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Kawaii Gamer | Forget Trump, Vote for Snowball in Politicats!

Kawaii Gamer | Forget Trump, Vote for Snowball in Politicats!


Welcome to my first instalment of Kawaii Gamer. The first video of what I hope will be many, revolving around reviews of cute Kawaii games you can play either on your phone or your computer. After my amazing and eventful weekend at PAX Aus this year, I was feeling super inspired by some of the cute games I discovered in the indie section. On my way home I started looking up Kawaii Games I could play on my phone and found a whole bunch of them I am just itching to play. For these video’s I will download a game that looks adorable, then run you through how to play it, as well as review it for kawaiiness, enjoyment, ease of use and price.

Considering all the horribleness that has been happening in world politics these last few weeks, it got me thinking. Do you know what the world needs more of right now? Kittens.

So without further udo, I would like to introduce this weeks Kawaii game – Politicats!

This is a game I found on the iTunes app store whilst looking for a cute game to play. It was free, and created by a company called Reality Squared Game Co Limited. This is what their game description said:

In a reality where cats are the most adorably devious creatures in existence, it’s only natural for them to seek unlimited political power – and they need your help!

Create your cute, cuddly candidate, and realize your dreams of world domination by assembling a team of tiny humans to manage your campaign and get you elected. You’ll start out as Class President and work your way up to become Supreme Earth Cat, earning endorsements from Celebrity Cats along the way! Watch as supporters flock to hear what you have to say, offering up their hard earned cash to fund your global campaign.

So get out there, Vote Cat, and make 2016 the year of the kitten!

I don’t know about you, but I am already sold. So lets dive in a see if this game is any good or not!

If you would like to play along with me, you can download Politicats from the iTunes store here.

What did you think of Politicats? Do you have any suggestions of cute games you think I should play?




Hello this is Sarah speaking. I’m sorry you are who? NO WAY! Hang on, you want me to what?! Me, be in the omegathon? are you serious? Do I want to? FUCK YEAH I DO! I mean, sorry, yes please that would be amazing. My email address? sure. You’ll send me the details this afternoon? wonderful, I’ll keep an eye out for the email. OMG thank you so much. I can’t wait to meet you either. BYE!

*internal screaming* *massive excitement* *extreme freak out* *SQUEE!* WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?! OMG DID I JUST GET INTO THE OMEGATHON? HOLY SHIT. I need to call my husband.

lol, that was pretty much how it went down when I got the phone call. Yes, I actually got picked to be a contestant in the Omegathon at PAX Aus this year. I know right? What are the chances of that happening? I had been pottering around the house cleaning when I got a random call from an international number. When I answered it and it was one of the organisers of PAX I couldn’t believe my ears at first! After mumbling out a few star struck almost unintelligible yes’ and word vomiting my email address at him, the conversation ended and I frantically started dialling Riccardo and then my brother to tell them what had just happened.


Everything since then has happened pretty quickly. I was emailed with a consent form I had to fill out, sign and email back, there was a questionnaire to fill out for the PAX schedule books, and I had to send them a head shot for the posters. Man, I think I took about a thousand photo’s trying to get a good one. I kept getting more and more frustrated as my phone camera was just not doing any good, and it was starting to rain outside and take away all my light. In the end, my lovely neighbour came over with his good camera and took a few shots for me and I settled on this one.

ohsokawaiixoxo PAX Aus 2016 omegathon photo

I swear it was the only one I took where I managed to not pull a stupid face. It wasn’t until after I had sent the photo in and it was too late to change it that I realised I have lipstick on my teeth lol.  Oh well worse things have happened, right? Hopefully it looks ok and not to many people notice! I can’t believe my face is going to be on a bunch of posters. This is just wild.

Once the initial shock had worn of, then I started to have a freak out. I had a bit of a google to find out how the competition usually goes down and what to expect. I was soon added to the Omeganaut group on Facebook, where I was shown an awesome video of what to expect and given tips on how to best take my photo. Al the previous Omeganauts are super nice, and I have spoken to a few of the new PAX Aus ones as well. Everyone is really friendly, which is nice.

Now I am just stuck with the panic of, OMG I HAVE SO MUCH PRACTICE TO DO. I have been waiting with bated breath to find out what the game line up will be, so I can make sure I have at least played each one of them before so I don’t look like a stunned goose in the comp. I have decided I am not aiming too high, although enthusiastic and eager, I am not the greatest gamer in the world. My aim is to not get knocked out in the first round 😛 I think it is a good goal.

