Kawaii.i Fashion Contest: My kawaii personal style VOTE FOR ME!

Kawaii.i Fashion Contest: My kawaii personal style VOTE FOR ME!


I entered the Kawaii international “My personal kawaii style” contest to be one of the next kawaii leaders. With literally like hours to go until the cut off deadline lol. Better late than never though right? This is the picture I entered with:

Vote for OhSoKawaiiXoxo in the My personal kawaii style contest

Vote for OhSoKawaiiXoxo

Do you like it? This is one of the pictures my darling husband took of me as we were shopping our way through Tokyo. I believe it was taken in Shibuya’s WC store just after I bought that jumper. I was struggling to decide what picture to use that would best represent “My personal Kawaii style” because for me its such a broad subject that changes a lot depending on my mood and what I happen to be doing on that day. I went with this one because I thought it was the best representation of my “everyday” kind of kawaii style. My work keeps me on my feet almost always, and I work a lot. So when I am out and about I like to be kawaii AND comfortable.

I like platform sneakers because they make me just that little bit taller (I’m on 5’2) and the right ones are super comfy to run around in all day. I think I own that pleated skirt in every colour of the rainbow, so its one of my go to garments, plus I can never go past some knee-high socks.

I think this is the best representation of my style at the moment, and I am really glad I got the chance to enter the contest. If you like my style too, I would really appreciate it if you would send a vote my way. Since I chose to enter right at the very last-minute (like a big dummy) I am quite behind on the public vote.

If you do want to vote for me, Thanks! But make sure you listen up now, because voting can be a little bit tricksy. First of all, you need to click on the link below to open up the woo-box page with my picture on it.

This link right here! Click on me!

Then you wan to look down the bottom of the blank white bit tot he right. you should see three round buttons. The first two will enable you to share my picture on Facebook, and Twitter. You don’t have to do this, although it would be greatly appreciated if you would con your friends into sending me a vote as well 😛 The button that is most important is the thumbs up on the right. Your going to want to click on that. But wait! You’re not done yet. They couldn’t possibly make it that easy 😛 When you click on the thumbs up, a little blue box saying “Like” is going to pop up. You need to make sure you click on that little guy to make your vote count. Then that’s it, your done!

You have now earned all of my gratitude and thanks. That was easy! But seriously, I do really appreciate the time you have spent reading through this post and humoring me as I am being a little ridiculous.

One last time… vote for OhSoKawaiiXoxo to be a Kawaii Leader!


Btw, I have totally entered this comp before, a few years ago. The blog post about it is here. Do you think I have levelled up or nah?

Much love guys, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

High tea on a Monday because we BAMF

High tea on a Monday because we BAMF

What? high tea on a Monday?! how bizarre! I know right? but hey, my friends and I are all students/shift workers so Monday happens to be a rather good day to catch up for most of us. I was in such a rush that morning (I finish work at 8am Monday mornings) I was super surprised at how well I pulled this coordinate together. I was still running around in a state of undress when my friends started arriving so we could leave together.

Coordinate details

Shoes: Bait Footwear

Stockings: bought from a friend

Dress: Fancy Paper Dolls by Angelic Pretty

Blouse: TaoBao

Cardigan: Target

Bag: Angelic Pretty

Belt: Ebay

Head Bow: Angelic Pretty

I was so pleased with how my hair came out, especially since I came up with the style entirely by accident. I was going to put my hair in twin buns, but I got distracted halfway through putting them up (the doorbell rang!) and thought it looked really cute with some hair hanging down, so i just left it like that. Yay for accidental cute hairstyles!

As stated before, we headed to Pressed Tin Cafe in the city. Corrina had managed to get us a big groupon deal so it ended up being only about 15 per head for the high tea. Not to bad if you ask me, and the best part is – they did gluten-free. Even better, their gluten-free stuff was actually good. For savoury I got sandwiches, sausage roll and some curry puffs. For dessert a little plate containing Chocolate brownie, passion fruit cheesecake and 2 tiny orange cupcakes. My only complaint is that they didn’t have any GF scones. I love scones!

Chelsea was pretty happy with the food offering for the non gluten intolerant.

Pressed Tin isn’t just a cafe, it also happens to be a rather lovely furniture store as well. They have so many lovely things its always fun to walk through and take a thousand photos. I found this couch during our wonder and my gosh I wish I had space in my house so I could take it home. It was just the perfect shade of pink and so comfy too. I think we were made for each other. Maybe one day it will be mine.

