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My Wedding day!

My Wedding day!


Oh my gosh, where to begin! This was such a long, beautiful and full on day!

For me, my wedding day started at 6.30am, when my hair dresser and make up artists arrived. I was in bed out cold after finally falling asleep, when I was abruptly woken up by Bella loudly woofing to tell me they had arrived 😛 I was first up for hair as Anna wanted to pin curl mine to make sure all the curls would stay in and do what they were supposed to.

Hair by Anna from Sugar Plumb Boutique

Make up by Tanty Lovell

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 32P1060559P1060596

After that, I spent the rest of the morning running around in my hello kitty onsie moving chairs and making sure all the decorations were in place 😛 I may have been a little paranoid about it and insist on doing it all myself, but I just couldn’t sit still I was so excited, so I figured I should do something productive. I am so please with the look of the altar, although the fact that the table-cloth on the altar isn’t straight is probably going to haunt and annoy me for the rest of my life. lol.

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 15

Once all my hair and make up was done and it was time to get into my dress, my dog (and flower girl!) Bella did the cutest thing. We laid the hoop out so we could put the dress over it, and Bella decided that was the perfect spot for her to go and lie down. One of my brides maids managed to get this shot quickly on her phone. It was soooo cute! I can’t wait to see the one from the photographer, who also managed to get one from the opposite direction.

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 16

Here is a picture of me in my dress, posing for photo’s just before it was time to head outside to go meet my future husband 🙂 I am still so in love with how everything turned out. My beautiful bouquet from Nic’s Button Buds was the perfect touch of colour that I wanted. My hair was just gorgeous, and the style kept the fact that it was still in fact purple, very subtle.

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 2

Once I was done having all my photo’s taken with the photographer, it was time to head to the altar! Trust me to pick this exact moment to decide I was busting for a wee! lol. With the size that my dress was, it took 3 people to help me go. Lucky I’m not a hugely modest person 😛 Unfortunately, until we get the professional photos back, this is where my photo’s end until after the ceremony. We didn’t want to have ceremony photo’s full of mobile phones, so we made it an unplugged ceremony. My bridesmaids walked in ahead of me, then I walked down the aisle with both of my parents, my dad on one side and my mum on the other. It was a good thing too, because the ground was so uneven I think I would have stacked it if I didn’t have them both to hold me up! We walked in to “sugar” by maroon 5 being played on the acoustic guitar by my dear friend Kara, and it was just perfect. The ceremony was short and sweet, and our vows were super cute. I vowed to “be his puntastic wife, for the rest of his life” and he praised me for being the “magical force that makes food appear”, among other more heart-felt and romantic things. We then said our names and vowed to loved each other always, to the exclusion of all others before exchanging our rings. Then it was time to kiss the bride, and go sign our marriage certificate!

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 27Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 19

Then it was all over, and we were officially husband and wife!

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 20

We made our exit dancing down the aisle to boogie wonderland, with our amazing bridal party boogying along behind us.

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 25

As we almost got to the end, the photographer stopped us for a few photo’s, I can’t wait to see what they look like! We were all on such a high and the music was still cranking so I am sure they will be amazing.

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 3

We waited at the top of the aisle for all the guests to come say hello and congratulate us. This was the first time seeing everyone except my bridesmaids for me, so I was super happy to see everyone. I got lost of hugs. Then it was off for photo’s!

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 33

These are two of my favourite group shot of the day so far, because I think they capture our friends and their senses of humor perfectly. The one above is of the entire bridal party pulling “Horse face”, and below making good use of the selfie sticks we had as party favors.

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 1

Whilst we were off having our photo’s done, we had a few different afternoon activities set up. We had a 9 hole mini golf course set up to keep people entertained. Our two friends James and Beck also put on a Swing dance class for all our guests to learn the basics before the reception. We had roaming entrée’s going on for most of this time too.