One of the good points about this whole thing is that I have been forced to finally settle on a tag that I like. I have never been the hugest fan of “venusfury”. I picked it as a nickname a long time ago for a burlesque performance I was in, and it just kind of stuck. Though I never really thought it suited me all that well. I figured that Oh So Kawaii has been my catch line for so long now, that I might as well use it. So I have finally decided on “OhSoKawaiixoxo” as my tag, and as I mentioned in my previous post, I have changed all of my socials to reflect this.

Since I have never actually watched any of the Omegathon in previous years ( 2014/2015), my question for you guys now is:

What should I do to prepare myself for the Omegathon? Any tips on games I should play, or skills I should work on to best help me not suck at this too badly? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


PAX Aus 2015

PAX Aus 2015


I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get to this since PAX Aus was in the beginning of November last year! But hey, like I always say, better late than never right? 😛 So here is how it all went down…

Day One

PAX 2015 1

I was so excited to wear this coordinate for the first day of PAX! Mostly, because I had just got my fancy paper dolls set in the mail a few days before we left, and I hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet. It was a dream dress get, so I was super pleased it arrived in time!

PAX 2015 6

We spent most of the first day walking around the main room just looking at all the stuff. They had this cool super Mario brothers set up, I just had to get a photo in the pipe! There were so many huge stalls and big name games in the main hall that Mr Tardo and I were like kids in a candy store 😛 We spent most of the first day just wandering around looking at stuff.

PAX 2015 5

We did however go to one panel. It was game of D&D, with Audience participation.  It only went or about an hour, but I was in stitches the whole time. I was hilarious!  They had us live tweeting idea’s for each character using the #liveRPGplus has tag, here was some of my input:

liveRPGPlus tweets

To check out the rest of the tweets, click here.

PAX 2015 4PAX 2015 3

I also found a place nearby that made truly amazing caramel macaroons. I was naughty and went back and got one every day, and by the end of the holiday one of the guys working there recognized me and gave me a second one for free ^_^ yay Macaroons!

I managed to snap the strap on the shoes I was wearing halfway through the day, so I headed back to the hotel for an outfit change. Which then turned into playing with my newly purchased head set, and having a nap 😛

PAX 2015 7

Day Two

Day two I was in such a rush to get out the door (Mr Tardo was adamant he wanted to get there early), that I completely forgot to take an outfit shot! This is the only selfie I managed to get when I remembered later on in the day 😛 I wore my adorable blue toy parade mini skirt, my tea party blouse and a pink cardigan.

PAX 2015 21

Since we were up early, Mr Tardo and I, and a few of the friends we were sharing our apartment with went out for breakfast 🙂

PAX 2015 8 PAX 2015 9

Most of the second day for me was spent playing board games, and running around collecting QR codes. I managed to find them all last year, but alas I missed 2 of them this year.

PAX 2015 12

Zombiecide was one of my favourite games of the day. I had heard so much about it, and it did not disappoint!

Day Three

For the last day I decided to go all out on the coordinate, so OTT sweet with my pink Milky Planet was what i decided to wear. I have the matching everything for my milky planet set, including the super adorable upside down ice cream headband ^_^

PAX 2015 14

The sunday was a big day for cosplay, but strangely enough I didn’t take all that many photos. Our two friend Tom and Katey went as waring DOTA characters, just because they thought it would be cute to walk around holding hands dressed as them. I am so sorry, but I cannot actually remember the characters names! There was also this hilarious  “Floreda” cosplay from the Simpsons that I just had to get a photo of it was so great.

PAX 2015 10PAX 2015 11

The only panel we made it to on the last day was “The worst games ever created” panel. They were all x-box games, and included titles such as duke nuke’m and star trek the game. Pimp my ride kinda won as the worst game ever though. It was pretty funny watching the guest panelists play them though.

PAX 2015 13

On the last day I finally ran into some other Lolita’s, who all looked just stunning and were lovely to chat with. Charlotte in the middle is actually from the Adelaide Comm 🙂

PAX 2015 15

After lunch Katy and I decided to ditch the boys and go try out the “Paint n Take”.

PAX 2015 16

I picked what looked like some sort of sorcerer, and of course painted her all in pin and purple. Katy went for more of a warrior, but he had to be pink also 😛

PAX 2015 17 PAX 2015 18 PAX 2015 19

Then of course we ended the day off with some more board games. I forget the name of this one, although it was quite similar to Incan Gold, was super fun and the art work was so pretty.

