Super Shiny New Nails

Super Shiny New Nails

Just a quick one today 🙂 I have been so busy with TAFE lately that I haven’t had time to do my nails all that often as I would have liked, but I have a few new designs to share with you. Hope you like them!

black and pink lace nails

This design I came up with because I wanted something a little more basic and not as 3D as I usually do my nails. I really liked these, and I think I might do them again, most because I didn’t keep them this way for very long.

Chess Chocolate Nails

I did this set not long after the first design. I did these to match my Chess Chocolate dress, which i wore to our Lovely Pairs Lolita Valentines Day Meet.

Bling Nails

Since I managed to trash my chess chocolate nails pretty quickly (the gold hearts were just cut outs from gold paper and died pretty quick unfortunately), these babies were next. After out Valentines day meet, we all went for a wander around the shops, and I found packets of these bad boys for super cheap. So i bought a whole heap of them and of course had to try them right away. For something so chunky, they stayed on really well. That is until they started to drive me crazy and I pulled them all off. Now I have no fake nails on at all.

  • Love all of these, the last ones are my favorite!


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