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 17Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 35Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 28

Once it was time to enter the marquee for the reception we were introduced as Mr and Mrs Guerra and walked in as they played “Enter the Jungle”. That wasn’t planned by us, but was pretty amazing none the less. We had our friend Tracy as the MC for the evening, and she did a wonderful job. The song was a surprise, and her idea. I was in stitches with laughter by the time we made it to the middle of the room! The next surprise was a rap she did about me now being “Sarah Guerra” (That’s pronounced “g-where-rah”, yes my name now rhymes 😛 ) to the tune of “The real Slim Shady”. This is how it went:

May I have your attention please? May I have your attention please? Its time for a toast, so please stand up. I repeat, its time for a toast so please stand up! (we’re gonna have a problem here)

Well Riccardo Guerra, he’s sitting over there-a. He was a total geek until he met Sarah. Played a lot of games online, and didn’t really care-a. Sucha gaming nerd with too much software-a.

Then Riccardo got to dancing, helped him with romancing. Cut a rug like a thug, and people started glancing.

And then there’s Sarah, wearing her mascara, skin so soft its like she’s made of alo-vera

She’s so tasty, better than Forrero Rochea, Sarah makes other girls feel ugly and dispair-a.

Oh then Tardo met Sarah, with her oh so pretty hair-a, skirts cut up to there-a, nearly see her underware-a!

and its time for a toast, so please stand up, please stand up, please stand up!

Yes Tardo met Sarah, Made her Sarah Guerra, Yes her new names Sarah Guerra, Incase you weren’t aware-a, wont the new Sarah Guerra please stand up, please stand up, please stand up!

Then it was onto our first dance as husband and wife.

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 7

We chose a lovely swing song called “La Vien Rose” by Louis Armstrong, it was so very romantic. Riccardo kept getting his arm stuck on me as I had to have my train hanging off my arm to walk as it was so long. You can watch the video of it below, it’s very cute:

Once we were finished with our first dance, I ran of to change into my second, smaller dress as I couldn’t even sit down in the big one, and they started taking orders and bringing out the main courses.

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 9

The food was delicious and was finished pretty quickly, just in time for the band to get started! We had a band called Lucky 7 playing for us, as they are one of our favourite Adelaide swing bands. We have done a few performance gigs with them over the years as well, so I am sure they have popped up on this blog once or twice in the past. Their first set was all swing music so we could get our dance on before we all got to drunk, then they played some cool part music. We even had a conga line going through the whole marquee at one point!

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 30

Then it was time to cut the cake. We had a little cake and lots of cupcakes, which were made as a wedding present by my very talented friend Alisha!

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 11Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 13

Then Tracy had another surprise for us! They got us to sit down back to back, and take off both our shoes. She then asked us a bunch of questions, and we had to answer by holding up one of the shoes. The questions were things like, Who steals all the blankets, who is the bossiest and who said I Love You first. We had quite a few giggles, and it all ended with me throwing my shoe at Riccardo for saying something hilarious but a bit naughty (I don’t actually remember what he said). It was a great game!

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 22

We also had a photo booth there the whole night which turned out to be wonderful, especially since its not actually what we ordered to begin with. When we were first arranging things, we had ordered this cool printer that could pick up photo’s under a certain hashtag on instagram, and then print them out. We had planned this as part of the evening, giving everyone selfie sticks as wedding favours and sending out email instructions prior to the wedding about how to use instagram. We found out two days before the wedding that the printer had been in Melbourne the weekend before, and had been sent back with the wrong parts. Not only that, but the parts were not going to arrive in time for the wedding. I was so cross and demanded they give us something else instead, they said they had a photo booth that we could use instead, but they couldn’t get it there until 2.30pm ON THE DAY. The wedding was at 2. I could have killed someone. So they ended up waiting until the ceremony finished then sneaking around the back to set it up whilst we were having photo’s done. In the end it turned out really well, as we had unlimited photo’s all night, and everyone just went nuts. We got some great shots, and it was really good fun.