PAX 2015 20

Just as they were starting to kick us out, I got talking into buying a little card game called “F**k, the game” which is a little card game that uses colours and swear words to help train your brain. I am so glad I bought it, it’s so funny to play, especially with drunk people.

And that was PAX Australia for 2015! Mr Tardo and I have already got our tickets for next year, as it is becoming a rather un missable event for us! 🙂


AVcon 2015 – Day 1

AVcon 2015 – Day 1


After a lovely Pre AVcon Lolita meet up, I was ready for the fun to begin the very next day 🙂 My Lolita wardrobe has expanded considerably since last year, so I had a bit of a struggle to decide what to wear this year. For the first day, I settled on my Cotton Candy Shop Special set which has quickly become one of my favorite dresses, despite my initial reaction when I first received it (Its not what I thought i bought 😛 ).

AVcon 2015 - Day 1 - 8

I am just loving my black and purple hair at the moment, as it matches most of my wardrobe, I have found myself not wearing wigs as often which has been just lovely 🙂 I did my nails especially for the weekend, and I think they went quite nicely with the cotton candy shop print.

AVcon 2015 - Day 1 - 2 AVcon 2015 - Day 1 - 3

When we first arrived, we had a small issue with entry. The line to get in went down the street and around the block, and was hours long which was just ridiculous. This wouldn’t have been an issue as both Mr Tardo and myself had pre bought our tickets, but we had my god sister Crystal with us, who we had to purchase a ticket for. Thankfully after speaking with one of the lovely officials, they let her come in with us and we purchased her a ticket at the door.

There were so many awesome cosplay’s this year, I feel like I couldn’t get enough photos of them all. My favorite by far was this awesome HeMan cosplayer I met outside in the line. I just had to get a photo with him!

AVcon 2015 - Day 1 - 4

This Armour from World of Warcraft was just fantastic, half of it lit p and had this awesome neon glow. And of course the guy dressed as the kid from “UP”, complete with balloons and everything.

AVcon 2015 - Day 1 - 5AVcon 2015 - Day 1 - 14

There was this amazing girls cosplay group that had a version of every character from League of Legends done up in a “Love” skin. Their colours for everything matched as well as all their accessories. It was fantastic. I didn’t get a phto of all of them, but here are a few.

AVcon 2015 - Day 1 - 13

I fund a Cinderella, and a few spartans…

AVcon 2015 - Day 1 - 9 AVcon 2015 - Day 1 - 10

But most of my day was spent wandering around looking at stuff, and playing games. Of course I bought a few things, including including this super cool sailor moon selfie stick, and a lyrical bunny stuffed toy 🙂

AVcon 2015 - Day 1 - 16

Once the day was done, we went around to my friend Yarran’s house for a few drinks and to play some board games!

AVcon 2015 - Day 1 - 15

Minecraft is consuming my soul again.

Minecraft is consuming my soul again.


I have been soooooo very very slack on the blogging front these past few months. Why you might ask, well the answer is simple. I have started playing minecraft again 😛 It started off with me finding a magazine highlighting some of the cool stuff you can do with redstone, whilst on the way home from my cousins engagement party (post on that to follow 😛 ). It also had stuff on some of the different mod packs like FTB and tekkit, and it made me remember just how much I enjoyed the game. So I re downloaded it. I started off playing vanilla, but then thought I would try out some of the mods the mag mentioned, and ended up playing FTB: Infinity, which I thought was super cool. After a little while, my brothers girlfriend got interested after seeing me playing it, and I eventually convinced her she should join me. We were playing together via LAN using Hamatchi, but then it started getting harder as my brother and Mr Tardo decided they might want to play. In the end, I gave up and did what any sane person would do – I bought my own server 😛

Minecraft server

I got it through a Sydney based company called STIPE, and so far they have been pretty good. They are quite cheap, and their customer service has been super helpful.

I loaded up the server with the game Amanda and myself had been playing and off we went! We went adventuring for the perfect spot to build, and eventually settled upon this cute little hilltop that was full of big tree’s and mushrooms. Naturally, I had to build a tree house!

This is what it looks like from a distance.

Minecraft server 7

It also has its very own self serve kitchen…

Minecraft server 4

as well as this cute little fountain that starts right at the top of the tree house…

Minecraft server 5

…and winds all the way down to a little lake, which then turns into a little grotto on the other side of the field.

