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Lowrider : The Final Show

I don’t feel like I have blogged about this nearly as often as I should have, but my all time favorite band on the planet is a group called Lowrider, which are from my home town here in Adelaide. I am so sad that this will also be the last time I write about one of their concerts, as this was officially their last before they go on an indefinite hiatus (want to read about the previous one I went to? Click here)

Lowrider : The Final Show

My Best friend Amanda and I have been following them since high school. She dated the lead singers brother-in-law for a little while which is how she originally got into them, then convinced me to go to a concert with her one night. The rest is history really!

Lowrider : The Final Show

They packed HQ to the rafters!

I almost didn’t make it to the last gig, but decided last-minute that I just had to be there. The next night was Riccardo’s brother and sisters joint birthday party, and we had already booked our flights to Melbourne for it way before Lowrider even announced their last concert. When they did I yelled and complained a lot, but decided that since we had just bought our house that I should be responsible and not spend the money to change my flights.

Lowrider : The Final Show

That was, up until a few days before we were meant to leave and I got an unexpected dancing gig that left me with a bit of extra cash to play with. After speaking with Amanda I decided that I was crazy for thinking I wasn’t going to be devastated if I missed it, and promptly changed my flights so I would arrive in Melbourne the next day just in time for the party

Lowrider : The Final Show

… and boy was I glad I did. The second the band started playing I knew I had made the right choice. They rocked it harder than they ever have before (and that is saying something) and as always blew my mind and melted my heart. As it turned out, my original flight was hugely delayed as well, and poor Mr Tardo spent half the night sitting at the airport. It was just meant to be.

Lowrider : The Final Show

I don’t think Lowrider missed a single favorite of mine. Be bad, Other lovely things, Friend, Going up, Here we go, Lonely soul and of course Riverside (please excuse drunk excited me sticking my head in the video near the end )

It was truly and unforgettable night, and when the end came I even had a bit of a cry. The music these guys have created has meant so much to me over the years, and gotten me through some hard times. Their music is so uplifting and has always been able to cheer me in the darkest moments. I am truly devastated to see them go, but I suppose all good things must come to an end. Thanks for the memories boys xxx

Lowrider : The Final Show

Lowrider : The Final Show

He is so tall!

Lowrider : The Final Show

They didn’t have any women’s sizes left, so I got a men’s lowrider t-shirt to use as a nighty!


Miss Extreme Halloween!

After the success that was the Halloween themed photo shoot that Fashion Fever Networking ran, they decided to host a modelling competition with the same theme. They called it Miss Extreme Halloween. I hadn’t planned to enter it as it was the weekend after I got back from my big trip and I didn’t think I would have time, but then they went and put my face on the poster I’m a sucker for an excuse to dress up, so what could I say?

Miss Extreme Halloween

There was two heats, Lingerie (of course, because is it really a model comp if you don’t get the girls to take off their clothes?) and costume. I ha limited time, so I decided that for my lingerie heat I would re-use the play boy bunny costume I made for my 25th birthday party.

 10153918_648900125224113_6671785729273719883_n 10460254_648887515225374_1180906027141802765_n


For my costume I wanted to do my zombie nurse again, especially since the red contact lenses I ordered for the photo shoot had finally arrived.I figured I should make it a bit more interesting than what I had for the shoot, so I wnt to my friend Kyles house for a bit of help. I was originally going to borrow this awesome prosthetic he made to have a steering wheel sticking out of my chest all bloody, but I couldn’t quite get it to work with my nurse out fit as there wasn’t really enough of it to cover all the straps. So instead, we came up with broken ribs. He had originally made the rig for a mummy cospay he did a while ago, but was kind enough to let me pinch it to add to my outfit. Once I had the ribs attached to the dress, it was just a case of covering them with a bit more blood I wanted to go for a resident evil sort of a theme, and thought I needed a syringe full of the virus sticking out of me somewhere. It was originally supposed to be sticking out of my neck, but the glow stick liquid didn’t want to co-operate with my body glue. SO we had to hot glue it to my ribs rig last minute. Not quite the look I was after, but it was effective enough. Her are some of the pictures of me on stage in outfit #2:

 10460275_648901108557348_6091909526535235901_n 1526706_648901098557349_5616084714018074961_n

 10689480_648900841890708_6931245958126126231_n 1932335_648900911890701_2001319473356637238_n

It would seem as though the last minute effort was worth it in the end though – as I totally won the competition! I got a sash naming me “Miss Extreme Halloween” as well as some rather lovely lingerie and vouchers for various things. It was such a wicked night! I had so much fun! I haven’t done a comp like that since I went in the Ralph swim wear one a few years ago at the casino. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing it.

 10406981_648901641890628_6027674573461100988_n 10485845_648901658557293_6367869006873650095_n


Miss Extreme Halloween

Miss Extreme Halloween


Catch up post – where the hell have I been?

This is always a dumb time of year when it comes to events etc, and after getting sick myself and then my grandfather getting sick, blogging was the last thing on my mind. There are a few things that have gone on lately that I felt deserved a mention, for you know, being awesome and all. So here there are, in dot point form!

  •   Tuba Skinny

One of my all time favourite swing bands Tuba Skinny came to town! We were fortunate enough to get in contact with them way before the gig and organised a bit of a performance to one of their songs. It was the greatest thing ever. They rocked my world.


