My Lolita Wardrobe

My Lolita Wardrobe


I have finally gotten around to creating a page dedicated to my wardrobe! You will find a link to the page in the main menu up above or, you could just

BTSSB pink Snow white print OP Emily Temple Cute Pink Roses OP AP yellow Strawberries and Ribbons OP AP pink Milky Planet JSK

Click here

ETC Sweets Patiserie JSK AP Lavendar fancy paper dolls JSK AP Chess Chocolate low waisted JSK We're all made here pink betty skirt

I thought having a page instead of a post would be best, as it makes the wardrobe easier to find, and easier for me to update as I get new things and sell old things. I will be updating it super soon, as I just purchased AP’s Crystal Dream Carnival!

So far I have only added all of my dresses and skirts but I plan to very soon as photos of my shoes, and bag collection (Which upon inspection is actually a whole lot bigger than I thought it was). Hope you enjoy it!


  • Hi sweetie!
    You have an amazing wardrobe *-* cute prints, ando lovely accessories, btw your room is a dream ☆彡.

    • Thanks Luly! I plan on doing a bit of a video post around my room… once I get around to cleaning it lol 😛 Its a little different since I posted photo’s of it last, I’ve moved things around a bit.

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