Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3

If you are anything like me, you have a long kawaii wishlist of things you have just been pining over this year, but being the responsible adult that I am (don’t laugh!) have decided against spending all of your money on. It is times like these, we turn to the good man himself to make our kawaii wishlist dreams come true 😛

Dear Santa,

I believe that this year I have been a very good girl! (Well, mostly 😛 ). Please put me on your list under nice, and help me be my super kawaii self next year by climbing down my chimney (or, you know, dog door since we technically don’t have a chimney) and putting some of my super kawaii wishlist items under the christmas tree!

Lots of Love,


Yes? No? yeah, I wouldn’t fall for it either 😛 It was worth a try! But hey, here is my list anyway.

iScream Nails full polish set and nail art book

I have been obsessing about the amazing pastel colours that these adorable ice cream shaped nail polishes come in since I first laid eyes on them on instagram. The pastel colours that they come in are just the perfects shades of everything, and they even have a nail art book to go with it. I am just dying to get my hands on the full set of colours so I can expand on my hand painted nail art. Everything I do right now is usually based around 3d nail art purely because I don’t own a great range of colours.

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | iScream nail art bookDreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | iScream full nail polish range

Gamer Crop top from Pastel Pixie

I wanted to take this one home with me when I went to their store up in Queensland. Unfortunately they had sold out and I never got the chance 🙁 The precious will me mine on day!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Patel Pixie gamer crop


Ever since I got my hands on the Grand hotel Cafe Christmas box set I have been obsessed. The better than sex mascara is so darn good, and I have been in love with the pink and Chocolate Bon Bon palettes forever.

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Too Faced chocolate bar paletteDreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 |Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

Starry Party Pink Sleeveless Skater Dress From Holley Tea Time

gbh#ejvm&v!ele%saf……… words escape me to describe how freaking cute this dress from Holley tea Time is!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 |Holley Tea Time starry Party dress

Bait footwear Ione shoes in Pink/Lavender

I think these have been on my list for a few years now as they are just so cute. I love how the cut of them has a bit of a vintage flair, but they adorable pastel colouring keeps it super Kawaii. They look so comfy too!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | bait footware ione shoes in lavender and pink


The Sims 4 Stuff Packs!

I have been playing The Sims a fair bit as of late, and they have so many stuff packs out! I would love all of them so I can continue making my pink town the cutest place on earth <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | The Sims 4 expansion packs

This is one of those dresses (just like Cotton Candy Shop!) that I hated to begin with, but am now completely obsessed with. I want the salophette because the cut just looks too cute <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Chocolate Salopette

World Of Warcraft – Legion

For those of you that have been watching me stream WoW with my husband each night, you will know that I am currently playing my highest ever toon, a Lvl 84 Warrior. I will be hitting eng game content real soon, and I’m going to need to get this expansion if I want to keep going!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | WoW Legion

So that is my Christmas wishlist this year! What things are on your Kawaii Wishlist this Christmas?



I would like to officially introduce, my fur baby Bella. She is a Maltese poodle cross, and will be turning ten in a few months. She has been my faithful companion since I was 19, and goes just about everywhere with me, including work! She was previously working as a therapy dog for our disabled clients on a day options program, but since she has been getting older and slowing down (and mummy getting promoted into head office!) she now spends her days napping on a pillow under my desk or sitting on my lap.

Kawaii Puppy 1Kawaii Puppy 2

This post is part outfit post, part introduction and part ad 😛 This is my baby girl Bella, posing in her christmas outfit by the Christmas tree! I am a big fan of putting her in adorable outfits, and occasionally I share the photo’s with the world. In these photo’s she is wearing a super cute pink tutu, some matching pink bows and a pearl and diamontie necklace that I got her for Christmas. She was happy to wear them, but was way more interested in the green squeaky Christmas bone that came in her presents as well.

She is such a cute little girl, and after all my friends saw her in her flower girl dress at my wedding I was told she should have her own instagram account so they could see more of Bella being adorable on a daily basis 😛

Kawaii Puppy 3Kawaii Puppy 4

So, without further ado, I give you Bella’s own instagram account @Bellathelittlefloof! If you need a daily fix a fluffy and adorable, we have you covered. Go give her page a follow!

sig-tag(and Bella too!)