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 4Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 5

The last little detail that made the day perfection, was the Arabella mermaid ice sculpture I was given as a gift by my grandmother. It was just magical, and let me tell you why. When I was a kid, my Nana used to write stories about all her grand children and we all had a magical creature as our side kicks/special friends. My cousin Kellie had gotten married several years before me, and at her wedding my Nana had arranged for everyone to release butterflies as they were her special creature. At the reception I went up to Nan and told her the butterflies were beautiful, but good luck finding my mermaid Arabella and getting her to come to my wedding. Boy did I swallow my words when I walked into the reception to find a glowing ice sculpture of a mermaid waiting for me next to our table. Below is a picture of me with Arabella just after I found her, and then a picture of me and Riccardo saying goodbye to her once the party was over and we were the last ones (or at least we thought we were, thanks Kenneth for sneaking up and taking the photo) left in the marquee.

Guerra wedding 2nd april 2016 37

Everything everyone ever said to me about wedding were true, it was a stressful ride to get there, but once we were it was the most beautiful day and was over in a flash. I could not have dreamed it would be so perfect.

I can’t wait to share the official photographs with you all when we get them back! Thanks for reading, I know this was a long one!


Outfit of the day: Pink, blue, and a little bit vintage. Too Kawaii to die.

Outfit of the day: Pink, blue, and a little bit vintage. Too Kawaii to die.


ootd pink and a little bit vintage 1ootd pink and a little bit vintage 2

The common theme for these two outfits is the pink ribbon in my hair! I really can’t stand having hair in my face, especially when I am working or dancing, which is why you will quite often see me with it pulled back. I have let my fringe grow out quite long, so I can do cute pin curls in it and what have you, and am quite a fan of pulling the rest back of my face with a cute ribbon 🙂

Outfit breakdown:

Jacket: cute pink and short sleeved – found in a thrift store in Melbourne

Top: White, with black tubing and a small peter pan collar – Found in a thrift store in Adelaide

Jeans: White high waisted – Factory

Shoes: Pink and sparkly! – Ruby Shoes

ootd pink and a little bit vintage 3ootd pink and a little bit vintage 4


ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 1ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 2

I know it is not very often you see me in fact not wearing pink, but I happen to be a big fan of pastel blues as well! This is just another casual outfit I put together for work. The weather was not to hot and not to cold, so I could get away with just a cardigan. I have been a real fan of wearing cute socks with my Jelly shoes lately as well. There is nothing I hate more than having super adorable socks on, and the no one can see them because of your shoes. This way I get the best of both worlds!

Outfit Break Down:

Necklace: Light pink Pearls – given to me by a friend

Cardigan: Angelic Pretty

Skirt: Circle Skirt, Blue with white polka dots – Valley girl (although I bought it from Savers!)

Socks: White with lace borders – Ruby Shoes

Shoes: Clear sparkly Jelly Shoes from Betts

ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 3ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 4


Pre-Wedding Set up, Drama’s and Decorations

Pre-Wedding Set up, Drama’s and Decorations


The day after my delightful bridal shower, it was time to get our hustle on as it was set up day for the actual wedding its self. I can remember feeling like I was walking around in a bubble, as I couldn’t believe this wedding we had been planning for almost 2 years was finally almost here.


I don’t think I ever got around to writing much about the details for our wedding, so you guys have no idea what we planned 😛 We had decided that we wanted the whole event to be a big sleep over, with both the reception and the ceremony happening at the same place so no one had to worry about travel in between venues or drink driving.

061 P1060530

There is a place called “The Old House” at the Woodhouse Activity Centre up in the Adelaide hills that I spent a lot of time in as a child, which turned out to be the perfect location. It had dorm rooms that bunked up to 60 people as well as a beautiful outdoor chapel and surrounding gardens, plus enough space to put up a big white marquee. Below is a photo of the chapel, taken from the balcony of  the house.

Guerra pre wedding set up 1

As you can see from the photo’s it was the most beautiful setting. The morning of the day before, we enlisted our entire bridal party to come over and start carting things up there and to help with the set up. We opted to do most things ourselves, I had spent the whole week before hand shopping for and crafting all of the decorations. So when it came to the set up, we really had our work cut out for us. I don’t know how I would have gotten everything done in time with out the help and organisation from my brothers girlfriend Amanda, as well as my mother. Who needs a wedding planner when you have family, right?

