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Vampire Diaries… I think I am addicted.

Lol so as part of my half assed new years resolutions, I decided I was going to blog more often, aaannnnddd then promptly stopped. Why? A mixture of things. I got busy with work and stuff. I totally enrolled in a HR diploma at TAFE. I lost my mojo for writing. I wasn’t really doing anything all that interesting. Oh yeah, and I discovered The Vampire Diaries. I think that was the biggest mistake I made when it came to my lack of blogging productivity. In the two weeks since I have decided that watching the show was a good idea, I have started at the beginning, and now I am halfway through season 5. oops

vampire diaries

In my defense, I am a sucker for Vampire love stories, almost as much as I am for gory zombie shows/movies. Plus I have been having a lot of back and hip issues lately when has left me with the need to spend long periods of time sitting in a hot bath. So you put the two together… and it doesn’t leave much time for blogging.

Today I thought I would share with you my opinion on who should be dating who. Don’t panic, there isn’t too much of a spoiler here, because being a teenage vampire show they change partners faster than you can sneeze. But if things went the way I want them to go, these are the people (and by people I mean vampires) that would be spending the rest of eternity with each other. because….. aaawwww


Damon and Elaina. I know I know, but what about Stefan? My thoughts? What about Stefan? He is a broody temperamental vampire who has done just as many horrible things as Damon has. He goes from one extreme to another, as in Ripper to “I wont drink human blood. like, at all” in no time at all, but thinks that because he endures it with his humanity on it some how makes him a better person that Damon. *groan* plus, not only is Ian Summerholder way hotter than Paul Wesley (sorry!), I happen to have a thing for bad boys. So I want Damon to get the girl.


Stefan and Rebecca. Come on, why not?! They would be good together! She is so emotionally fragile and he is so broody. She needs to be looked after, and he has to be someones hero. They could do great things together if only they would stop hating on each other.

klaus and caroline

Klaus and Caroline. I mean just look at them. They would be perfect together.

So, do you guys watch Vampire Diaries at all? What are your thoughts on who should date who?

Lovely Pairs Valentines Day Meet

Valentines day is such an awesome day, and we always have an adorable themed meet around then as well. This year it was called the “Lovely Pairs” meet, and the idea was to match up with someone else, and not necessarily twin, but to be a lovely pair. We all wrote love poems for a competition to win a lovely AP necklace, and headed to our very own Hello Kitty Cafe to fill ourselves up with sweets!

Valentines day lolita meet 2015 1

I was so excited for this meet, because after a whole year of searching I had finally manged to collect all the pieces for my chess chocolate co-ord. I even got my hands on the matching blouse, but since it was thick and long-sleeved and it was 38 degree’s (that’s Celsius people!) outside, I decided not to wear it. I was supposed to be a lovely pair with my friend Corina who had just purchased the same dress in mint, but unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time for the meet.

Valentines day lolita meet 2015 2

I ended up making a lovely triplets group with Pepper and Pale as we were all very pink! No surprises there really, I’m always very pink!


My absolute favourite co-ord of the day was the one that Rebecca was wearing! She wore Romantic rose letter by Angelic pretty with a head-piece she made herself. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?! After seeing her in it I instantly fell in love with this dress, and it is now on my wish list.

Valentines day lolita meet 2015 4

As always, the food was so amazingly delicious, and ridiculously adorable. I ordered a creme brulee, and it came out with this cute hello kitty face on it. I almost felt guilty about eating it. Almost.

Valentines day lolita meet 2015 3

We did what we do pretty much every meet, stuffed ourselves with cake/sweet treats, and then stand/sit around catching up and giggling a lot :P

Valentines day lolita meet 2015 6

After our obligatory group photo we all went for a walk and had a look through a few shops before heading home. As always, I had such a lovely day

Valentines day lolita meet 2015 5

Valentines Day with my Sweet Heart <3

Riccardo and I had the most wonderful Valentines day, so it thought I would share it with you. We had been out the night before as we had a gig and a friend’s birthday to go to (which I will share in a little bit ^_^) so our day started with a massive sleep in. Then we got up and played some computer games before heading out to the movies. Before you ask, yes we saw Fifty Shades of Grey, and yes it was cringe-worthily awful. And that is all I will say about the movie. Oh, but going Gold Class was lovely, they brought me tea! To my comfy chair in the movie theater. I think that was the most exciting part!

Valentines day 5

Earlier in the week I was lucky enough to actually win a Facebook competition (I know right, people actually do win those things?!) for a romantic dinner for two, from Bank SA. Their comp had popped up in my news feed as on of my other friends had entered it, so I though why the hell not? The question they asked was “Whats the best last-minute Valentines day plans you have ever made?”. So I told them about how last year (when Mr Tardo was still working up in a mine in Whyalla) my partner was feeling all sad that we would be apart for Valentines day. I made the last-minute decision to sneak out of work early and drive up there to surprise him, and got there just as he arrived home from work. I slept over, we watched cheesy TV and got take away, then I drove home the next day. Not very romantic in my books, but apparently some one at Bank SA thought it was, and gave us a romantic 5 course meal at Georges on Waymouth as a prize!

Valentines day Menu

We were pretty excited, and once we were finished with our crappy movie, we headed straight into town for our dinner When we arrived, we were seated straight away, and were given a complimentary glass of pink bubbles.

Valentines day 1

We were pretty keen to start as we were super hungry and everything on the menu looked delicious. I am not usually one to take photo’s of food, as I think its kinda wanky, but I was willing to make an exception in this case. Now, are you ready for some food porn? Because not only was the food delicious, but it was so pretty too.