Minecraft server 6

Since we got the server, I have had a heap of other friends get interested in playing again and they have been building all sorts of interesting stuff! Like Mr Tardo’s glass diamond…

Minecraft server 2

and kylans… whatever that is. (Its huge, and very pretty 😛 )

Minecraft server 3

And that is where I have been these past few months 😛 I will be doing my best to post up the back log I have of entries and to get up to date and blogging regularly again by the new year. Stay tuned for more minecraft posts though, we have some interesting builds in the works 😉


Neko Nation Adelaide!

Neko Nation Adelaide!


Neko Nation! Weeee!!! I was so excited to see that they were finally going to run another one in Adelaide I just had to go!

I had originally just planned to go alone, as I didn’t know any one else who was going (this is not the type of thing a lot of my girlfriends are into 🙁 ). Then I got chatting with the lovely Corina at the international lolita day meet and found out she was going too! So we buddied up and went together 🙂

Outfit wise, i decided to go for comfort. Naturally I wore my glowing shoes, as they were perfect for such an occaision, my cute white pleated mini skirt, t-shirt with food on it and my barbie cardigan, because I freaking love that thing. Top it off with a few diamonties stuck to my face and some cute shiny cat ears (because you HAVE to wear ears to Neko Nation :P) and I was super pleased with how my outfit turned out.

Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 9

Walking in the door and looking at the DJ Time table, I was amused to see that my year 11 I.T. Teacher was DJing that night (5kip), he is pretty good, so we went and watched for a little while.

Next it was off to the main room for some dancing, as they were playing a really awesome J-pop/K-pop set in there which sounded awesome! They had cat girls EVERYWHERE. It was great! Some were bartenders, dancers, promo girls and some were even walking around feeding people sushi! We found these two dancing on the stage in the main room when we went in there and thought they were super adorable.

Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 2

About an hour in we decided to sneak out to a cocktail bar down the road for a drink, because the cocktails they were serving at Neko Nation weren’t exactly the greatest. You bet we didn’t get some funny looks walking down the road! On our way back, we ran into my friend Nigel who came and joined us at Neko Nation for a bit of a dance.

Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 3Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 8

One of my favourite parts was that they had glow sticks hanging from EVERYTHING, and you were allowed to just take them too. So I took a couple and used them while I was dancing, and for a few silly photo’s too!

Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 6Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 5

Come about 1 am, I was starting to get super tired, and was sitting on a chair outside with my friends. Nigel thought me leaning on this sign was amusing, thus how I ended up with this photo…

Neko Nation Adelaide June 2015 7

I don’t think they have these sorts of night in Adelaide nearly as often as they should. it was such a fun chilled out atmosphere, and everyone was so friendly. People could wear what they wanted weather it was cosplay or just something a bit different, and no one even batted an eye lid at them for it. It was just wonderful 🙂


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Whoniverse Adelaide

Whoniverse Adelaide


Whoniverse, what a day! For those of you that have never heard of it, Whoniverse is a Doctor Who convention run by The Hub Productions. When they first announced that Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Alex Kensington (River Song) were all coming not just Australia, but to my little home town Adelaide I just flipped. When the tickets went on sale I was sitting in front of my computer waiting like a crazy person, and was bouncing off the roof excited when I managed to snag myself a VIP ticket.

Whoniverse Adelaide 2015 1

VIP meant that not only did I get to meet all three of the guests, but I got a photo and Autograph from each as well as getting to sit right up the front for the panels. I swear the day could not come fast enough, and by the time it did I had planned everything down to a T. I didn’t even care that I was flying solo that day, I actually almost preferred it.

Its a shame that Hub Productions are notoriously unorganized. It said on the website that doors opened at 8.30, so I made sure to be there to line up to get in by 8. Its lucky I was surrounded by lovely people to chat with, because they didn’t even open the doors until 10am. It took another half an hour to get in after that, even with the VIP ticket which was supposed to have express entry. By this point I was to excited to be pissed off about it, so I went to look at merchandise before taking my seat. I bought myself a toy sonic screw driver, as well as a very pretty bracelet with a Tardis on it. They had a full size Tardis sitting in the back corner of the room so I just had to get a photo with it. Unfortunately it was not bigger on the inside, and Matt Smith was not hiding in it. I was only a little bit disappointed.