Today is the very last day of voting for the Kawaii International Kawaii dolly contest! The winner will become a Kawaii leader for Kawaii international, and I would love it if that was me!

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 6

Thank you so much for all the support you, my lovely followers and readers have given me over this time, and I apologize for spamming this contest so much. If by some chance you have managed to miss any of my posts, you can read my entry for the competition as well as see all the other photo’s I took during my little mini photo shoot for the contest by clicking the banner below.


Please be sure to like my photo on the official voting page here, and even share it with your friends for me ^_^

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I have decided to take a big step, and have entered this years competition to become the next Kawaii Leader for Kawaii International!

The theme this year was “Kawaii Dolly” and I had so many idea’s for it, I just couldn’t wait to get started! I did the whole photo shoot by myself, from the hair, make up and outfit, even the photography I did using the timer on my phone and a tripod. I am super excited to be involved, and I hope to do well and become one of the finalists 🙂

kawaii dolly comp logo


Since today is the first day of voting, I thought I would share with you all some of my answers for the application, starting with which photo’s I chose to use. It was such a hard choice as I took so many! But in the end I chose this one as my full length photo:

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 5

And this one as my close up/head shot photo:

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 6

Outfit Break Down

I am a big fan of the colour pink, and I also just love to collect cute things. As you can see from the background, I have a rather large collection of adorable stuffed toys, and when it came to idea’s for this theme, I thought what better than to try to blend in and be one of my toys?

The Lolita cupcake silhouette is perfect for doing just this in my opinion, as the beautiful bell shape made from a dress and a petticoat helps to make me look like an oversized doll that could be standing on a pedestal.

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 1

The print I decided to wear is my Cotton Candy Shop JSK from Angelic pretty, as it is covered in cute bears and bunnies, and of course is a lovely shade of pink! Not to mention, it is also one of my favourite prints!

To break up all of the pink, and to help me look more like a toy, I am also wearing my purple bunny jacket from Angelic Pretty. The hood is just so fluffy, and the ears that are attached help to make this look just a little bit more toy-like.

For accessories, I am wearing the JSK’s matching over the knee socks, with some chunky purple high-heeled shoes.

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 2

On my head I have several different sized bows, the main head bow being from baby the stars shine bright. Two smaller pink and purple bows help to hold my fringe off my face and is finished with a pink dangling star clip from 6% Doki Doki.

For my make up, I decided to use bold colours that would stand out and be a little over the top. This is because most dolls you see these days have completely overstated make up, which I think has worked fantastically with this look. Eye shadow tones of light pink, purple and dark pink, finished with a heavy liner along with long bold lashes, silver glitter and some face gems. High pink blush and hot pink lipstick finishes off this look.

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 7

Over all, I am so pleased with how this outfit turned out! I feel super kawaii and adorable, an as though you could shrink me and put me on the shelf and I would fit in just like magic!

What Does Kawaii Mean to you?

To me, Kawaii is far more than just a word. To me it is everything. A fashion, a way of thinking, a lifestyle, a state of being. It’s a way to express yourself and share who you want to be with the world. It is a form of simple happiness and joy that never runs out, that you can carry around in your heart like your own little brand of unlimited cuteness to share with the world. The day I decided to stop listening to the thoughts of others and to live the kawaii life I chose was one of the happiest days of my life, it was so freeing. Kawaii is my brand of happiness.

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 3

How can you spread Kawaii Culture?

I always endeavor to share the kawaii culture in every way I possibly can!

When I am out in the public eye, I have always thought that the best way to lead is by example. That if one person see’s me somewhere, weather it is online or in real life, and that helps them gain the courage to enter a kawaii fashion, or be brave enough to stand up and be who they want to be, then I am doing my job right.

When online, I am forever posting cute snaps of outfits, talking about new releases or where to buy that cute blouse, sharing my experiences of Lolita meets I go to and generally sharing my lifestyle with anyone that is interested. To share a culture, the best way is to keep the lines of communication open so it is easy for other people who might be interested to know what is out there. I do this by posting on every single social networking media I can get my hands on, because the more the Kawaii culture is put out there, the easier it is to find.

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 4

I am always very open about my lifestyle and the things I love, and am always happy to talk to anyone who might have questions on how to kawaiify their lifestyle. To share all the knowledge I have and to be fun, open, friendly and welcoming I think is the best way to spread the kawaii culture!