Guerra pre wedding set up 13

It was my job to stay at our house and direct people as to what needed to be picked up and taken where, so by the time I got up there, the marquee had been set up and the dance floor installed. That was when we had our first little hiccup, the hire company had brought the wrong chairs. Looking back on it now, it really wasn’t the end of the world but I thought it was a major disaster at the time.

Guerra pre wedding set up 3

I spoke to the manager of the hire company who tried to tell me that we had just picked the wrong ones, and then that we had changed the invoice that many times that we must have changed the chairs too. uurrhhgg. I was so annoyed, because after speaking with Riccardo for like 2 seconds, she agreed that they had sent the wrong chairs and would get the right ones sent up as soon as possible. Then when I discussed it with the moving staff, they had the audacity to ask if they could deliver them the following day. uh, no! That’s our wedding day! We kinda need them! Thankfully, they eventually agreed to drop the right ones off later that afternoon.

Guerra pre wedding set up 5

Riccardo really arrived at the right time for that, because he had previously not been at the venue and I literally handed him the phone as he was getting out of the car. He hadn’t been there, because he was picking up our brides maid Robin from the airport. This is of great importance to note, because the photo below is actually of the first time I ever met her! The first time Riccardo had met her IRL was when he got her from the airport an hour previously 😛 Riccardo and Robin have known each other for the better part of a decade, they met playing World of Warcraft and have been involved with each other playing different games online ever since. They had never met before as Robin lives in New Zealand. There is rarely a day where these two don’t chat on Skype, and when Riccardo was picking his “Grooms Nerds”, Robin just had to be there. We were so excited when she said she would fly over for it!

Guerra pre wedding set up 2

Now we had our final bridal party member and we were waiting for the lighting to go up in the marquee and the correct chairs to arrive, we had our rehearsal and set up the altar.

Guerra pre wedding set up 10Guerra pre wedding set up 12

Everyone wore silly hats, it was great!

Wedding rehersal

That was when I found out about our next little drama. Instead of hiring a traditional photo booth, we had arranged to have this special printer which pulled photo’s off instagram to print out based on our own personal hashtag. They called us when they were supposed to be delivering it to tell us that they had hired it to someone in Melbourne the previous weekend, and they had sent it back with some vital parts missing and they weren’t going to be able to get them back in time. They promised us one of their other premium photo booths at no extra charge instead, but they weren’t going to be able to deliver it until 3pm the following day. The ceremony was at 2pm. I was so cross! But there was nothing I could do about it, so I had a bit of a whinge about it and we moved onto the next task. Once the lights were up and plugged in and the chairs re delivered (thankfully the correct ones this time), it was all hands on deck to get the marquee set up ready for the following day.

Guerra pre wedding set up 6

It took us a while, but once it was finished it looked so pretty! I was so proud of our effort, I couldn’t imagine a better setting for our wedding reception.

Guerra pre wedding set up 7

I was starting to get super excited by this point, and tired. So very very tired. We were all starving so we ordered some pizza’s from the local pizza shop and had a carpet party whilst we ate.

Guerra pre wedding set up 11

Once the food was consumed, I said goodbye to my fiance for the last time (hehe) and he got in his car and went home. He was meeting all the boys at a barber shop in town early the next morning to get ready, and of course we couldn’t spend the night together! 😛 Me and my girls all spent the night in a dorm room together at the venue, and I shared a blow up mattress with my best friend Amanda. Regardless of how tired I was, I was so excited I spent most of the night wide awake tossing and turning or staring at the ceiling. Then all of a sudden 6.30am came around, and it was time to get out of bed and start hair and make up!

Post about the wedding its self to follow soon! ^_^


Bridal Shower: High Tea at the Intercontinental

Bridal Shower: High Tea at the Intercontinental


The grand adventure that was my bachelorette party took place about a month before the actual wedding, for rather practical reasons. I didn’t want to be at all hung over for my wedding day, or the time before hand as we were organising most of it ourselves and I had so much to do, plus on the off-chance I managed to damage myself I figured I would need time to recover. I also wanted to do something a little more tame than heavy drinking and strippers, a little closer to the wedding so that my family and friend that were flying over for the wedding could come. Thus my bridal shower was organised.