Whoniverse Adelaide 2015 3

Once everyone was seated, they did their welcome rant (thanks for coming, don’t grope the guests, try not to faint etc.) before lining us up to go and have our photo’s taken. They did this as the first part so they could get them all printed to be signed later on in the day. Since I was seat C13, I was one of the first to go in for my picture, right after the platinum ticket holders. I was feeling just fine until I walked around the corner and there he was. Me and the girl standing next to me both went *SQUEE!* at the same time, which made us look at each other before breaking out into giggles 😛 We spent the rest of our wait in line gossiping about how handsome we thought he was.

When it was finally my turn I walked over to him and the first thing he said to me was “Gosh, don’t you look beautiful! I love your shoes.”. Aaannnddd that’s when the full on swooning started. It was all I could do to think straight and continue to form understandable sentences. I don’t think I have ever fan girled so hard in my life!

Whoniverse Adelaide 2015 Matt Smith

Next up I got to meet Karen! She was a lot quieter than I expected, and she didn’t really say much to me. I was cool with it though, I still got to meet her 🙂 Plus I was still buzzing a little from meeting Matt, something I suspect she got to deal with a lot and may have been a little sick of.

Whoniverse Adelaide 2015 Karen Gillan

Last but not least, of course was Alex. I kinda got lucky when I reached her section, because just before I walked in the photographer managed to drop his camera which then proceeded to stop working. So I got to stand there and chat with Alex whilst he tried to fix it. It was great. She was wearing the most amazing love heart rings and I would have loved to know where she got them, but I suspect they probably cost a small fortune, so I didn’t ask. After meeting her, my adoration for her and the characters she plays went up about 10 fold. She is such a delightful woman. She suggested we pose with my newly acquired sonic screw driver, which ended in my photo with her being the coolest one of the day!

Whoniverse Adelaide 2015 Alex Kensington

After I had my photo’s, it was time for some lunch so I took myself out to a restaurant in the city as a bit of a treat (I really do love my own company 🙂 ). They had said we needed to be back by one oclock on the dot to get the Q&A started, so I kinda rushed myself through lunch as that only gave me an hour. Naturally, running with how Hub Productions operate, I got back to find out that they were running late at the platinum meet and greet lunch and that we would all just have to wait. So I sat there playing with my 3DS whilst they played Doctor Who episodes on the big screen for the next hour and a half. Needless to Say I was not impressed. They had a few villains come out and walk around, so I took a few photo’s, but that was about it for entertainment.

Whoniverse Adelaide 2015 2Whoniverse Adelaide 2015 4

When they finally got to the Q&A part they had Karen and Alex come out first. They were asked questions like “if you were going to be a Who monster, which would you be?” (Karen decided on being a Darlek and Alex said the silence) and “If the Doctor was to become a woman, who would be the best actress to play the part? (They both agreed that Alex would be best suited for it). Listening to the way Alex spoke and the detail she put into her answers just made me adore her even more. She is such a wonderful and talented woman.

Whoniverse Adelaide 2015 6

Once Alex and Karen had finished their Q&A, they finally brought out Matt for his. I was so excited, I had so many questions for him. I was a tad pissed off by the end of it though, because I had my hand up his entire session but didn’t get to ask him a single question. This was made more annoying by the fact that our VIP tickets were so expensive as we were supposed to get priority at question time, and some other people got to ask him more than one.

I think one of my favorite questions asked of Matt was, “Did you actually eat fish fingers and custard, or was it something else?”. Apparently the first few cuts he did they actually were fish fingers and custard, but then it started to make him feel rather ill, so they swapped the fish fingers over with some coconut flavored sponge cake things. He said he actually ate everything that little Amy cooked for him in that scene, so by the end of it he was about ready to burst he had eaten so much.

My final thoughts on Whoniverse? It was amazing to meet Matt, Karen and Alex, they were everything I had dreamed they would be and more. But as far as the organisation of the even was, I give hub productions about a 2/10 because their convention organisation skills sucked, big time. They kept saying there would be games and trivia and prizes etc, but instead we just spend a lot of time sitting around watching a giant screen. They didn’t deliver on most of the things promised to VIP ticket holders (express entry, priority at question time), and considering how much they charged for the tickets that was just not acceptable.