Me with my lovely friends Ashleigh and Chelsea. Aren’t they cuties?

Corrina and I fell in love with the derpy look on this little pugs face, we just had to pose with it!

For a Monday, That was a pretty good day!

A salty sweet birthday adventure at 50sixone

A salty sweet birthday adventure at 50sixone

A few weekends ago some lovely lolita friends and I headed out to the magical dessert bar that is 50sixone to celebrate the birthday of our friend Ali.

As is my usual, I went for a coordinate of pink, pink and even more pink 😛 The whole outfit was based around this one head bow you see. I had seen the head bow for diner doll (my current dream dress!) come up for sale on-line, and in the hopes that one day I might actually own the matching dress, I bought it. That silly head bow has been sitting in my wardrobe for some time now and bringing me no luck at all, so I decided that in the off-chance I never end up with the dress (*cries*) I should try to coordinate it with something. So here is what I came up with:

Coordinate run down

Shoes: Bait Footwear

Stockings: Bought from a friend

Dress: Whip Factory by Angelic Pretty

Blouse: Off brand

Cardigan: Taget

Bag: Angelic Pretty

Headbow: Dinner Doll by Angelic Pretty

The birthday girl herself was in pink too, so of course we needed to get a selfie together. Pink is the best colour after all.

Our lovely little squad for the day waiting patiently for the rest of our food to arrive.

I was always a sucker for McDonald’s chips dipped in ice cream when I was younger, so when I saw that they had chips with chocolate and ice cream on the menu I just had to have it. It was so very delicious but I only made it halfway before admitting defeat.


50sixone makes the most amazing shakes and desserts. Here you can see Corrina and Ali drooling over Corrina’s chocolate brownie milkshake, and Chelsea‘s big smile when her red velvet pancakes were almost bigger than she was!

As we were leaving the venue we found a wall that had these lovely wings painted on them and we just had to stop to get our outfit shots in front of it. From left to right, Corrina, Chelsea, Katey, me and Jess!

Poor Chelsea was too short, so we tried to give her some help to get up!

Happy Birthday Ali!

Pockets Birthday High Tea At Just Tickled Pink | Angelic Pretty Whip Factory Coordinate

Pockets Birthday High Tea At Just Tickled Pink | Angelic Pretty Whip Factory Coordinate

My lordy have I ever been slack with this blog. There is so much catching up to be done! Believe it or not, I wrote this post for Chelsea’s birthday… last year 😛 and then I forgot to ever post it! How terrible of me. And now here we are a year later, and its her birthday again! Well, I suppose better late than never right? Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Back in October the delightful Pocket Sized Vampire Pandah (Chelsea!) turned 21! For her party she organised for a group of us to go out to Just Tickled Pink for High Tea! I have been there before as you may remember from a few of my previous posts, we went for Corina’s birthday last year and for our lolita Comm Valentines day meet this year. You all know how I feel about the colour pink, so I was happy to be going back there again, plus the food is always so yummy!

I had purchased Angelic Pretty’s Whip Factory Salopette on one of the sales Comms a week prior, and was super excited when it arrived in the mail just in time for me to wear it to the party. As you can see it was just perfect for the party since not only is it pink (as most of my clothing items are) but it is also covered in adorable cakes! Taking one look at it you can see why I had to add it to my collection, pink and adorable food? I’m in!

When I first tried the whip factory on, I was surprised at how large it was around the waist. It is the first Salopette I have ever bought and worn and was concerned it wasn’t going to fit me. Thankfully with the addition of a lovely pink belt I had in my wardrobe I managed to get it to sit perfectly around my waist!

Outfit Run Down

Whip Factory by Angelic Pretty OhSoKawaiiXoxo lolita Coordinate

Salophette: Whip Factory by Angelic Pretty

Blouse: Starry-eyed Sheer Blouse by Melon Hopper

Bag: Candy bag from Angelic Pretty

Belt:Tie my bow belt in Pink from Review

Socks and shoes: Bodyline

Hair and Make-up Run down

Whip Factory by Angelic Pretty OhSoKawaiiXoxo lolita Coordinate and make upWhip Factory by Angelic Pretty OhSoKawaiiXoxo lolita Coordinate and make up

It was quite a warm day so I was reluctant to wear a wig or anything on my head. I decided to opt for something a little simple, and used my own hair with some clip in extensions to make a cute pony tail. I put two pin curls into my fringe, then finished it off with two small bow clips.

