Murder at the Juice Joint! The night we hosted a murder.

Murder at the Juice Joint! The night we hosted a murder.

My dear brothers girlfriend Amanda just recently turned 23, and for her party we hosted a murder!

My Brother Andy, and his Girlfriend Amanda

The preparations went on for weeks, as Amanda put everything together with painstaking detail. This was the invite we all received:


The Poster Reads : With the passing of prohibition and organized crime on the rise, The Juice Joint, a swanky speak easy run by Rosie Marie, has been nothing but jumping. To celebrate its success, Rosie is planning a party to remember at the exclusive night spot... and your invited! However, one of the names on the guest list is also on another's hit list... and no one is safe from the consequences. With murder on the menu, you are certain to find a medley of individuals to make the night most memorable. From the major mobsters and their moles, to the swanky singer with her hope at Hollywood. The cigarette girl with a temper that sizzles to the crooked police chief with nothing to lose - no one is safe from murder... but everyone will have a chance at solving it. Will the culprit be the mayor who is capable of murder? The black listed bootlegger desperate to increase their sales? Or possibly the director with a shot at making history? With the recipe for murder, The Juice Joint will be certain to be serving up a night of mayhem to remember.

The rules were quite simple, everyone had a character to play and dress up as, plus information on how to act, what they knew and money to use as bribes. Halfway through the night a murder occurred and it was our jobs to fight, bribe and sleuth our way to finding out who did it!

Andy and my Dad trying to bribe each other for information.

When Amanda first gave me my starting pack, I was not surprised at all to find that she had decided I would be Dina Diva, the singer at the juice joint with her eyes set on Hollywood. Naturally I was excited as this gave me a great excuse to buy a whole lot of blinged up jewelry for my “costume”. Hehe. I also arranged for one of my girlfriends who is a hair dresser to put finger waves into my hair. All in all, I was really pleased with how my hair turned out and how my costume came together. Although getting my hair done made me late for the party, not coming out of my “dressing room” (see: Bedroom) until 45 minutes after the party started, turned out to be quite in character.


My mother was playing the character Molly Moll, who was my rival for the role in Hollywood Hal’s up coming movie. From the second the party started we were at each other with rude jokes and sucking up to Hal (Amanda’s brother, Michael).

Me, Michael and my mum Judy

It really heated up when my dad (Lance, playing Mob boss Nick and fiance to Molly Moll) suggested that I sing. So up on the coffee table I got and belted out “I just want to make love to you” by Etta James. Then my mum got up and danced to the coco-cabana after I dared her to try beat me. It was all rather hilarious really 😛

Best comment of the night after mum’s photo bomb : “Oh no, we got skank in our picture!” (don’t worry, I really do adore my mum 😛 )

There was a lot of bribery and interrogation going on… Jen the flirty flapper even managed to get herself arrested by the police chief for being to provocative and trying to blackmail the mayor. I gave him a kiss on the cheek in exchange for convincing her to let Jen go 😛

Jen the flirty flapper was quite pleased with herself for getting arrested.

Then while we were all standing in the lounge room, the lights started to flash, some one yelled bang and my dad hit the floor. A murder had taken place!

Bella and Douggie were very worried and had to be reassured that he wasnt actually dead.

Anthony the investigator was there in a flash to line the body in chalk, then it was time for us to hear more information about what went down.


After that, there was even more bribery and corruption going on (everyone was getting a little drunk by this stage), we even had a game of poker going!

Time to play some poker

We ate cake and sang happy birthday…

Happy Birthday Amanda!

… And then it was time to hand in our ballot papers saying who we thought had committed the murder, as well as best dressed and most entertaining character. Now here is the mean part – I’m not going to tell you who did it 😛 Just in case you play yourself one day. Spoilers, spoilers! Amanda’s step sister won best dressed, Anthony won best character and I won the prize for the richest person. What can I say, I’m good at convincing people to give me their money 😛 Then the partying continued. Naturally, with a room full of swing dancers eventually we ended up swinging out, which was quite appropriate since it’s a dance originating from the 1920’s.

 Swing Dancing! Swing Dancing!

Then the party got a little silly…

Kara and Andy being silly

Grumpy face

The verdict? One of the greatest parties I have ever been too! It was so much fun ^_^

Group Photo!

  • Oh my goodness. This looks like too much fun! I love murder mystery parties.

  • Looks like tons of fun!!
    I always wanted to attend something like this and bring somebody without them knowing it’s a set up, Tehehehe.
    You look flawless. c:


  • You look great and this party looks like so much fun! Such a great idea!

  • OMG! I’ve been to a murder mystery dinner theatre, but not one of the hosted games! At the theater one there were “professional” actors and my husband and I got blamed by a lot of the attending guests. We totally stayed in character.
    I would love to do one of these games though. Have you seen The Office (US)? They have a hilarious episode about this!

  • Christi Tirabassi

    Hi Sarah!! This is super random, but I am hosting my own meet-up for the same murder mystery this weekend, however I ran into a problem: I had one more person RSVP yes than I had roles. I should’ve bought a larger version, but I didn’t think I would need it. Here’s where I was hoping to help: would you be willing to send the character info sheet for Hollywood Hal? I saw his name/ description online and he wasn’t included in my version. You could potentially help me save me from a big mess, and I’d be happy to send you a Starbucks gift card for your trouble. Let me know if you can help out, and thank you SO much in advance! (my email is or you can reply on here!) Thanks again, –Christi

    • Hi there Christi, I am so sorry I missed this message! I haven’t been on my blog in quite some time. I unfortunately dont think I would have been able to help you anyway. You see this wasn’t actually my party. My brothers now ex-girlfriend organised it for her birthday, I was just in attendance. So I don’t actually have any of the information sheets anyway. I hope your party was a load of fun!

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