It was a stupid long day full of sitting around doing not much, but hey, I got to hug Matt Smith, so it wasn’t all that bad 😉

Gumeracha Medieval Fair

Gumeracha Medieval Fair


A few weekends ago, I decided to do something a little out of my usual area of activities and headed to the Gumeracha Medieval fair! I had originally planned to just go in my normal clothes, but it true to me style, the night before I decided that just wouldn’t do. I enlisted the help of my brothers delightfully crafty girlfriend and we raced off to spotlight to get some material before they closed. I have this lovely Lolita dress called Carousel Theater made by indie brand Lief that I though would work wonderfully for a medieval theme, but it just needed something else. So I decided I needed a cape. We may have gotten a little over enthusiastic about the design though as it took considerably longer than expected, but damn it looked good! I decided I wanted black velvet on the outside and red on the inside, with a hood rimmed with fur. We ended up using red fleece on the inside and it was sooo warm, which was wonderful as it turned out to be a bit of a cold day. Here is a picture of the full outfit below, not bad for a last-minute job hey?

Gumeracha Medievil Fair 2015 2

I love the look of this dress, the god printing with all the gold trim just looks amazing against the red. This photo really doesn’t do it justice. Unfortunately though, since I never wear it, I didn’t have any gold Jewelry to match it. I had bought this gorgeous pearl and crystal head-piece previously to wear with my spirit healer cosplay, and since I thought it fit with the theme I decided to go with pearl jewelry. I had my hair in intricate braids, but didn’t think to take a picture without the hood on.

Gumeracha Medievil Fair 2015 1

Once we got there we caught up with our friends Jarryd and Luna, and Riccardo stole Luna’s cape, I think it quite suits him.

(On a side note, Luna has a blog called Showbo. She is a performer and writes some hilarious posts,its awesome so you should check it out.)

Gumeracha Medievil Fair 2015 3

One of the first things we did was to go and watch the sword fighting. We stayed there for a fair while, because let’s be honest its pretty freaking cool. Each knight had full metal suits of armour and dulled weapons, and there were going at each other pretty hard.

Gumeracha Medievil Fair 2015 5

Whist checking out some of the stalls we ran into “The Dark Knight”, I just had to take a picture he looked so cool. He spoke all old timey too which I thought was cute.

Gumeracha Medievil Fair 2015 6

The whole thing was huge, but one of the coolest sections I thought was the viking area. There is a group that go every year, and live like the vikings did for the whole weekend. So that means funny looking canvas tents with wooden frames, sheep skin blankets and cooking over hot embers in the ground.

Gumeracha Medievil Fair 2015 7Gumeracha Medievil Fair 2015 9

They even had an old fashion black smiths set up where they were making horse shoes and little sculptures to sell. We saw a guy riding a horse smash a watermelon on a stand with a mace, which was pretty cool. I didn’t get any pictures though.

Gumeracha Medievil Fair 2015 8Gumeracha Medievil Fair 2015 10

In the end we had to go home early as Mr Tardo wasn’t feeling very well. We had such a lovely day though, so my first experience was very positive. Some of our friends go every year, and even spend the night in tents so they can go to the big medieval feast on the Saturday night. They have convinced us to join them next year. I can’t wait!

Oz Comic Con 2015

Oz Comic Con 2015


Lets get the exciting part out-of-the-way first, Oz Comic Con rocked my world, because the one and only Billie Piper came to visit Adelaide, and I got to meet her! We couldn’t go on the Sunday as we had the Old School Gangsters photo shoot to do, and typically, Billie’s Panels were all on Sunday unless you had a VIP or Platinum pass. Which we didn’t, because they were super expensive. She was doing photo’s first thing in the morning and that was going to be my only chance! We got there super early the next morning so we could walk in when the doors opened, but it would seem that we weren’t the only ones that had thought that way as even though we had pre bought our passes there was a line a mile long to get in. Once we made it through the doors, I spent then next hour and a half waiting in line to buy a token, and then to actually get my photo. Thank goodness for my 3DS or I would have been bored out of my mind.

