Nail Art of May

Nail Art of May


pink and purple bling pinstripe 3d nail art
Not gunna lie, these I am pretty proud of. Inspiration finally struck when I finally found the time to sit down for a few hours.These are a mixture of several different things. Metal bling decals, pink, purple and silver crystals, white acrylic hearts and of course giant glittery pink bows. I love them ^_^
simple pink glitter nail art
This first set I must admit, not some of my best work. I bought this pack of three nail polishes from supre on impulse when I went in there to buy tank tops a little while ago. I mostly just liked the look of the pink glitter, and it was $5. Don’t Judge me ok?! 😛 I had gotten sick of my long nails and wanted something quick, and thus this was born. it’s not THAT bad I suppose. They didn’t last long though.
Matte pink and white nail art with stripes
Next up we have this design. After using the glitter and bright colours with the matte top coat previously,I still really liked the look it gave. SO I thought I would try this. Kinda hated it, so I only ended up doing one hand. Now looking back, it is a kinda pretty design. I was just being a fussy bitch that day 😛
pink glitter matte comic book cartoon nail art
This is what followed the striped design. I wasn’t 100% happy with how they came out, but they were better than the previous design so I kept them on for a little while. Again I used a pretty pink colour, with glitter over the top then the matte top coat. Then I used some nail art pens to paint the details on over the top.
  • I love the third one! Kind of anime/3D/comic book style! I wish I could do my nails this well 🙂

  • Kim

    Wow, you’re really talented! I really like the last one.

  • Oh my gosh you have amazing nail skills! I love the stripey one~ How do you do that? I can never get my lines straight ;_;

    • Haha it just takes a lot of practice, and the right brushes 🙂

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