Chicks at the flicks – Cinderella

Chicks at the flicks – Cinderella

As you can imagine, a bunch of us in the Adelaide lolita community were super excited when we heard about the live action movie version of Cinderella. Then the big cinema down at Marion shopping centre decided to preview it a day early at their “Chicks at the flicks” event, and we just had to go!

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Chicks at the flicks is a pretty cool concept. I think I paid $26 for my ticket and it got me heaps of stuff. Obviously I got to see the movie, but they also gave us a goodie bag full of cool girly stuff like hair products, magazines and chocolate. When we arrived the front foyer was full of different stalls selling jewelry, food and make up, and they were also serving champagne.

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My coordinate for the evening was my red Carousel theater JSK from Leif. I bought it not long ago and have been dying to wear it! Since I didn’t have any Cinderella looking dresses, I thought this would be more of an evil step mother look. What do you think?

Lolita Chicks at the flicks cinderella 3

I really enjoyed the movie, it had me *squeeing* like a little girl the whole film. I thought it really stayed try to the story, and that Richard Madden was just the perfect prince charming! I think they got the castings perfectly as everyone played their part effortlessly.

What were your thoughts on the new Cinderella movie?

  • I haven’t seen this yet but it looks so good! :3 You are far too cute to be evil step mother though haha ~ love the co-ord!

    ❤ Little Owl’s Diary

  • It must be a lot colder in Adelaide than here in WA, I don’t think I would ever get to wear velvet here! I haven’t seen the Cinderella movie yet but I’d like to. Still trying to get used to Australian cinema prices (I just moved here ^_^)

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