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Stompin’ Super Hero’s

Just a quick one today! The other night we had a super hero’s themed “Stomp” night. The stomp is the weekly swing social dance that the school I teach for runs every Thursday. With all of the house moving business we had been doing, I completely forgot it was a themed night so i didn’t have a costume ready at all. Last minute I decided to wear one of my loli skirts and tell everyone I was just being “Super cute”. It works, right?

Stompin Super Hero's

1. My lovely friend Cara dressed as “Tacky wonder woman” 2. Jarryd didn’t dress up, so robin tried to POW him, but storm jumped in and ruined everything. 3. Me swooning over Matty’s Tuxedo Mask 4. Super Glue and super girl chilling out by the bar.

This ended up being a bit of a sad night, because we were also saying farewell my dear friend Dan, who was packing up and leaving for German for good


Latest Haul : New Lolita Gear

I have been super naughty recently and have bought a whole heap of new items for my Lolita wardrobe. I felt they were necessary purchases, and thought I would share them with you

The first one I am pretty excited about, as it was a dream dress purchase. It is the Pink Chess Chocolate JSK in Pink from Angelic Pretty isn’t it just the prettiest thing you have ever seen?! I am still desperately searching for the matching head bow if anyone is selling it

There is also a good story as to why I felt I *had* to buy this dress. So, I had been pining over it for a while when one came up for sale on lacemarket. She wanted a bit much for it, and also wouldn’t ship outside the USA which meant I would have to get it sent to a friend to forward on. In the end I decided it was going to be way to much, and let the auction pass. I was so sad. But then a few weeks later I found the dress again on closet child. They wanted much less for it than the previous sale, and would ship it straight to me, but since it was just before the settlement on our house I again decided that maybe I shouldn’t. Then a week later, they put it on sale. I decided that I had tempted fate for too long and that I wouldn’t find it so cheap ever again, so I bought it

The next impulse buys was this gorgeous BTSSB cut sew, and this super cute AP hearts skirt. This photo does not do either of the justice, they are super adorable in real life!


The next few items are second hand body line items, so I got them super cheap. I just had to own them though. I am such a sucker for anything pink and spotty and this was just to cute to pass up.


This one I got only a few days ago, and I just had to own it, because well, PONIES! Its so pretty, and also came with the matching head bow, socks and blouse. I’m also pretty stoked, because I am pretty sure it will match with these shoes which i have owned forever without actually having anything to match. So good! Now I just have to find them… (they are in this house somewhere!)


Last but not least is this adorable heart bag. I had been contemplating buying one from store envy, and then one of the Adelaide girls put it up for sale on lace market for $10. What a steal


That’s it for new wardrobe additions, I did order some new shoes from bodyline which turned out to be a disaster. I managed to order four pairs that where two sizes to big for me, so I have been trying to resell them here. I re-ordered them this morning in what I *think* is the right size this time, so keep your fingers crossed for me. If they don’t fit this time around, I may cry.

Swing Out Sunday #26 : Jump Session

Jump session! What a great song. An oldy but a goody, that will always get me dancing!

Royal Show day #2 – for work!

As the heading suggests, for my second show day I went with some clients from work! I really love my job sometimes I wasn’t nearly as frilly this time around, but no matter. Mr Tardo Volunteered to come help me on the day, because one of our guys Bradley desperately wanted to hang out with him. I had told Bradley I would see what I could organize about getting Mr Tardo to take him a few weeks before hand, and apparently going to the show with “Cardo” was all he ever spoke about since. So I could hardly let him down So the morning of, Mr Tardo and I turned up on program to pick up Luisa, Darren and of course Bradley to go to the show. Oh man were they excited. It was pretty cute.

We had a bit of a false start when we got there, Bradley’s hands and face had gone blue and I started freaking out that he was having a heart attack or something, so we raced him off to the medics tent. Ten minutes later we were walking out, and he was just fine. Turns out he had been colouring in that morning whilst he was waiting for us, and had managed to get blue pen all over his hands and face. You bet I didn’t feel like an idiot. Bradley on the other hand thought it was hilarious. So after that little interlude, we decided rides were the way to go. Darren wasn’t so keen on any of them, so I went on the merry-go-round with Luisa and Bradley, and then Riccardo and Bradley went on the dodgum cars.

Client Show day

1. Darren, myself and Luisa taking a selfie. 2. Mr Tardo and Bradley on the dodgum cars. 3. Luisa couldn’t believe she wont a toy cookie monster on one of the side shows. 4. Bradley waving at Darren and Mr tardo from the merry-go-round.

After we had done rides, we went for a walk through the nursery so we could see all the baby animals, they were all so cute. Then it was time for baked potatoes and ice cream for lunch. Next it was on to the Jubilee Pavilion to go look at all the stuff for sale and try all the taste testers The guys absolute favorite part? The part of the hall that had all the emergency services stands in it. They got to dress up as firemen, and sit on a police motor bike. Pretty cool huh?

Client show day

1. Bradley was pretty impressed he got to dress like a fireman. he spent the rest of the day making sprinkler noises at everyone whilst shooting them with his bubble gun 2. Darren was over the moon that he got to ride on the police bike. 3. Luisa being a fireman. 4. Luisa had told one of the nearby officers that she had been naughty and that they should arrest her, then sat in the back of the police car and giggled for a while. It was adorable.

After that we decided it was time to brave the show bag hall. Once they had all picked their show bags, we went outside for a few more side shows, but by this point we were all pretty exhausted and decided it was time to head home.

Client show day

1. Bradley playing the clowns sideshow. 2. doing our best to take a group selfie in front of the ferris wheel. 3. Darren and Riccardo hanging out. 4. We got someone to take a group shot for us, since our selfie wasnt great

In the car on the way home, all three of them fell asleep. What a day!

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