother Andy and his girlfriend Amanda (yes, two Amanda’s, it gets confusing) were kind enough to come over and help me get it done, which I was grateful for. it would seem that I am terrible at painting in straight line (Ie, for in the corners), so Amanda did it for me. Before you freak out that we were painting with no drop sheets, it was all good. The carpets were trashed already so we were having them replaced the very next week

Our House <3

1. Me painting my hot pink feature wall. 2. My hands covered in paint after a full evening of painting. 3. the wall before the paint 4. My awesome brother Andy, fixing up the lines in the corner for me (I am terrible at it)

I think the funniest moment of the whole weekend was when Amanda got the paint brush she had in one hand, confused with the piece of pizza she had in the other. Apparently although “candy floss” coloured paint looks delicious, it is in fact actually not.

Our House <3

Amanda accidentally tried to eat the paint. So naturally I had to take a photo before helping her wash it off

Stay tuned for more updates, once all the carpets have been replaced we will be moving in!


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