For my make up I opted for pink shaded eye shadow from my Too Faced bon bons palate, winged liner and some false lashes. Pink blush cheecks, and Jeffree Stars Doll Parts on my lips

Pockets Birthday High Tea At Just Tickled Pink | Angelic Pretty Whip Factory Coordinate - Pocketsizedvampirepandah

As always, the birthday girl looked adorable in her Angelic Pretty x Disney little mermaid print dress and Jacket.

Pockets Birthday High Tea At Just Tickled Pink | Angelic Pretty Whip Factory Coordinate

I was running a little bit late on the day, so when I walked in I was handed a non alcoholic sparkling drink, and this lovely plate of goodies was waiting for me when I sat down. As always, I went for the gluten free option which, in this instance, meant I got my own plate of treats. I think my favourite was the apple and pistachio loaf you can see on the back of the plate It was so moist and sweet, which by the look of it was quite unexpected.

Pockets Birthday High Tea At Just Tickled Pink | Angelic Pretty Whip Factory Coordinate

As is our usual, we took a group shot of all the lolita’s together out the front of the venue. We were all in sweet, and everyone looked adorable.

Happy Birthday Chelsea! I hope you had a lovely!

Just Tickled Pink is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to go for high tea because of how delicious their allergy friendly food is. Do you have a favourite place for high tea? What makes it your favourite?

Pastel Melonhopper Coordinate

Pastel Melonhopper Coordinate

Hello there friends!

Today I have a super cute pastel kawaii outfit to share with you all 🙂

Last weekend I had the privilege of being invited to the commitment ceremony of two of our dear friends from dancing and the lolita community here in Adelaide. It was a beautiful ceremony on their families farm with a giant and gorgeous gum tree as their back drop. They told us to wear something nice, but that there was really no restrictions on what we could or should wear. I wanted to make sure I was representing the lolita side of our friendship (there was lots of other dancers invited) without going to OTT Lolita. They also suggested we wear something comfortable since the event would be held in a paddock!

Outfit Rundown

Shoes: Bait Footware

Stockings: Bought from a friend

Dress: Melonhopper

Cardigan: Target

Accessories: Headbow from Angelic Pretty’s Holy Lantern collection, Brand whore pin from Star Glazed Delights, Most Embarrassing Behaviour Pin from Milk Ribbon.

Having recently redyed my hair pink again, I felt like such a pastel princess in this outfit. I adore mixing pinks and purples together. I think it makes for a very dreamy and cute outfit.

Adelaide’s first every Harajuku Walk!

Adelaide’s first every Harajuku Walk!

Well I must say, Saturday was the saturday-ist saturday I have had in some time! Full of cute things, time with my hubby, getting excited about our Japan trip and of course, making some lovely new friends at the Harajuku SA Harajuku Walk!

Before I go into details on my super busy day, lets have a talk about the outfit. Since I knew I was going to the first ever Adelaide Harajuku walk later that afternoon, I decided I would kawaii up for the whole day, and just put a little more umph into it than I do on my usual day to day basis.

Kawaii outfit run down from the bottom up!

Pink bow bodyline heels, which are super cute and have a chunky heel which makes them easy to walk around in for long periods of time. Sailor moon kitty stockings that I actually had completely forgotten I owned until I was cleaning out my wardrobes the other day. Pink cakes and macaroons skirt, which has been well loved. Giant pink novelty bow belt. Cute ruffle sleeved brand t-shirt from milk, which I later added a blue cardigan to for extra colour. Also not pictured here: Mt beloved blue/purple holographic backpack from smiggle that I carry almost everywhere these days!

Kawaii make up look of the day


I have never been a huge fan of mismatched hair colour and brows, so for me pink brows are a must, especially when trying to be extra adorable. To get this look I used a generic pink liquid lip colour I got off ebay, and used it like I would an eyebrow pomade. Works like a charm!

On my eyes I have a few different shaded from my too faced chocolate bon bons pallet, with a light purple cream eye shadow from 3ina on my lids. My eyeliner wings were done super quickly by using my medium sized vamp stamp (I’ll be brave enough to try he large one of these days!), and my lashes I did nothing to (yes I said nothing!) as I had a set of eye lash extensions installed the day before at Le Lash Beautique. All of that sounds a lot I know, but I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it was to put on thanks to my new products.

