AVcon Day Two was a super busy Lolita filled day for me.

AVcon - day 2 - 6

Unfortunately, I don’t actually have any decent pictures of my coordinate as I was determined to pull dumb faces, and you couldn’t get my new selfie stick out of my hands if you tried πŸ˜›

AVcon - day 2 -15

I decided to wear my Milky Planet coordinate, since it is absolutely my favorite. I have all the accessories, including the amazing up-side-down ice-cream headband and I love wearing it because it is just so pink!

AVcon - day 2 -13

Because I won best coordinate at last years Lolita parade, I got to judge at this years one :) I found it to be just as daunting as walking out on stage the year before! Everyone looked so beautiful, and choosing the winners were super hard! I was so busy, I only managed to take one photo whilst everyone was waiting to go on.

AVcon - day 2 - 1

After the parade was over we had our annual AVcon high tea at the maid cafe. It was just lovely! They set up a special table for us and gave us china cups to drink from, and we hand maids and butlers wandering around filling our plates up with cake the whole time. It was just delightful!

AVcon - day 2 - 5

As you can see, my selfie stick got a fair bit of use, as I got photo’s with a lot of the girls :)

AVcon - day 2 -14

After we gathered together for our group shot, the maids at the cafe put on the cutest little dancing performance for us! I wish I could find the video because it was just adorable.

AVcon - day 2 - 7

What little time I had left I spent hanging out with these guys (My brother Andy, his friend Anthony and Mr Tardo), and playing computer games.

AVcon - day 2 - 10

As always AVcon was awesome, but went by way to fast.


I have been so amazingly slack with my nails as of late! I have to admit though, the ones I have done have turned out pretty damn cool πŸ˜› What do you think?

These ones, I had just come home from a work trip up to Mt Gambier, and so I had all my nail equipment in my car. One lazy Sunday afternoon I thought I would have a play, since I was desperate try out my nail stampers on me again. I was in a GLUE ALL OF THE THINGS on to my fingers kind of a day, and I love love love how they came out. I kept getting the bows stuck in my hair though.

These started off somewhat basic, just pink and purple glitter as I wanted to be a little bit girly for my mums birthday. But then PAX came around, and I couldn’t be bothered redoing them, so I stuck on some diamonds and a hot pink bow and TA-DA prettier nails πŸ˜› The bow drove me crazy though.

These are actually just party tips I did on myself because I was feeling SUPER lazy. I had done a similar set on my friend Zoe a few days prior, only hers were french. They looked so cool I just had to do it on myself. Plus, I got to use my stamper :P


lol, after reading these back, i’m going to have to remind myself next time – DON’T stick anything big to your middle finger. It’ll dive you crazy.

So tell me, which ones are your favorites?


Woo! New theme!

I got a little bored with the old one and decided it was time for something fresh and new. I would love to hear what you think of it in the comments below :)

I seemed to have lost my mojo a little when it comes to blogging, but have no fear. A new theme is just the beginning of updates to this lovely little blog of mine, and I wanted to thank you all for your patience whilst I get my shit together πŸ˜›

bubblegum thumbnail

More coming soon, but for now – I need to sleep!




This was probably a tad bit over the top for work, but I did it anyway πŸ˜› Spring is well and truly here, and the need for skirts is becoming stronger and stronger. I’m also a sucker for pastels and these skirts are super comfortable to get around in. I’d also seen a lot of picture popping up on my tumblr of adorable girls with their hair in pig tail buns. I just had to try it πŸ˜›


Outfit Breakdown:

Cardigan: Pink Spotty cardigan from Angelic pretty

Skirt: Pastel blue from valley girl

Socks: Plain white OTK school socks from Target

Shoes: Given to meΒ second hand from a friend

Accessories: From Equip