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 8

Thank you so much for reading my entry, I hope you now understand how I feel about all thinks Kawaii! I would really appreciate it if you could send a vote my way in this competition. All you have to do is click on the banner below or any of the photo’s in this post, and give the photo a “like” I would be for ever grateful!



Woo! New theme!

I got a little bored with the old one and decided it was time for something fresh and new. I would love to hear what you think of it in the comments below 🙂

I seemed to have lost my mojo a little when it comes to blogging, but have no fear. A new theme is just the beginning of updates to this lovely little blog of mine, and I wanted to thank you all for your patience whilst I get my shit together 😛

bubblegum thumbnail

More coming soon, but for now – I need to sleep!



The festival of Sarah (as my dad likes to call it) is officially over, and my birthday giveaway has now ended. Now, there is nothing left to do but dish out the prizes! So without further ado, I would like to announce that the winner of the birthday giveaway is…
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats Amy! I will be in contact with you shortly to arrange getting your prize to you 🙂

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone else who entered! Keep an eye out on the page, as there will be more giveaways coming up soon 🙂

Happy birthday to me 103…. well, not quite, but it feels like it some days 😛 It occurred to me the other day, that I have had this blog going on 3 years soon, and not once have I ever celebrated my blogerversary. Terrible I know. So, since today is my actual real life birthday, I thought I should celebrate both and have a little give away 🙂

I have finally finished updating my shop with all the awesome new stuff I made to sell at Avcon. I went a little over board, so there is so many cool new necklaces that have been added.


Click here to check out the store!

Birthday Giveaway!

Adorable food necklaces, Rilakkuma cupcake charms and macaroons

Birthday Giveaway!

How adorable are these marvel charms? Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and the green Lantern!

Birthday Giveaway

So many My Little Pony Necklaces!

Birthday Giveaway!

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without some Hello Kitty!

So now the technical stuff. This giveaway is international, so anyone who wants to join in can 🙂 If you unlike me as soon as you have entered you will be disqualified. I will be contacting the winner as soon as possible after the giveaway has ended, so make sure you are contactable! If I don’t get an answer from the winner within three days, a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck!

Oh So Kawaii Store Giveaway

So it is almost midnight. And a school night too! Why on earth am I still awake? Well, as mentioned a little while ago in my post “Under Contract Baby!” Mr Tardo and I have been in the process of buying a house. That was a month ago, and now settlement is at 11.30 tomorrow morning and I am wwwaayyyyy to excited to sleep! I have been dreaming of having the ultimate pink room all for my own ever since I was a teenager, and now it is within my grasps to make it a reality. So naturally instead of getting sleep like I should, I have been endlessly searching Pinterest for the perfect way to pink up my beautiful 2.68 x 3.68 meter room. I do appreciate that I will own a whole house, but there is only so much adorable the ever tolerant Mr Tardo can handle.

Since sleep is clearly not going to be a thing tonight, I thought I would share some of my plans with you all! (Btw, all these photo’s have shamelessly been lifted from pinterest. The board is here if you would like to have a look for yourself)

First of all, I just love the idea of all of the walls being pink! I have decided I am going to have three walls a light baby pink sort of colour, and then a hot pink feature wall.

This is not quite the pinks I have in mind, but you get the idea 🙂 I actually went to Bunnings with mother this afternoon and she helped me pick out some sample colours to test on the walls.

Next idea that I really like, is having white furniture up against said pink walls. I think the contrast between the two colours is just beautiful.

Now THAT’S the kind of pink I was talking about!

Unfortunately, as some of you may have noticed from some of my instagram photo’s taken in my bedroom – my furniture isn’t white. I plan to have a vanity in the new room, which will consist of a beautiful big white mirror I permanently borrowed from my mum a few years ago, hanging on top of a small desk I own. I will also have my computer desk to hold my already completely blinged up gaming monster. Since it’s only two pieces that aren’t already white, I have decided that I am going to paint them! I just ordered these gorgeous heart-shaped draw knobs off etsy today and I think once they are all put together it will look just darling.

I am also a huge toy/adorable things collector, and although my collection is not quite as awesome as the one in the picture below, I really do like the idea of having everything on shelves covering one of the walls. The wall I plan to have as the hot pink feature wall is going to have the white vanity up against it, and then I plan to get a whole bunch of shelving to put on the rest of the wall surrounding it.

