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Gluten Free Yummy ooey gooey balls of delicious

Gluten Free Yummy ooey gooey balls of delicious

Some of you may or may not be aware, but I happen to be allergic to everything. Like EVERYTHING. Gluten, dairy, eggs, honey, just to name a few. It drives me nuts. But because of this I quite regularly find interesting out there recipes which I alter to suit my needs. Now this one is a little odd, and when I say they are chick pea cookies, don’t stop reading! They may sound bizzar, but they are some of the tastiest things out. I promise. Now, I by no means claim this recipe as my own, I found it on the Internet somewhere and changed it a bit to suit me. But they are so good they just have to be shared. If I ever find it again, I’ll post the original link up on here too 🙂 so how do I make them you may ask? Well ill tell you. First, you need these ingredients:


To start off, pre-heat your oven to 175 degrees-ish, then get yourself a big mixing bowl. Open your can of chickpeas, give them a good rinse then chuck them in the bowl. Next I use an actual table spoon and put in two massive spoonfuls of peanut butter. Then four of the golden syrup, then two cap fulls of vanilla essence and lastly one small table spoon of baking powder. It’s going to look like a big old goopy mess, just like this…


So next you want to get your blender/stick blender/food processor/anything that will a obliterate food and turn this mixture into a paste. I personally use one of these babies


Once your done with the obliterating, it should look like this, nice and smooth. You want to get out all the lumps.


Next Get your dairy free choc chips and mix them into the batter with a normal spoon. I use a whole 150g packet because I think you can never have too much chocolate. Now you want to have a tray lined with baking paper ready for your batter. Because this stuff is so sticky, you need to have wet hands in order to roll the batter into a ball. Keep in mind that they won’t rise at all, so what ever shape/size you make them is pretty much how they will stay. Cook them in the oven for ten minutes, then pull them out for nomming!


Now here is the important part – you MUST eat these hot/warm. Don’t go eating them cold then telling me how gross they are. It’s the warmness that makes them so delicious, and they are definitely microwave friendly.

So there you have it, one of my favourite gluten/dairy/egg/honey free snack!these things hardly last a day in my house as the BF and BFF just love them too 🙂



I found the link to the original recipie, you should check it out as her pictures look a hell of a lot tastier than mine!


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Poor puppy :(

Poor puppy :(

So my puppy bella has been scratching like crazy these past few days. Which isn’t to un usual since she has a million allergies. So I’ve just been giving her her antihistamines like I always do, but they didn’t really do much. Then I noticed that she was stupid hot and had scratched herself raw in places so I raced her off to the vet. Naturally I had to wait until Sunday for this, so the vet was super expensive. But it turns out the poor thing has an infection in her anal glands which was giving her a temperature and making her so itchy, and has now ended up having a steroid shot and being put on antibiotics. I am feeling like the worst mother right now for not picking up on it sooner, and just to rub it in she is being the biggest sook. Apparently now she has to sleep on me, and I’m such a push over I think I’ll let her <3


Blog Lovin’

Blog Lovin’

I just discovered blog lovin’, which by the way I think is awesome. I just got the app on my iPad, and the thought that i can now read my favourite blogs over breakfast without to much effort actually makes me a little excited.
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Naturally I claimed this blog on it, so follow me ya’ll 🙂

Pretty new nails!

Pretty new nails!

So the other day I went to the salon suppliers and they had the prettiest range of pastel nail polishes, I bought one in every colour of the rainbow! Then today at work I felt inspired. Naturally I felt the need to try out the pastel pink. They aren’t the most detailed work I’ve ever done, but they are pretty and I like them. Hope you do too ^_^


* Le Sigh *

* Le Sigh *

So today i have stupidly been googling things I would like but cannot afford. I stumbled upon this little beauty on ebay for a cool $2080! Oh if only I had the cash i would buy it in a heart beat, isn’t it just the most adorable clutch you have ever seen?! Sigh, I am afraid it is destined to never be mine.


Cake please!

Cake please!

So I am totally aware that this is in fact a building and not a delicious cake, but for my birthday next year I want a cake like this. I love little twin stars!


The green challenge

The green challenge

So as it so happens, I found myself up on the Gold Coast in our holiday house again. But for once, I am not alone! There are currently seven of us wedged up here into this tiny tiny little house. There is myself, my mother and father, plus my second cousin (?) David and his family, Leanne, Tom and Rachael.

So after a big night out last night (I needed a little space so I went out dancing in surfers with John), we decided on a family outing to Currumbin bird sanctuary. Specifically so we could all go and do “the green challenge”!


What on earth is that you might say? Well ill tell you, it’s a high ropes course! Specifically one that runs through the big tall trees at currumbin. We climbed our way through the green and red courses, but unfortunately they had to close before we could have a go at the black. It was a fantastic day, I had forgotten how much I do enjoy doing that outsidey stuff every now and then. I powered through it. All while my dear mother was following us from the ground and taking photos 🙂 take a look…




It was quite a lovely day out, we also got to see a bird show, go on a tiny train and just wander around. To anyone that ever visits the Gold Coast I would thoroughly recommend it 🙂



Carols by candle light – Melbourne style!

Carols by candle light – Melbourne style!

So Christmas Eve Riccardo took me to the carols at the Sidney Myer music bowl in Melbourne as his mum and step dad were lovely enough to get us tickets.


It was such a lovely night! We got there to line up about 2.30pm and its lucky we did, there were so many people that rocked up after us, the line was huge. One of the security guards told me that the people at the front of the line had been camping out since one AM. Now that’s dedication!


They didn’t open the doors until 4.30, but when they did we all rushed in and we ended up getting a really good spot right up the front and in the middle.

The carols to follow we’re all just beautiful, although I did find the silences in between acts where they were playing ads to the people watching on tv to be a little odd. But the odder thing of the night? Santa dancing gundam style with hi five. No I am not joking.



New nail designs!

New nail designs!

So I have been doing a bit of nail’s with the guys lately, and I thought I would share two of my new designs with you. The first one is a Christmas theme, with pretty shiny reindeers and holly. I did the eyes with my new spot brush I purchased in Japan, which I thought was a little exciting 🙂 here they are…



Then there are my most recent rainbow nails. I decided I wanted something simple but cheerful that would last me until the new year as I was too lazy to pack up my nail gear and bring it home. This is what I came up with, I quite like it.


Adelaide carols by candle light

Adelaide carols by candle light

So tonight I went to the big Adelaide carols by candle light with mummy dear and Bella. We had a fantastic night sitting on a rug drinking nice wine and eating noms, but the carols themselves were just terrible! They had a whole bunch of D list Adelaide celebrities (half of which couldn’t actually sing to save them selves) singing crappy songs, and most of them weren’t even Christmas carols! I cant wait to go to the carols at the Sydney Myer music bowl in Melbourne, I suspect they will shit all over the Adelaide ones. So after my short but sweet rant, I will leave you with an adorable photo of my mother and my tinsel puppy, enjoy!