Foundation as always is DermaBlend pro, which helps me to flawlessly cover up my rosacea followed by their setting powder. Highlighter is the pink shiny one from lime crimes opals highlight pallet, cheeks are a pink (the name of which i currently cannot remember) from too faceds love blush collection. Then on my lips I have “Koala” from NYX, which is quickly becoming my favourite!


You may have noticed, but I kinda have a thing for big pink bows! Todays accessories, that i was silly enough to forget to put on for my outfit shot because I was too busy taking this photo lol. I had two ink bows in my hair, one in each pig tail. Some colourful heart bracelets, because you can never have too much candy. Three of my favourite rings – Sparkly heart, AP milky planet ice cream and a sparkly star. Shiny heart pearl necklace, which I adore (can ou believe i got it in the kids section at louvisa?!). Purple heart shaped shades to keep the sun out of my eyes, and my giant bow belt that I purchased at AVcon.

Breakfast adventures with Ye Olde Husband and the little floof

I have been on night shift literally alllllllll weekend, so I got home from work at 8am that morning and jumped back into bed for a little more sleep. We got up shortly after because we had a fair amount to do that day before I had to go back to work. First we were off to the post office to get our passport photos taken, and then straight to the RAA to have our international drivers licences issued! We have organised to go on a go karting tour of Tokyo, its going to be so freaking cool. Riccardo was silly enough to leave his actual licence at home, so he will have to go do his another day after work. Silly boy, lucky I was driving!

Next we headed off to go on a cute little breakfast date together at the Queen Street cafe. I absolutely adore that place, the food is amazing and the street has such a great vibe to it. We found this great art piece on a shed door near the cafe, so of course I had to get an outfit shot in front of it. Bella is such a good poser for Riccardo. I swear every time I point a camera at her she does the dog version of rolling her eyes at me.

The cafe is very dog friendly in their outdoor seated section, so we love to take Bella with us when we go out for breakfast. She is such a friendly pup (well, doggo, she is 11yo) that every one wants to cuddle and pat her. Which of course she doesnt mind. She just laps up the attention. After breakfast we usually take Bella for a nice walk , which is exactly what we did!

After our little walk, I dropped Riccardo and Bella off home and headed into town solo for…

Adelaide’s very first Harajuku walk!

I was super excited for this, having seen countless video’s and photos of the ones held in other cities I really wanted to go to one. This one was being held by a newly formed group called Harajuku SA, which is a Facebook group I had been added to a few weeks earlier by one of my friends. She wasn’t going to the meet today however, so I was a little nervous to be going on my own. Turns out, that I didn’t need to be worried about it at all, as everyone was so kind and friendly. The meet ended up being less of a walk, and more of a hang out in the park together thing which was still pretty cool, because I got to have chats with some super cool people. Oh, and a power ranger stole my phone. No I’m not kidding lol

But don’t just take my word for it, check out my vlog of the event, and if you are an Adelaide local, be sure to join the group and come along to the next one!

Love Love! <3

Annual Lolita Chocolate Meet | Angelic Pretty’s Chess Chocolate Coordinate

Annual Lolita Chocolate Meet | Angelic Pretty’s Chess Chocolate Coordinate

Annual Lolita Chocolate Meet | Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate Coordinate

The annual chocolate meet for the Adelaide lolita community is always a big one. It is usually held around Easter, and everybody puts on their favourite chocolate prints, we meet up some where and you guessed it – eat a lot of chocolate. This year was no different. The time and date was set, and we went and took over the top floor of Koko Black for the afternoon.

As some of you who have been reading my blog for a little while might have guessed, when it comes to anything chocolate related my go to print is Chess Chocolate by Angelic pretty. It was the first brand dress I ever owned, and the first print I managed to collect the entire set for (I have everything – blouse, bonnet, bow, socks). To this day it is still one of my favourite dresses, so of course I had to wear it out. I decided I would wear the head bow this time, as I wore the same outfit to last years Chocolate meet only with the bonnet. (hey, its a good coordinate, and I say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!)

Annual Lolita Chocolate Meet | Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate Coordinate

Outfit Break Down

Jsk, socks, bow, cardigan, blouse and bag: All Angelic Pretty!

Shoes: Bodyline

Wig: Bought from Sydney markets

Annual Lolita Chocolate Meet | Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate Coordinate

The group sat down and ordered together, and everyone blended in with their surroundings perfectly 😛 There were so many delicious looking sweet things that people ordered, but I went for this glorious looking cake.