I really like the way these shelves look, so I think I will try to buy/make my shelving quite similar, only white so it stands out on the pink walls.

As for curtains, I really love this design. They looks so adorable and Angelic Pretty-esque. There is no way I am going to be able to find pre made curtains like this anywhere in Adelaide, so I am adding this to my do-it-later plan. Hopefully I can convince my mother and lovely sewing friends to help me make some 🙂

There are so many other little things I want to fix and change. Light fittings, rugs, pictures desk chairs. I am going to pink ALL-OF-THE-THINGS and I am so excited about it! Watch this space for updates! I should really go and attempt sleep…

I am very excited to tell you, that on Sunday the Oh SO Kawaii store was present at its first ever markets! It was the Matsuri on Mobara Japanese culture Festival up in Mawson lakes, and I was invited to come and join the stall that some of the other girls from the Adelaide Lolita community were holding.

matsuri on mobara

It was such a hot day and was dressing in lolita so I would fit in at the table. I think I may have broken a few rules with my lack of stockings/petticoat and my low cut-ish tank top. But non the less, I personally really enjoyed my co-ord for the day. Its the first time I have been able to wear those adorable pink heard heels that I bought from the lolita garage sale a while back too.


I was so excited about the market that I think I may have over stocked myself for the day :PI had heaps of my melty tops, plus a whole load of necklaces, earings, phone cases, bows and rings to sell, I took up half the table! oops. But I did rather well, I ended up seeling about half of the things I went with. Since all the stuff I had made was new, I will be taking photo’s of all the left overs to add to the shop briefly 🙂


As for the rest of the day, they had so much cool stuff going on! They had Japanese food vendors, where I got the yummiest rice and chicken bowl. It was so good I had eaten half of it before I thought to take a photo of it 😛

218 227

They had heaps of different stations where you could try all sorts of different Japanese themed things. You could try on and borrow a kimono for the day, Paint your own parasol or even give sumo wrestling a go!




There was demonstrations on sushi making, how to cut a Bonzi tree and how to write your name in Japanese.

226 225

Not to mention the lolita fashion parade! ( I wasn’t in it as I drew the short straw to watch the booth at the time, bummer! 😛 )

japanese markets

Over all, it was such a lovely day. I really had a fantastic time. I must say that one of the highlights of my day was definitely meeting a cute little boy who stuck around with me for a little while and helped me to play Pokemon on my DS ^_^ it was way to cute for words!


Since I found this one to be such a wonderful success, I can’t wait for the next time I can take Oh So Kawaii to the markets!

Gosh that title is a mouthful! But that was the name of the newbie lolita meet that I went to yesterday during our labor day public holiday 🙂 At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it as my parents had left me the task of taking their puppy to the airport so he could fly up and join them at our holiday house (I know right? Spoilt dog…). The meet started at 12, and I had to take the dog in at 1.45, and was pretty sure they all would have left by the time I was done. Lucky for me I was smart enough to ask on the Facebook page, and was told people were definitely still there. So in the car I got and headed to the city for a lolita make over. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into, but boy am I glad I went! It was so much fun!

When I first walked in, I was one of the few people not already done up in lolita. So I shyly went up to one of the girls doing hair and asked what the deal was. Once it was publicly known that I was happy to be told what to wear, I was pounced on by a few very lovely girls handing me petticoats dresses and accessories before being sent off in the direction of the change room.

Straberry fields 179

The girls picked out this dress, which is strawberry fields by Angelic pretty, as well as these adorable pink shoes. Once I had it on, it was hair and hat time. Naturally I needed a wig as my short brown/red hair just didn’t suit the outfit.

175 177 176

So now I had the hair and the bonnet on to match (which made me miss my old pink hair soooooo much :'( ), it was time for make up! I already had a bit on, so a dash of yellow eye shadow, followed by some pink glitter and I was all set!

181 180

Naturally it wouldn’t be a lolita meet without about a thousand photos, so I got to have a bit of a pose for the camera…

188 186

And then a big group photo! We took so many, that by the time we were done my feet were going numb from sitting on them.


All in all it was a wonderful day spent feeling adorable and meeting some wonderful new people. The worst part? Having to give back the dress at the end 😛 Strawberry fields is now on my wish list, so hopefully I will own it one day!