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House Moving Fun

So after a few weeks of stressing about it, looking for houses and not being able to make up our minds… Mr Tardo and I finally bit the bullet and moved back into my parents house (well, back in for me, first time for him ). We have decided we want to look into buy a place of our own together, and since that is not something we want to rush into doing 2 weeks before we go to America for a month, my parents kindly offered to have us in one of their spare rooms until we make up our minds. It also makes things very convenient for puppy sitting whilst we are away. Yay for awesome parents! And you know what else? Yay for awesome friends! We put out the call on facebook, that on Easter Friday we needed to be out of our house, and that any and all assistance would be rewarded with beer and a BBQ. Come 10am friday morning we had almost a dozen people turn up on our door step! And thus began the silliness….


We had so much awesome help from friends with cars, utes and trailors that by lunch time, we had everything out of our old house and into mum and dads. It was everywhere, but it had been moved.


So we stopped with the moving and packing and had our selves a good Aussie BBQ! Of course, I didn’t get a single photo at the table where my brother Andy was not being inappropriate. Can you guess which one he is? I’ll give you a clue, he doesn’t have a beard.


Our afternoon continued on in this manner until after several loud games of Avalon later everyone slowly started heading in the directions of their own homes. All in all, I think this is the first time I can ever say that I actually quite enjoyed moving house! It wasn’t nearly as painful or rushed as it has been every other time I have moved house, and I have no one but my amazing friends to thank for it. Aren’t they great?


Now that everything is unpacked or put away in storage I can now stop stressing and start getting excited for our big holiday to the USA for Frankie 100! Two weeks to go!

Damn it feels good to be a Gangster!

You guessed it! Next up in my long list of Fashion Fever photo shoots I have been involved in was Gangster themed! My make up for this one was a little extreme I thought, I hardly recognized myself! But it suited the theme well


Getting my make up done before the shoot

Here is a little car selfie I took on the way to the venue for you.


We were shooting at a Cocktail and Oyster bar in Adelaide city called The Loft, which was super pretty and just perfect for the theme. It also happened to have a bar as well. So I bought a glass of wine, you know, as a prop…


Two of my girlfriends from work Anna and Zoe came and joined in the fun this time


This was a really raunchy shoot, I can’t wait to get back the photos. I think they are going to rock!

Swing Out Sunday #13 : Coleslaw

This song makes me super happy. I love that how back then singing an entire song about eating food was perfectly acceptable. The brass at the beginning makes me want to get up and dance every time I hear it Down in arkensaw, they serve you coleslaw… Its also way to easy to sing along to.

Oz Comic Con : Day Two

This post is about the Sunday at the Adelaide Oz Comic Con read about the Saturday here.

Day two started off rather slow for us. Because of this business about us having to move house rather quickly, we spent the morning looking through display villages. It is also because of this reason that I had not been so great on the cosplay organisation. I had originally decided that I was going to go in my Tiny Tina cosplay, that is until i discovered that half of it was missing… the night before. So I decided upon my cat cosplay instead. Because why not? Its adorable and I don’t get nearly enough excuses to wear it out.


Guess how many funny looks I got whilst looking at houses whilst dressed like this…

Today we mainly went to go see the cosplay competition as we had seen most of the things we wanted to the day before. I was not disappointed as there were a heap of good ones

We weren’t going to bother with the Benedict Cumberbatch panel, the line to get in was a million miles long and full of screaming girls by mid afternoon. When we came out of the cosplay comp, they were actually moving where the front of the line was and we got caught in the masses of people trying to get in as we were trying to leave. Somehow we fluked getting right to the front of the line, so we figured we might as well stay. His panel wasn’t half bad, although he does tend to give rather long-winded answers to every question, so only got through about 10 in the whole hour.


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