Nail art from June- September

Nail art from June- September


It has been a while since I uploaded recent nail art, so this one is a biggy 😛 I have some new interesting stuff, as I got this cool new nail art tool somewhere in the middle there.

Nail art june-sep 15 7
These are the nails that I did for AVcon this year! I needed something cute and pink that would go with both my Milky Planet and My cotton candy shop prints, and this is what I ended up with. I quite liked it, as I think the pearls made it look quite classy.
Nail art june-sep 15 8
This isn’t a great photo as I didn’t think to take a picture straight after I did them. I did these just after I got my new nail art stamper at the show, so I was just playing around with some of the patterns. I just love the lace print patterns, it is so much easier than hand painting lace, and so much more detailed. Look at the tiny bows!
Nail art june-sep 15 9
Something a bit simple and gothic. I had a vampire themed photo shoot and needed something that would match all my vampy stuff 🙂
Nail art june-sep 15 1
This is a set I did on one of my clients, it had been a while since I tried doing 3d flowers, so I was really pleased with how these came out.
Nail art june-sep 15 2
This is a set I did on my brothers girlfriend. I think they look so elegant. It was a color I have never thought to use before (she picked it), but I am pleased with the overall effect.
Nail art june-sep 15 3
so much pink and purple! 😛 I was having one of those completely over the top days, and just had to have nails to match. Thus these babies were born, with glitter, bling and bows. OH MY!
Nail art june-sep 15 4
These came about because I rediscovered some nail stickers I bought whilst Mr Tardo and I were in the USA last year that I had completely forgotten about. I put a bit of glitter over the top and then sealed them with a gel top coat, and the actually lasted a reasonably long time. I don’t tend to use nail covers like this, cos I find I trash them in about three seconds flat. The top coat seemed to help that a lot 🙂
Nail art june-sep 15 5
I found a heap of packets of these cute little glitter bows at a cheap store in the city, so naturally I bought them out 😛 I love these glitter bows, they are so pretty. Plus, they go well on most things. Like these nails, so much pink!
This set of nails was actually a commission from a friend of mine. She does a killer Pokemon trainer Elsa cosplay, and wanted some nails to match!

and that’s it as far as nails for the past few months. I have been rather busy 😛 So, which ones are your favorites and why? 🙂

  • Very lovely nail arts my dear 😀

    • Thank you very much! ^_^

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