Sarahs Bridal shower 2016 2
Myself, my mum and my Auntie Sharon, who had come down from the gold coast for the wedding.

Again, my delightful bestie came through and organised a lovely lunch for us all, the Thursday before the wedding at the intercontinental hotel. She had these adorable chocolates made for it, and we all had one waiting for us on our plates as we sat down, they were the perfect touch.

Sarahs Bridal shower 2016 1

We were all given a glass of champagne to start off with, and then whilst we all chatted they started bringing out trays of delicious finger food.

Sarahs Bridal shower 2016 3

As always, I got my own tray of yummies thanks to me being allergic to EVERYTHING. lol. All the cakes they gave me were delicious, I also had a plate of little sandwiches but in my enthusiasm to eat them, I forgot to take a photo 😛

Sarahs Bridal shower 2016 4

I had a lovely turn out of twenty or so people, most of which were not able to attend my first party. We had a lovely afternoon of chatting, drinking tea and eating cakes before we all headed home and I started the mad task of packing to get everything up to the wedding venue the next day!

Sarahs Bridal shower 2016 5

I think this is the last quiet moment I had until the following Monday, as things got super hectic from this point on!



My naughty bachelorette party at Madame Josephine’s!

My naughty bachelorette party at Madame Josephine’s!


It is finally time for post one in the lead up to my fabulous wedding! We had been planning it for so long (almost two years!) that it just kept getting closer and didn’t quite feel real. That slowly started changing when the night of my bachelorette party finally came around! The “night” started super early, as we were having pre drinks at my best friend and maid of honor Amanda’s house.

Sarah's Hens night 2016 22

I went over around 12.20, and at 1 we had the hair and make up artist for the wedding come around to do our hair and make up trials. We needed to do a test run before the wedding, so we figured what better time than before the bachelorette party!

Sarah's Hens night 2016 3Sarah's Hens night 2016 5

We started with the champagne right away, and I was quickly decorated with a tiara, bride to be sash and garter!

Sarah's Hens night 2016 21

Amanda completely out did herself, and I felt absolutely spoiled rotten. I was so excited when people started to arrive! Amanda had set up a scrap booking area as well as a photo booth, so people could take silly photo’s and then leave me messages.

Sarah's Hens night 2016 1

It was great fun! I got some beautiful photos with my friends, bridesmaids and family before we all got too drunk and carried away with ourselves.

Sarah's Hens night 2016 19Sarah's Hens night 2016 20

The icing on the cake though, was a rather delicious looking man named Wayde from Aussie hunks who was walking around serving us all drinks.

Sarah's Hens night 2016 4

The result of the afternoon was this beautiful scrapbook for me to keep as a memento 🙂 <3

Six o’clock finally rolled around, and it was time for us to get on a bus to head into town for the next part of our evening adventure – Madame Josephine’s all male strip show!

Fair warning – Full frontal male nudity to follow, so if you are not ok with this please do not continue reading!

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Oops… I did it again, I got caught up with life and went on accidental hiatus oh baby baby!

Oops… I did it again, I got caught up with life and went on accidental hiatus oh baby baby!


Ah crap. Again with the writing semi good intentional half assed resolutions, then promptly going on an accidental hiatus and ignoring them.

Life has just been so darn busy, and not to mention complicated and emotional lately. I just haven’t had the motivation or energy to write about anything.

I HAVE EVEN TRIED TO WRITE THIS POST THREE TIMES NOW! lol. I am the queen of procrastination and distractions. oops 😛

So what have I been up to? My life has pretty much been all consumed by wedding planning. And then having a bachelorette party. Then a bridal shower. THEN ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED!

I am so totally married now. Mrs Sarah Guerra (Pronounced G-wear-ah), that’s me! 😀 It was EPIC. I can’t wait to tell you all about it 🙂

Posts on all these things to follow shortly, I just wanted to jump on here to let you all know quickly that I am in fact, just fine and haven’t dropped off the face of the planet. lol.


Sarah Sings: First Edition! with covers of postmodern Jukebox, Meghan Trainor and more.

Sarah Sings: First Edition! with covers of postmodern Jukebox, Meghan Trainor and more.


