Corina’s Birthday High Tea at Just Tickled Pink

Corina’s Birthday High Tea at Just Tickled Pink


Gosh this was a little while ago now, but was such a lovely day. My lovely loli friend Corina decided to have a high tea meet at Just Tickled Pink for her birthday, and there was a nice little group of 7 of us who attended. As usual, I decided to wear a rather pink co-ordinate to go with the theme of the cafe, and when I arrived i found I matched the decor rather nicely 😛

Corina's Birthday High Tea 6

Upon arrival, they gave us a glass of this sparkling berry something. It was delicious, but I was a little disappointed it wasn’t champagne!

Corina's Birthday High Tea 4

As always, I got my very own tray of gluten-free treats. It was definitely better than some of the other attempts at gluten free I have been given, as everything was delicious! There was GF sandwiches, sausage rolls and a little salmon quiche for savory, and a cupcake, cookie and banana cake for sweets. I would have loved to see some gluten-free scones, but everything was so yummy it more than made up for not having any.

Corina's Birthday High Tea 2 Corina's Birthday High Tea 3

One of the ladies that worked there was walking around with a gorgeous looking giant silver teapot, that looked rather vintage, and kept filling up our tea cups. This made me happy as I love drinking endless amounts of tea, as you know. Much gossiping was done before we finished eating, but then we discovered they had an even pinker room out the back for functions, so we head out there for some of our group photos.

Corina's Birthday High Tea 7 Corina's Birthday High Tea 8

Much silliness and selfies followed, as well as the customary group and outfit shots. I hope Corina enjoyed her birthday, because I sure did!

Corina's Birthday High Tea 5


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