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Outfit of the day : Pink POP!


Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD 4

This is one of the most recent outfits I put together for work, so not for anything too exciting πŸ˜› I just really liked it. Lately, I have been really into funky outfits with a lot of colour that are super comfortable too. I have recently gone back to studying, so I have been catching public transport into the city 3 days a week whilst carry a big back pack. Because of this, my comfy shoes have been slowly making a comeback over some of my heels (…I have a lot of heels). We are also slowly heading into winter on my side of the world, so keeping warm has been needed as well. Here is the break down of what I am wearing:

Top: Grey POP! baggy t-shirt – Supre

Pants: Pink Ripped Jeans – BooHoo

Leggings: Black Hello Kitty Leggings (Under Jeans, it was too cold for exposed knee’s!) – Given to me

Shoes: Rainbow Vans – Japan, about 5 years ago (Thus why they are trashed)

Bag: Dinosaur bag! Damn I love this thing. Also bought in Japan, a few years ago.

Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD  3Β Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD 1

Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD 2


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Infected Mushroom Gig


So this was a concert myself and Mr Tardo went to a few months back, that I completely forgot about!

Infected Mushroom 5

Infected mushroom is not my usual taste in music, but Mr Tardo has been a big fan since he was a teenager and was super excited to go. You me, I’ll try anything, so off we went. We were joined by a few friends, Tom and Nigel too ^_^

Infected Mushroom 1Infected Mushroom 2

I have got to admit, they were pretty cool. Their music had me bouncing all over the place and I was super impressed by the key board player. He was pretty awesome.

Infected Mushroom 3Infected Mushroom 4

Plus, they did this super cool version of this Foo Fighters song, which completely blew my mind. Check it out!


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Damn it Freckles! Horse riding in Normanville.


I have some very interesting friends, who like to do interesting things. So I was snot surprised when one of them said that for her birthday she wanted us all to go Normanville (a 2 hour drive away) to go horse riding along the beach. When we had organised the whole thing, I was pretty excited too. I’d never been horse riding before!

It was bloody freezing the morning we went down there, so I was super rugged up, and got to wear my super cute fluffy white love heart ear muffs πŸ˜› We picked up our friend Mel along the way so she could join us for the trek down. After a short stop to get tea and go to the loo, we got a little lost before finally arriving at the horse farm.

Normanville horse riding 1

We spent a little time wandering around looking at things whilst we waited for the morning group to return, which is where I met this guy (above). He was getting overly friendly because he liked the smell of my tea. He was a very lovely horse though. When the other group got back, we had this lovely photo of a few of us with Juliet the birthday girl before we were given our horses.

Normanville horse riding 2

From left to right: Mel, Juliet, Amanda, Andy, Me, Mr Tardo and Jarryd.

Juliet had ridden with the first group (there were a lot of us) and said she had been given a horse named freckles, and that he was stubborn, slow and super disobedient… So guess who got that one. Yeah, me.

Normanville horse riding 9

I swear I could not get that bloody horse to do anything! It was super fustraiting. I had to kick him almost every step of the way to keep him moving, and any time I tried to get him to turn, he would try to eat my shoes laces.

Normanville horse riding 4Normanville horse riding 3

Mr Tardo, Andy and Mel all got lovely horses, who did as they were told. They all thought it was super amusing listening to me yell at my horse to behave, and “DAMNIT FRECKLES!” has now become the new line used whenever anyone is being stubborn.

Normanville horse riding 12

Stubborn horse not withstanding, it was a beautiful ride. We first set off on a trail through a bit of scrub land to get down to the beach, then wandered along the beach for a little while before heading back.

Normanville horse riding 5

I must admit, by the time we got back to the farm I was happy to be getting off Freckles. My thighs were killing me!

Normanville horse riding 10

Shortly after we had finished our ride, we quickly discovered that both Mel and Jarryd are allergic to horse hair πŸ˜› Our next adventure was to find a chemist open in the country on a Sunday, to buy some hayfever tablets.

Normanville horse riding 6

I’m not sure if I mentioned that I got my brother Andy a horse mask for Christmas, but I did. Little to my knowledge, he decided to bring it with him Β to Normanville, so then this happened…

After a long day, we had a few well deserved drinks at the Normanville pub before heading back home.

Normanville horse riding 13



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Outfit of the day : Cute beanie pink cardie


White baret OOTD June 15 4

White baret OOTD June 15 1

Here is another outfit I put together for TAFE. The weather wasn’t to freezing for once, so I didn’t need a super huge jacket. As always, its rather pink πŸ˜›

Beanie | Random convenience store on Hindly St

Clips | Diva

Necklace | Made by me

Tank Top | Big W

Cardigan | K-mart

Jeans | – Mya lowrise crinkle jeans

Shoes | The LED shoes themselves are from KoKo Pie, the Lightening bolts I got in a Lootcrate

White baret OOTD June 15 2White baret OOTD June 15 3


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