Man, I was so excite when I found the Smule Sing! app for my iPad. One of my girlfriends had been using it and posting some of her covers to Facebook, and after a bit of persuasion, I decided to give it a try. Holy Hamburgers am I glad that I did!

I have been wanting to find an outlet for my singing for a while now that could be as casual or as committed as I wanted, without having to rely upon anyone else and her we are. I posted my first ever song on my Half assed new years resolutions post, and have been completely addicted since. So as promised, here are some of my favorite tunes of the moment, covered by myself (and a few lovely fellows from overseas!). I hope you enjoy them!

All about that Bass – Postmodern Jukebox

I am a really big fan of this song, both by Meghan Trainor and Postmodern Jukebox, but this version I think just fits my voice perfectly! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Love you like I’m going to lose you – Meghan Trainor

This song I was invited to sing by JessieWilliams50. At first I was a little apprehensive about doing this song as I didn’t know it all that well, but once I figured it out and gave it a go it has fast become one of my favorites to sing 🙂

Be our guest – Beauty and the Beast

This song really needs no explaining. Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite Disney film and this song is great. I really loved how MikeEsparza10 put on all the different character voices, so i just had to join in 🙂

Thank you for listening, I really hope you enjoyed it! Have a song you think I should cover? Leave me a comment below and I’ll see what I can do 🙂


Party time at Neko Nation Adelaide January 2016

Party time at Neko Nation Adelaide January 2016


Neko Nation Adelaide has now come and gone again, and it was a blast! This was my 3rd time attending, and I feel like I was nowhere near as prepared for it as I was the previous two. I’d been feeling sick all day, and had to spend most of my day napping just so I had enough energy to go that night! I ended up playing designated driver for the night which worked out quite well for me anyway as I was able to give a friend a ride in to the event.

I was completely un organised when it came to my outfit this time around, but I managed to throw something together at the last-minute. You can check out my outfit post here. I think considering how last-minute my outfit plans were, it all came together rather well. I did have a minor wardrobe malfunction thought, as the zipper to my skirt decided to die just as I was walking out the door. I ended up having to safety-pin myself into it 😛 The high heels didn’t last long either, as you can see in the photo’s that follow.

Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 8 Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 7

My car buddy Colin said he also had a wardrobe malfunction, in that he was going to wear a onsie, but then Adelaide decided to turn into a sauna and he was too hot. I’m kinda glad he changed his mind though, his pink maids outfit was super adorable.

We found the cat girls with sushi doing their rounds not too soon after we got there. Thanks to all my stupid allergy issues I couldn’t have any, but it all looked so yummy, and there was heaps of it about. I didn’t see any of the sushi cat girls last Neko Nation, but then again Corrina and I did disappear off earlier in the night to get some decent cocktails else where, so we must have missed them.

Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 2

I had a blast dancing downstairs to Sammi’s super kawaii pop DJ set, which was an awesome mix of J-pop, Anime and cheezy 90’s music. We did the Macareana, it was amazing! Not only is Sammi a brilliant DJ, but she is also fellow Trashdoll and just one of the cutest girls you could ever lay eyes on too.

Sammy Colby Neko Nation DJ

The DJ’s in the top room I found to be pretty awesome as well, I really enjoyed the sets I was up there for. This was something a bit different for me, as usually that type of music is not quite my style. It would seem that drunk Sarah and Sober Sarah have different tastes in music! 😛

 Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 4

I actually spent a fair bit of time upstairs this time around, dancing like crazy with these lovely people and chatting out on the balcony when it got too hot.

Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 6


As a whole, I thought that the whole event was organised fantastically. I only have one gripe about it. I absolutely loved the crown and scepter as a venue for the last one, but this time around I found that it wasn’t great. My main reasoning for that was that last time Neko Nation was in June, which means the weather was considerably cooler. With people dancing up a storm, the inside fans were just fine as you could escape into the cool outside area’s to get some air when you got to hot inside.

Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 3

Since this one was held in January, which is pretty much the middle and hottest part of our summer for my readers not from Aus, the lack of air conditioning in the venue was considerably more noticeable this time around. It had been a super hot day, and hadn’t cooled down much more by the time it got dark, so the whole place was like a stinky sweaty furnace on the inside. There was no escape from it either, as it was just as hot on the outside of the venue!Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 1

Air conditioning issues aside, Neko Nation, as always, was a wicked fun night. There were far more people there that I knew this time around and I really enjoyed wandering around, chatting with them and making new friends.

Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 9

New friends, such as Mark from Maetogrophy who took this adorable photo of myself and Chelsea (better known as Pocket Sized Vampire Panda) and the photo above of Sammi DJing. Awesome photo’s man, thanks for taking them!sig-tag


Outfit of the day: Neko Nation!

Outfit of the day: Neko Nation!


Gosh, considering I have been on holidays for so long, I was sooo unorganized for Neko Nation! (Post on the event to follow!) I think it was just because I had been feeling so sick for the few days leading up to it, that I hadn’t bothered to specifically plan for it.

Neko Nation jan 16 3

Lucky for me, I have a ridiculously stuffed wardrobe and was able to pull something super kawaii together for the night!

Neko Nation jan 16 4

Outfit Breakdown

Wig: Bought second hand from a friend, but I am pretty sure it was originally from Gothic Lolita Wigs

Hair Clips: Bought at a cheap store near my house

Top: Purchased second hand from Savers

Jacket:Bought from an Op Shop In Melbourne

Skirt: From Ice, about 10 years ago!

Socks: I won as a prize for something I can’t remember at a Lolita meet last year some time.

Shoes: Bought in Japan

Jewelry: Matching Bracelet and necklace from Equip, silver bangle from Pandora and charm bracelet from Swarvoski.

Neko Nation jan 16 5 Neko Nation jan 16 6Neko Nation jan 16 2Neko Nation jan 16 7

Make Up

I was going for a bit of a magical girl look with this outfit, so I kept my whole eye area quite light with a white shimmer. Then on the lids I added a light pink and darkened it as I reached the edge of my eye. Then I covered both my lid and the area under my eye in fine silver glitter.

For eye liner, I lined the whole top of my eye finishing for a wing, and then continued under my ey until about half way. I hate wearing lower false lashes, so actually painted extra lashes on underneath with the eye liner. I then finished the whole look off by adding some super long curly lashes, and penciling in my eyebrows with a light brown colour to try match the wig a little.

As always, I went with hot pink lipstick, or the matte Lime Crime variety 😉

Neko Nation jan 16 1


A year of Lolita: My Coordinates for 2015

A year of Lolita: My Coordinates for 2015


Our community had an online event, asking us all to share a collection of our different coordinates from throughout the year. I didn’t realize, but I have worn Lolita soooooo much this year, more than double the amount I wore it last year! Here is the collage I made, and this isn’t even all our meets, as I was trying to not double up on print’s too much in this photo.

2015 lolita coordinates

Looking back on my photo’s, I definitely have a few clear favorites. On the top of that list, surprisingly would seem to be my Cotton Candy Shop special set JSK from Angelic Pretty. I wore it so much last year, I just love all the colours on it!

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 1

Coming a close second I would have to say would be my Milky Planet JSK from Angelic Pretty. I was so excited to get my hands on the entire set in one hit, I just wore it to death. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to walk around with and upside-down ice cream cone on their head?

Oz ComicCon 15 16
Photo by Maetogrophy

Last but not least, coming in third place would be my Chess Chocolate low waisted JSK from Angelic Pretty (yeah I’m a massive AP fan…). This was one of my most worn dresses last year as well, I just love how it sits on me ^_^

Chess Chocolate JSK Angelic Pretty

SOme of my other observations from this years coordinates is that after I dyed my hair black/purple, I stopped wearing wigs a lot. I still wore my blonde/pink/purple one a fair bit when I wanted to be blonde, but for the most part I used my natural hair!

I have acquired a few more dresses recently during the end of the year (Fancy paper Dolls and Crystal Dream Carnival!), so I will be interested to see what my most worn pieces will be this year!

So tell me, which of my coordinates from last year is your favorite?