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Neko Nation Adelaide!


Neko Nation! Weeee!!! I was so excited to see that they were finally going to run another one in Adelaide I just had to go!

I had originally just planned to go alone, as I didn’t know any one else who was going (this is not the type of thing a lot of my girlfriends are into :( ). Then I got chatting with the lovely Corina at the international lolita day meet and found out she was going too! So we buddied up and went together :)

Outfit wise, i decided to go for comfort. Naturally I wore my glowing shoes, as they were perfect for such an occaision, my cute white pleated mini skirt, t-shirt with food on it and my barbie cardigan, because I freaking love that thing. Top it off with a few diamonties stuck to my face and some cute shiny cat ears (because you HAVE to wear ears to Neko Nation :P) and I was super pleased with how my outfit turned out.

Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 9

Walking in the door and looking at the DJ Time table, I was amused to see that my year 11 I.T. Teacher was DJing that night (5kip), he is pretty good, so we went and watched for a little while.

Next it was off to the main room for some dancing, as they were playing a really awesome J-pop/K-pop set in there which sounded awesome! They had cat girls EVERYWHERE. It was great! Some were bartenders, dancers, promo girls and some were even walking around feeding people sushi! We found these two dancing on the stage in the main room when we went in there and thought they were super adorable.

Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 2

About an hour in we decided to sneak out to a cocktail bar down the road for a drink, because the cocktails they were serving at Neko Nation weren’t exactly the greatest. You bet we didn’t get some funny looks walking down the road! On our way back, we ran into my friend Nigel who came and joined us at Neko Nation for a bit of a dance.

Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 3Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 8

One of my favourite parts was that they had glow sticks hanging from EVERYTHING, and you were allowed to just take them too. So I took a couple and used them while I was dancing, and for a few silly photo’s too!

Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 6Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 5

Come about 1 am, I was starting to get super tired, and was sitting on a chair outside with my friends. Nigel thought me leaning on this sign was amusing, thus how I ended up with this photo…

Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 7

I don’t think they have these sorts of night in Adelaide nearly as often as they should. it was such a fun chilled out atmosphere, and everyone was so friendly. People could wear what they wanted weather it was cosplay or just something a bit different, and no one even batted an eye lid at them for it. It was just wonderful :)


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Newbie Lolita FAQ Swap Meet


We recently had another Newbie meet for the Adelaide Lolita community as we recently had an influx of new lolita’s. The meet was set up with different sections, so people could ask questions about lolita, buy/swap/sell new or second hand lolita items, and generally just hang out.

Newbie Lolita FAQ Swap Meet jun 15 2

For something different, this time around I thought I would bring along some of my nail art stuff and do some pretty nails for a small charge. There were a few people not too sure about it at first, but in the afternoon I got swamped and didn’t end up having enough time to do everyone.

Newbie Lolita FAQ Swap Meet jun 15 3

I did do a super cute pink/green set for one of the girls, which I will post with my next nail art post!

Considering I had planned on doing nails all day, I didn’t want to go too over the top with my co-ord. I stuck with my “Natural” hair, a big head bow, ankle socks, comfy shoes, a cardigan and this cute desert print dress from Emily Temple Cute (I don’t remember the name of it I’m sorry!).

Newbie Lolita FAQ Swap Meet jun 15 5Newbie Lolita FAQ Swap Meet jun 15 4

I was super pleased with how it came together, especially with the cupcake print apron I wore that my lovely friend Amanda bought me as a house warming present!

Newbie Lolita FAQ Swap Meet jun 15 1

I don’t think there were as many people there as the mods were hoping for, but it still turned out to be a pretty good day :)


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Outfit of the day: Floating on clouds


OOTD Cloud Jacket 3

Man has it been cold in Adelaide lately! Layering up has totally been a thing, and my fluffy barbie jumper and my cloud jacket have been the perfect mix to keep me warm. I totally apologize for the photo of me above, I think I look like a frog 😛 Anyway, here is the outfit break down:

Jacket: Clouds Jacket from Mooh!

Jumper: White Barbie Jumper from the Myer Miss Shop

Jeans: Mya low rise crinkle jeans from

Shoes: Bought second hand from my friend Miss Tink

OOTD Cloud Jacket 1 OOTD Cloud Jacket 2


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International Lolita Day at Astonish Cafe!


This year, our first International Lolita day meet was held at a place called Astonish cafe, in the city. We had all heard they did fantastic deserts, so of course we had to try it.

For my co-ord, I decided it was high time I stopped sulking about the fact that I accidentally bought they JSK of AP’s Cotton Candy Special Set instead of the Salophette, and just wear the damn thing (you can watch my un-boxing video here). It is such a gorgeous print, and was just going to waste sitting in my closet. SInce it is such a busy print, I decided to go with just simple make up, with my purple/brown toned wig.

International lolita day June 2015 1

After all the sulking I did, I was actually really please with how to JSK looked on me. I was secretly a little excited that it was actually pretty cold that day as well, because it meant I got to wear my recently acquired purple bunny jacket, which went so well with the dress.

International lolita day June 2015 5

I was running a little late (as always) as I had to get some cash out on the way, and when I arrived most of the girls were already there. It was such a cute little venue, done up all old worldy with vintage books, fire places and furniture. Was very dark inside though.

International lolita day June 2015 2

When it came time to order, I just couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted. This is apparently something that happens often, so they have a little tray you can order which has little mini samples of all the different soda’s they make. I’m so glad I got it, because not only was it adorable, but they were all so tasty! I also got a Pavlova which also came with home-made lemon sorbet, which was amazing.

International lolita day June 2015 4

It took them a fair while to bring all of our food out, and they forgot a few people which was unfortunate, but that gave us plenty of time for chatting and catching up. There were quite a few girls there that I hadn’t seen at a meet in ages, so it was good to catch up.

International lolita day June 2015 3

Once we were all done, we went outside for our group photo.

International lolita day June 2015 7

Then we all got a little silly taking selfies and more group shots 😛

International lolita day June 2015 6

I got a little creative after we took a dress print photo, and turned the camera around and took a photo upwards. Some of the faces the girls are pulling are just priceless!

International lolita day June 2015 8International lolita day June 2015 9

Did your community do anything special for International Lolita day?


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