The first course they brought out for us was A salad of heirloom tomatoes, goats cheese, brioche and tomato sorbet.

Valentines day 1st course

To be honest, this has got to have been my least favorite of the 5 courses I’ve never really liked goats cheese, and the tomato sorbet in the middle was a little bit much for my liking. But it did look pretty.

The second course on the other hand was divine. It was a plate of soft cured Tasmin ocean trout, confit orange, fermented radishes and sesame tuile.

Valentines day 2nd course

This was so tasty it had me wishing there was more of it. All the flavors were perfectly complimentary and the trout was the perfect temperature between warm and cold.

The third course was by far my favorite of the whole lot – Pork porterhouse, sweet corn, leeks, fennel, crackling and prosciutto salt.

Valentines day 3rd course

I just love pork as it is, and the sweet corn mixed with whatever was in that brown sauce was mouth wateringly delicious. I’m getting hungry just looking at it

The fourth course was cone Bay Barramundi, beetroot puree, parsnip gnocchi, swish chard, caramelized shallots and red wine jus.

Valentines day 4th course

Beacuse of the whole gluten-free thing, mine didn’t come with the gnocchi, so they gave me a bigger piece of fish. The fish was amazing, it was beautiful and soft on the inside with a nice crunchy and salty crust on the outside. Mr Tardo loved the beetroot puree, but I wasn’t a huge fan. He was more than happy to finish it for me

Last, but not least was desert. They said it was Textures of chocolate, buttermilk and caramel curd. It sure was interesting. It looked like chocolate dirt and even came with edible flowers around the edges

Valentines day 2

On the way out I was even spoiled enough to get a lovely long-stemmed rose from my sweet heart

Valentines day 3

After dinner we wandered down to the Garden of Unearthly Delights as we thought we might go see a show. As we were walking to the box office, some guy doing a promo gave us a free ticket to go see a performer called Yana Allanah. We figured we would give it a go and bought another ticket.

Valentines day Yana Allana

I’ve got to say, she was pretty funny. When the show started, she came out at the back of the room and was absolutely stark naked. She sang a song called I’m blue, which was ironic since she was wearing a giant blue wig and was body painted into a blue jumpsuit. Definitely not a show for the faint of heart, she was quite abrupt and told people to f-off a lot. The hour-long show went by quickly as she sang hilarious songs about sexuality, taking medication, and at one point Anal. As you can imagine with my filthy sense of humor, I was in stitches most of the show as was Mr Tardo.

As far as Valentines day goes, I think we did a pretty good job of it. We had a wonderful time eating, drinking, giggling and just hanging out. I could not have asked for anything more.

I Love You Riccardo x

Wanderer’s Australia Day Birthday Party and Fashion Show

Australia Day has just come and passed, and it happens to make the mile stone of my first ever runway show! I was walking as a Fashion Fever Glamour Girl for a fashion flaunt at the Wanderers Australia Day Birthday Party, and I also entered the “Miss Wanderer” pin-up competition. It was so much fun! The wanderers are a Rock n Roll Car Club in Adelaide that organize cruises, and of course Rock n Roll events, and this particular part was to celebrate their tenth birthday!

Wanderer's Aus Day picnic 1

Although our first walk wasn’t due to start until 2pm, we were in there before 11 getting all our hair and make up done. I had the lovely Erin doing my hair, as she has done for a few of my previous shoots (like this one), which I was quite pleased with. She always knows how to make my hair do exactly what it should, which is a skill I am yet to master.

Wanderer's Aus Day picnic 4

We were modelling vintage inspired pin-up dresses from Casablanca, a really cool retro clothing company in Adelaide. My first outfit for the day was this adorable yellow sun dress. Isn’t it just the prettiest thing you have ever seen?!

Wanderer's Aus Day picnic 2

 Wanderer's Aus Day picnic 3Wanderer's Aus Day picnic 5

Next up it was a quick change of clothes before we walked on for the “Miss Wanderer” pin-up competition. The dress I wore is on of my favourites, which I happened to buy from Casablanca after modeling it in our last rockabilly photo shoot. I loved it so much I just couldn’t part with it! As part of the comp we had to answer a question, and it was “what advice would you give an aspiring pin-up model?”. At first I was just like, I don’t know! I am an aspiring pin-up model! I need the advice! So I made up something about always being yourself, and wearing what makes you happy. I didn’t win, but gosh it was fun anyway!

 Wanderer's Aus Day picnic 6Wanderer's Aus Day picnic 7

Once that was done, we had a bit more time to wander about and have a look at things. Mr Tardo and I had a bit of a dance to some of the bands playing, but I didn’t get to dance much because I didn’t want to sweat off my make up! It wasn’t long before we had to head back stage to change into our outfits for the second fashion flaunt for the day. I was super excited for this change and I am so desperately in love with this dress. It’s just beautiful (and I think will be making its way into my wardrobe…)

 Wanderer's Aus Day picnic 9

Wanderer's Aus Day picnic 10

Now a car club show would not be complete without some sexy vintage cars right? So after the flaunt was done, I headed outside for a few shots with some of the prettiest they had parked outside

Wanderer's Aus Day picnic 11

Wanderer's Aus Day picnic 13

During this event I realized that i didn’t actually have a model page at all. So I made one whilst I was busy getting my hair and make up done I would love it if you could come over and like my page! Invite your friends too!



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