  •   Southern Blues

Sothern Blues is a blues dancing exchange that happens in Adelaide every year This was its second year running! I am the hosting co-ordinator, so not only do I attend the even, I also organised places to sleep for interstate visitors. Most of which end up on various couches/matresses/fold up beds in my lounge room. It was awesome, although I was sick through out the whole thing There was much dancing, and as usual, next to no photo’s were taken.

 053 055 1920096_866250886758837_862031454760149230_n

  •   Luna’s Hens Night

My friend Luna had her hen’s night. It was an 80’s Arobics theme, and we actually had some instructors come out and teach us some silly dance moves. It was AWESOME.


 029 024 031

  •   Luna and Jarryd’s Wedding

Then of course, they actually got married! Mr Tardo and I helped set up the park for the ceremony, and a beautiful day was had by all. There was so much love in the air it was such a lovely feeling. Just to show you how amazing these two people are, he actually said “I love you more than Kaye West loves Kaye West” in his wedding vows. Awesome! I couldn;t think of a more perfect couple, I am so happy for them both


 051 054 053

  •   Dungeons and Dragons

I final decided to go with “if you can’t beat em, join em”, when it comes to D&D. Much to the excitement of Mr Tardo. I rolled a Gnome Paladin names “Kitty Von Hammer-Smash Meow Meow Niggle Pants the second”. So far we have played two sessions and i have quite liked it Can you guess which figure is mine?


  •    It officially became Christmas!

Much to the dismay of Mr Tardo, or grinchy pants as I nick name him this time of year, we put up the Christmas tree and decorations for the first time ever in our own house


 004 012

  •   Got drunk with Mel and Yarran

Which isn’t really much to tell about really. We had some tequila, then we went out to town to go dancing. But we did take some rather awesome photo’s. Plus I just love these guys.

026  039 041 032

PAX Australia 2014

So a few weeks ago now, PAX Aus hit Melbourne. Riccardo and I were lucky enough to have snagged ourselves tickets (they had sold out in 24 hours a whole YEAR before the event!), and we were so excited for it!  As you have probably read from some of my previous posts by now (1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ), I had previously been in Wellington for a dancing event. I had organised to fly into Melbourne around about the same time as Mr Tardo so we could meet up and then go and find the hotel together. We were lucky enough to snag an apartment in the Key west building just down the road from the convention centre, as Mr tardo’s dad owns an apartment in there. So we did what most people would do – filled it full of our friends There was 8 of us staying there all up and it was so lovely.

Getting into the convention the first day was just crazy. There was people everywhere! They had big holding pens (for lack of a better word) where they got everyone lining up before doors opened. I particularly liked the goals that they had hanging over the heads of the crowd, especially since there was heaps of balls that were being tossed around. I found this one a little bit later on, and it made me have a bit of a giggle since this is Mr Tardo’s message tone. ( It is so damn annoying)


Honestly, everything from then on kinda became a bit of a blur, and I couldn’t tell you which days we did what on. So I thought I would just share a few highlights. I wore Lolita every day (yes, that’s 3 different co-ords, that were carted to NZ and back again first ), but me being the dopey person I am, I was so excited each day that I completely forgot to take outfit shots! *sigh*

So back to the first day of PAX. When we were finally let in we were all completely in awe of everything. It was huge and there was just stuff to look at everywhere. I think my brain almost exploded from wanting to play all the things RIGHT NOW but not being able to choose what to do first. I was particularly impressed by the indie games section! It was huge, and all the games were super awesome and amazingly created. Mr Tardo and I spent so much time in there playing through all of them. No surprises that my favorite one was a 3D zombie game where you are literally stuck in an alleyway with zombies coming for you… and then someone hands you a chainsaw. I think I actually yelled a little bit when I cut the first one in half and the chainsaw moved as if I had actually hit something. It was great.



Mr Tardo is quite into his board games, so we spent a lot of time in the table top section testing out games we hadn’t played before. We came home with quite a few new ones to add to the collection as well My friend Katey and I decided we needed to learn how to play the My Little Pony game, and we enjoyed it so much we both ended up buying it.

 327 354

They had a big Jousting area as well, and by some fluke we turned up there at one point only to run into every single other swing dancer at the con. It was pretty funny.


They were holding a photo competition to win this life-size Assassins creed Arno statue. I was going for a “oh darling, don’t leave me” kind of pose, until one of my brothers friends Anthony decided to dive in last-minute and ruin the photo. I wonder who won it in the end… because it wasn’t me


 345 349

We stayed until the end every night playing board games until they kicked us out, and on the last night we even had a heap of our other friends over to the apartment for more games because none of us were ready for it to be over yet. I loved how chilled out the whole convention was. Unlike other cons like AVcon or Comic con, PAX didn’t feel super rushed. There was plenty of time to sit back, relax, play a heap of games and still not miss too much. I loved that. Our first ever PAX weekend was such a memorable one that we were first in line to buy tickets again for next year as soon as they came out.

PAX Australia

Me and Andy having our photo taken at the DD booth 

PAX Australia

The whole gang being a little silly after having Korean BBQ for dinner. We had drank a few cocktails…


 390 395

I can’t wait for next year!

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