Annual Lolita Chocolate Meet | Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate Coordinate

I can never move past anything that is salted caramel flavour, and today was no different. This was a salted caramel mouse with a flourless chocolate cake in the middle. It had a piece of toffee leaning on the side of it, and when they brought it to the table the waitress poured hot caramel sauce down it, like a slide. I was in heaven, and yes it tasted as good at is looked.

Annual Lolita Chocolate Meet | Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate Coordinate Annual Lolita Chocolate Meet | Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate Coordinate

All hyped up on sugar, we all left the cafe. It was a busy Saturday so we were stopped by a lot of people for photographs. We eventually got sick of it and disappeared up to the top floor of regency arcade to escape. We were all being a little bit silly, and I got a great bunch of photo’s of “Lolita’s behaving badly” lol.

Annual Lolita Chocolate Meet | Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate Coordinate

As when we made it to the end of the arcade there was a lovely lady coming out of the haigh’s chocolate store room who was kind enough to take a group photograph of us all – our timing could not have been better. I think this photo looks like we just stepped out of the chocolate factory. Don’t we all just look delicious?!

Do you have a favourite “go to” dress for certain occasions? and if so, what is it? Let me know in the comments!

Outfit Of The Day | Pink And Purple Pastels

Outfit Of The Day | Pink And Purple Pastels

Outfit Of The Day | Pink And Purple Pastels

Summer is finally on its way here, and I could not be happier about it! Summer for me means pastels, lots and lots of pastels. I have a huge collection of adorable skirts that I am just dying to bring out of my closet to go have some fun in! Here to the beginning of my favourite time of the year <3

Outfit Of The Day | Pink And Purple Pastels

Outfit Break down

Top: Plain white t-shirt from supre that I found in a thrift shop

Cardigan: Baby pink round neckline from Target

Bag: Heart with pink bow from Angelic Pretty

Belt: Pink bow belt from Review

Skirt:Purple pleated skirt from Aliexpress

Socks: Pale pink knee high purchased from sydney markets

Shoes: Clear sparkle Jelly shoes by Lipstick

Accessories: Pink heart sunglasses, Pink and purple bows in hair, Bow earings, pastel pink pearl necklace, Holley tea time strawberry ring


Outfit Of The Day | Pink And Purple PastelsOutfit Of The Day | Pink And Purple Pastels

Make Up Break Down

Foundation: Dermablend leg and body cover in beige

Brows: Anastasia dark brown wax

Eyes: Simple black winged liner

Cheeks: Loreal Soft Rose (201) Blush Sculpt

Lips: Lime Crime Pink Velvet

Outfit Of The Day | Pink And Purple Pastels

Accessory Close Ups

Outfit Of The Day | Pink And Purple PastelsOutfit Of The Day | Pink And Purple Pastels

Outfit Of The Day | Pink And Purple PastelsOutfit Of The Day | Pink And Purple Pastels

Do you have a go to clothing item for summer? Do you love Pastels too, or do you have a different theme?


Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3

If you are anything like me, you have a long kawaii wishlist of things you have just been pining over this year, but being the responsible adult that I am (don’t laugh!) have decided against spending all of your money on. It is times like these, we turn to the good man himself to make our kawaii wishlist dreams come true 😛

Dear Santa,

I believe that this year I have been a very good girl! (Well, mostly 😛 ). Please put me on your list under nice, and help me be my super kawaii self next year by climbing down my chimney (or, you know, dog door since we technically don’t have a chimney) and putting some of my super kawaii wishlist items under the christmas tree!

Lots of Love,


Yes? No? yeah, I wouldn’t fall for it either 😛 It was worth a try! But hey, here is my list anyway.

iScream Nails full polish set and nail art book

I have been obsessing about the amazing pastel colours that these adorable ice cream shaped nail polishes come in since I first laid eyes on them on instagram. The pastel colours that they come in are just the perfects shades of everything, and they even have a nail art book to go with it. I am just dying to get my hands on the full set of colours so I can expand on my hand painted nail art. Everything I do right now is usually based around 3d nail art purely because I don’t own a great range of colours.

