Nail Art of November

Nail Art of November


As always, my nail post is a little late 😛 I actually have a good reason for it this time though! My first set I have to show you was actually a Kris Kringle present, and I had to wait until after I had given it to her before I posted them because I think she might read my blog 😛

AP Polka Dot Chocolate Nail art

These ones I made especially for Chelsea (or, Pocket Sized Vampire Pandah) to match her new Polka Dot Chocolate Salophette I know she just got 😛 I’m *okay* with how they came out, but I think they could have been better. It was a last minute idea to make some to put in with my other Kris Kringle goodies, and the only brown acrylic I had, which of course I have never used, was horrible. But I still think they are pretty cute. I hope she liked them!

Pink sparkly Barbie nail art

Woo! Barbie nails! I discovered the wonders of shiny tape as they had a bunch of them for sale at the salon suppliers. Its been ages since I did my nails with a coloured tip instead of just plain, soI thought I would mix it up a bit. I have used heaps of this colour in the past because it is just a great coloured pink, with glitter in it, althought I usually use it to make pretty bows. Of course I put MORE glitter over the top, because GLITTER! ^_^ I’m not so good at putting the tape on though, I think it only lasted a few days before it all came off. oh well, more practice I think.

Rainbow nail art

Next up is this cool rainbow design I did on myself before running off to Melbourne Lindy Exchange 😛 after having my barbie nails for a week, I had managed to destroy the pink tape. Plus I remembered how much I hate have squared nails these days, so I filed them back into stiletto’s and painted over them. I have been seeing so many video’s going around Facebook on how to do the thing with the sponge, so I just had to try it. I think next time I’ll do the lines a little smaller and maybe the nails a little bigger, because you cant see the yellow or blue on either end very well.

Pink and purple nail art

Ok, so maybe I really like the sponge thing. This time just pink and purple, with a different coloured base. The purple is quite pale but I really like them 🙂 and of course, glitter. Because I really can’t do my nails without having something shiny on them!

adelaide crows nail art 2

This next set is one I did for one of my clients. Personally, I am not much of a football fan and the colours are horrible, but thought I would share anyway. She wanted “Adelaide Crows” nails that were still a bit girly, so this is what I came up with 😛 Not too bad I think!

That’s all for this month! I hope you have liked my nails of November!

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