Oz ComicCon 15 15

I made friends with a lovely girl in the line who had flown all the way from Canberra to meet Billie! She was freaking out, because she had missed her first bus in and not made it to the con when she had hoped (Adelaide buses never run to schedule). She thought she might not get a ticket to meet her and was almost in tears the poor thing. Thankfully, we both managed to get tokens to meet Billie, and spent our time in line waiting for the moment, gossiping and fan girling. It was great. When we eventually made it to the front of the line I was super excited. They were cycling people through pretty fast, which is why I was super stoked when Billie stopped me before our photo to take about what I was wearing and how much she loved my shoes! I was giddy with excitement after that 🙂

Oz ComicCon 15 9

They had a silent disco in the middle of the hall, and two DJ’s battling it out over the airwaves. Mr Tardo and I had an awesome time dancing around in there for about an hour 😛

 Oz ComicCon 15 16

I decided to go in Lolita, because I have recently require the whole set of one of my dream dresses (Milky Planet by Angelic pretty) and I willl take any excuse to wear it, because it is awesome. Plus, Billie Piper liked it 😉 So no cosplay for me at this one. The cosplays that people were wearing were super amazing as always though. There is a super funny video somewhere of me dancing around the Jason cosplayer below in the silent disco whilst he tried to stab me. It was pretty amusing, and he was actually quite lovely despite his nightmare inducing appearance.

Oz ComicCon 15 1Oz ComicCon 15 3Oz ComicCon 15 10

Although Jason was my favourite, men in black groot in the photo below comes in a pretty close second. The detail on the costume was awesome.

Oz ComicCon 15 2

I also ran in to these guys. I am ashamed to admit I don’t actually know who they are. I just loved the head-piece on the lady in white 😛

 Oz ComicCon 15 4

One of the other features they had that was pretty awesome was an animation studio. They had a bunch of animators there, and once you did a few things in front of the green screen, they would put you into a scene of the walking dead. I am yet to figure out where they uploaded the video’s, but here is a picture of me, pretending to hide from zombies!

Oz ComicCon 15 11

They also had some pretty sweet Lego set ups. I spent a fair amount of time wandering and looking through these, I only took photo’s of my favourites.

Oz ComicCon 15 5Oz ComicCon 15 6

Where the Lego began, was like a street scape full of buildings and cool stuff going on. There was even a Tardis on top of one of the buildings. Whilst I was there I overheard this little girl, who was super upset, telling her mum that apparently only boys could have made Lego stuff that good. I over heard, and went over and chatted with her. I told her that was silly, and that girls are good at Lego too, some are even better than boys. She wasn’t so sure until she saw the ” Girls <3 Star Wars” poster below which was made entirely out of lego, and made by a bunch of girls.

Oz ComicCon 15 7Oz ComicCon 15 8

I was super well-behaved and didn’t go nuts on the spending at this con, but I could not help myself when it came to getting an alpecasso. They are soooo cute, and the pink one fits in with my pink room perfectly. Mr Tardo was lovely enough to go halves in buying it with me. And in return, I let him wear my ice cream headband. Who says I don’t share?! 😛

Oz ComicCon 15 12Oz ComicCon 15 13

As always, Oz Comic Con was super fun but man was I knackered by the end of the day! I don’t think I could have survived a second one 😛

My top 5 Comfort Movies

My top 5 Comfort Movies


This was possibly one of the easiest lists for me to come up with. When I am sick or sad or lonely, I am a sucker for a good chick flick. Something with brooding characters and heart ache that eventually makes it to a happy ending.


1. The Count Of Monte Cristo. I love the adventure in this movie. Poor love sick Edmond is double crossed by his friend, then spends the better part of a decade plotting his revenge. Its really a great story, and I have lost count of how many times I have watched it.

a walk to remember

2. A Walk To Remember. Cheesy I know. The bad boy who is always in trouble falls in love with the local priests daughter, and she “saves” him without ever tarnishing her virtue or faith. It really is a beautiful movie, and “Only hope”, a song sang by Mandy More is just beautiful.

pride and prejudice

3. Pride and Prejudice. What can I say, I love soppy chick flicks. Like this wasn’t going to be on here 😛 Mr Darcy and Elizabeth work their way around their stubbornness and find they can’t possibly live without one another. I prefer this version of the film, because there is just something about Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy that sends me swooning.  He has such an odd look to him, but it more than works for me.


4. Sleepless In Seattle. Another oldy but a goody. Man hasn’t been able to sleep since his wife died, his worried son calls a radio talk show about it for advise. Women from around the country hear it and start writing to him, including the already engaged annie. His son decides he likes her and goes adventuring on his own to find her, dad follows. Eventually they meet and it’s love at first sight. Magical ^_^

youve got mail

5. You’ve Got Mail. What can I say? I have a thing for Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan Movies… In this one, two strangers meet in a chat room online and start emailing each other. In real life, they are both book store owners competing against one another. They eventually discover who the other is, get over their hate and fall in love. Then, happily ever after happens. Its beautiful.