Completely forgetting the promise I made in my half-assed new years resolutions, I have been super slack on the whole nail art front. I do have a few cute things that I have done recently thought that i thought I would share with you πŸ™‚ I hope you like them!

New Nail Art

Not particularly fancy or nail arty, but I have been seriously loving this pastel gel colour I got not long ago. Put some glitter over the top and its pretty darn cute if you ask me πŸ˜›

New Nail Art

This one was inspired by some new tights that I purchased not long ago. They are white with coloured diamonties all over the knee’s, and they are just the cutest things ever. I was feeling inspired and wanted more shiny so I thought I would do the same to my nails.

New Nail Art

These were inspired by a little competition event that the Australian Lolita community had a little while ago. I discovered it too late to enter, but thought I would so it anyway. The idea was to do a set of nai;s inspired by a favourite dress you own. Since I am still crushing hard on my Strawberries and ribbons Angelic Pretty dress I bought at AVcon, I thought i would try my hand at doing some nails to match!

Want to see more of my nail art? Check out my Nail art page!

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