Nail Art of October

Nail Art of October

I have been so amazingly slack with my nails as of late! I have to admit though, the ones I have done have turned out pretty damn cool 😛 What do you think?

These ones, I had just come home from a work trip up to Mt Gambier, and so I had all my nail equipment in my car. One lazy Sunday afternoon I thought I would have a play, since I was desperate try out my nail stampers on me again. I was in a GLUE ALL OF THE THINGS on to my fingers kind of a day, and I love love love how they came out. I kept getting the bows stuck in my hair though.
These started off somewhat basic, just pink and purple glitter as I wanted to be a little bit girly for my mums birthday. But then PAX came around, and I couldn’t be bothered redoing them, so I stuck on some diamonds and a hot pink bow and TA-DA prettier nails 😛 The bow drove me crazy though.
These are actually just party tips I did on myself because I was feeling SUPER lazy. I had done a similar set on my friend Zoe a few days prior, only hers were french. They looked so cool I just had to do it on myself. Plus, I got to use my stamper 😛


lol, after reading these back, i’m going to have to remind myself next time – DON’T stick anything big to your middle finger. It’ll dive you crazy.

So tell me, which ones are your favorites?


  • Kya

    They look so amazing. I especially love the ones with clouds and the rainbow. 😀 <3

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