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September Loot Crate: The Verse

loot crate


Oh man I was excited for this months loot crate! The theme this time was the verse, and all I could think about was if I was going to get any cool Firefly gear. Lets just say, they did not disappoint! Now, onto the unboxing!

September Loot Crate: The Verse

The box was a little beaten up, but other wise ok

September Loot Crate: The Verse

First look upon opening

September Loot Crate: The Verse

I got a Mal figurine, as well as an Alien figurine. Mal was not impress about having to share his ship with an alien.

September Loot Crate: The Verse

Pop rocks! I’ve never had this candy before, so I am looking forward to the apply goodness mouth explosions

September Loot Crate: The Verse

I have never been much into Star Trek, but whatever this “Tribble” thing is, its adorable

September Loot Crate: The Verse

Of course they were wonderful and set some cold hard cash. There would be nothing worse than accidentally finding myself in the Firefly universe without any of the appropriate currency. Now I have one less thing to worry about!

I am so impressed with this crate. I think it is my favorite yet!


Swing Out Sunday #29 : Gimmie A Pigfoot

Review: Spree Picky Bloomers!

As a lot of you may or may not know, I order most of my clothes online. I just don’t like the crap they sell in the department stores here. I have been searching for some bloomers to wear under my little skirts when I go dancing for quite a while now. When I found these on spree picky I just had to have them, and they are perfect. Exactly what I was after. Aren’t they just the cutest?!


I was also pretty stoked when I opened my package up to find that they had also sent me a birthday card and some cute little earrings as a present!


They always make the extra effort to go above and beyond, and I thought I would share this with you because I have always been really pleased with all the things they send me I wore the bloomers under my little green skirt when I went out for parking day, and they made it look just wonderful


Check their store out here!


*These are all my own opinions. I was not sponsored to write this post.

Justin Timberlake Concert!


Look at that smug smile! Why so smug? Mr Tardo totally bought us tickets to go and see Justin Timberlake in concert when he was in Adelaide recently! I am so spoiled We bought the tickets right as they went on sale, so we had them for ages before the concert actually happened. What wiped the smug smile off my face? I had to go and come down with the flu a few days before the concert, so by the time it came around I was so sick I hadn’t been out of bed for a few days. Be damned if I was going to miss it though! SO i dragged myself out of bed, got prettied up and off we went, boy was a happy that we had chosen to get seats right at the last-minute, I don’t think I would have had the energy to mosh


The concert, as expected, was brilliant. The light show was incredible, and what they had done with the screen behind was really cool. The band was tight, and the dancers super awesome. Over all, I was super impressed by it all. I figured it was going to be spectacular as I went to the last concert he put on in Adelaide and was just blown away. If I could say one thing of it – damn that man looks good in a suit.



A highlight for me had to be this moment in that photo above. He was playing “Until the end of time” and had asked everyone to turn their phone flashlights or lighters on and wave them about to the music. It was so pretty and sparkly, I can’t imagine how cool it would have look from the stage, but it looked pretty awesome from where I was sitting. Then about 3/4 of the way through, the stage quite literally got lifted up into the air and slowly moved over the top of the GA crowd. As you can imagine, everyone went nuts.


Not only was it super awesome, but Justin Timberlake was this close to us. THIS CLOSE.


I think it would have been super awesome to be down in the VIP bar at the back of the crowd, as once the stage had stopped moving Justin Timberlake and his back up dancers and singers went down there. They played a few songs and even did a shot with them. Pretty cool He played all my favourite songs, both old and new and the concert played out flawlessly. It was such a great night, and by the end of it I was exhausted. No raging on for me after this one, I went straight home to bed. It was a Monday after all!

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