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Burlesque shoot final prints

I finally got the prints back from the lovely Burlesque photo shoot I did a few months ago at the oak. I am so please with the final product, Some of the pictures of me in the green corset are some of my favorites so far. I haven’t posted all of the photo’s on here, just a few of the favorites. If you would like to see more, follow the link to my model portfolio at the end of this post

Burlesque shoot 1Burlesque shoot 2


Cupcake Friendship Meet!

This meet wasn’t specifically a “Lolita Meet”, but an “alternative lifestyle” meet, run by the owner of Quirky Styling. That didn’t stop me from wearing lolita though. I will take any excuse, and since I had just managed to get my hands on the complete set of my dream dress(Pink Milky Planet by Angelic pretty), I was dying for an excuse to wear it My friend Mel had slept over the night before and decided she might like to come to, so I lent her a dress and off we went, here is what we wore.

Mel is wearing Strawberries and ribbons OP by angelic pretty, with matching beret and socks. Handbag from Dangerfield, accessories from the beernburg strawberry farm and red shoes from bodyline.

I am wearing Pink Milky Planet JSK, with matching socks, ice cream head bow, necklace, bag, wristcuffs and bracelets. Pink shoes from bodyline, Umbrella and blouse from Baby the stars shine bright.

Cupcake lolita meet 1

So what is a cupcake friendship day? It’s a seriously cute concept in actual fact. Everyone who was going was instructed to bring a few cupcakes to share, and then when we got there we put a little note with each one explaining how to find us and what we should take about. Then the game started! Each person got to go to the table and pick a cupcake. Whilst they were eating said cupcake, they had to read the note and try to find out whose cupcake it was! How cool is that?

Cupcake lolita meet 4

For me and Mel, I made little mini Pavlova’s. Mine was topped with little mini marshmallows and a heart candy, and her’s were topped with a strawberry. I ended up having to live vicariously through Mel, as none of the cupcakes were gluten-free! We made one friend, I think his name was Dave (this was a little while ago, and I feel horrible for not remembering), and he was a lovely cosplayer. We ¬†stood around and talked about 3DS street pass games, as we both had ours with us

Cupcake lolita meet 3

Here is the big group photo, and as you can see there was a wide range of different styles represented. There was a lot of cosplayers there, as well as a group of steam punk people and even another Lolita that I had never met before.

Cupcake lolita meet 2

This is an awesome idea to get several groups of people together and get them talking. We walked away with a few new friends that day. It was just lovely

Old School Gangster shoot with Mr Tardo!

Here comes my next shoot with Fashion fever Networking. I have done the old school gangster theme before, and it was great. The only twist this time is that I convinced Mr Tardo he should come and join me! He does vintage so well, and I was so excited for it!

We were absolutely knackered on location (and to be honest, probably a little hung over) as it was our dear friend Kenneth’s going away party the night before. But we made it in and scrubbed up quite well I think! Check out the behind the scenes photos, and I’ll post up here again when we get the final prints back!

old school gangster shoot 2

old school gangster shootold school gangster shoot 1

old school gangster shoot 4 old school gangster shoot 5 old school gangster shoot 6

How cool do all these shots look?! While you are waiting for the final prints, why don’t you go check out my portfolio site or model page where you can see a whole range of different photos


Freak Friday Model Competition – Spirit Healer

After the success of the “Miss Extreme Halloween” competition (which i totally won btw) the guys at Fashion Fever Networking decided to have another costume competition, this time called “Freaky Friday”. Yeah, I totally couldn’t help myself, of course I entered. I decided that this time around I would stay away from the gore side of things like I did for the last one, and bring out my World of Warcraft spirit healer

Freaky Friday spirit healer cosplay  1

When I first put my name down as a contestant, I had great big plans to completely redo my wings. I had planned to strip them bare and recover the frame with a different material, on that was lighter so the wings didn’t sag so much. Yeah, it totally didn’t happen hey. I thought I had time, then all of a sudden I’m racing around the shops a few hours before. Oh well. What I did do however, was update the material I used to make the skirt. I really didnt like the rush just I did on the bottom for Supernova, or AVcon, so I decided that getting more flowy material and just wrapping it around would look better. I think it worked really well.

Freaky Friday spirit healer cosplay 2

My girlfriend Anna entered the comp with me, it was her first time and she dressed up as Minnie Mouse. I am so proud of her, she did really well considering how nervous she was I did have to pretty much push her out the door onto the runway though I went directly after her. It was kinda funn when I first went out, since it was such a tiny space and my wings are HUGE, I had to keep them folded down until I walked out into the main area. Its a really awsome effect walking out with them wrapped around me and glowing, only to push them out and be so big. I got a few ooohhs and aaahhs when I did that

Freaky Friday spirit healer cosplay 3

The only thing being though, is that the mechanism I had originally built into the wings to fold them back down again on my own, got broken the first con I ever wore them at (oops). Mr Tardo had to run out onto the cat walk and fold them down again for me so I could walk off, or I wouldn’t have fit through the door

Freaky Friday spirit healer cosplay 4

In the end, I didn’t win overall, but my Spirit Healer cosplay did win me the prize for best costume, so I was pretty happy about that Here is a photo of the group of us waiting to hear who won!

Freaky Friday spirit healer cosplay 5

My favorites of the night would have to be Zombie Hitler and Zombie Tinkabell!

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