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | iScream nail art bookDreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | iScream full nail polish range

Gamer Crop top from Pastel Pixie

I wanted to take this one home with me when I went to their store up in Queensland. Unfortunately they had sold out and I never got the chance 🙁 The precious will me mine on day!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Patel Pixie gamer crop


Ever since I got my hands on the Grand hotel Cafe Christmas box set I have been obsessed. The better than sex mascara is so darn good, and I have been in love with the pink and Chocolate Bon Bon palettes forever.

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Too Faced chocolate bar paletteDreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 |Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

Starry Party Pink Sleeveless Skater Dress From Holley Tea Time

gbh#ejvm&v!ele%saf……… words escape me to describe how freaking cute this dress from Holley tea Time is!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 |Holley Tea Time starry Party dress

Bait footwear Ione shoes in Pink/Lavender

I think these have been on my list for a few years now as they are just so cute. I love how the cut of them has a bit of a vintage flair, but they adorable pastel colouring keeps it super Kawaii. They look so comfy too!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | bait footware ione shoes in lavender and pink


The Sims 4 Stuff Packs!

I have been playing The Sims a fair bit as of late, and they have so many stuff packs out! I would love all of them so I can continue making my pink town the cutest place on earth <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | The Sims 4 expansion packs

This is one of those dresses (just like Cotton Candy Shop!) that I hated to begin with, but am now completely obsessed with. I want the salophette because the cut just looks too cute <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Chocolate Salopette

World Of Warcraft – Legion

For those of you that have been watching me stream WoW with my husband each night, you will know that I am currently playing my highest ever toon, a Lvl 84 Warrior. I will be hitting eng game content real soon, and I’m going to need to get this expansion if I want to keep going!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | WoW Legion

So that is my Christmas wishlist this year! What things are on your Kawaii Wishlist this Christmas?


Nail Art Of The Month | Crystal Nails, Big Bows And A LOT Of Glitter!

Nail Art Of The Month | Crystal Nails, Big Bows And A LOT Of Glitter!

Nail Art Of The Month | Crystal Nails, Big Bows And A LOT Of Glitter!

Ok so maybe this isn’t nail art from just the past month. Maybe, just maybe I have been a terrible blogger and haven’t posted my nail art in a while. oops.

Lately, I have been all about the crystal nails look, ever since I saw it on tres_she on Instagram. I fell in love right away and knew I had to try it. So I jumped online and purchased myself some shiny things and have been having a ball with it since.

Nail Art Of The Month | Oh So Kawai | Pink + Purple Crystal Nails with bows and heart diamonties

I think these are my favourite version of this so far. I love the shades of pink and purple and the little heart rhinestones are just too cute. One thing I have been meaning to retry this with is doing my own bows. I like the effect the bows add to the nails, but using pre made ones are a little annoying as they stick out and I am forever getting them stuck in my hair.

Nail Art Of The Month | Oh So kawaii | New 2 tones bows and flower petals

I have been so into trying out new things lately. I watched a tutorial online for a different type of bow to what I usually do and wanted to give it a go. I have never tried two tone acrylic sculpting before, but I think it came out ok. I tried a new way of doing it this time, so rather than sculpting the bows and flower petals right onto my nail, I used a rounded surface that i could move about to make them and then stuck them onto the nails. i think I will definitely have to give that one another go, because it made life so much easier being able to move the surface about in more directions than my hand can bend 😛

Nail Art Of The Month | Oh So Kawaii | Purple glitter nails with hear crystals and pink diamonties

…aaannnddd enter the glitter. When I ordered all of the crystal foils, I also bought a bunch of super cute glitters as well! This purple was just too gorgeous to not cover everything in, so… well, I covered everything in it lol.

Nail Art Of The Month | Oh So Kawaii | Pretty blue glitter nails with pink foils and big 3d bows

This is the second glitter that I ordered, but I tried to not go too over board with it on this set. I wanted to have two different colours and to use a bunch of different coloured diamonties to my usual pink/clear combination. I hadn’t done proper bows on my nails in quite a while, so I thought I would throw a few in there for good measure 🙂

Nail Art Of The Month | Oh So Kawaii | Matte pink nails with pink glitter and 3d nail art bows and heart rhinestones

Last but not least, we have this super adorable set that I did on my sister-in-law when she came over from Melbourne to visit us for the weekend. She wanted something cute and matte with bows and diamonties. She love pink about as much as I do, so we went for this gorgeous shade with a bit of glitter thrown in. I am super pleased with how these turned out, I might have to do a set on myself! 😛

What do you prefer, crystal or glitter nails? Let me know in the comments below!