I don’y know why, but this outfit makes me feel like I should be going to college in the USA somewhere 😛 Its super comfy to wear, has ample amounts of pastel pink in it, and I think looks pretty sweet with my purple hair.


Jacket: Lonsdale

Top: Supre

Jeans: Factory

Shoes: Bought second hand

Bag: Angelic Pretty

Accessories: Necklace and clips from equip




This outfit I put together to wear to the Royal Adelaide Show! It was one of the first kinda warm days we had had, and I was just desperate to put on a skirt. I went for the kawaii school girl look, just because I think it suits me, and is super adorable. Especially when one is going on a cute little date with her fiance 😛

399392 (2)

So here is the breakdown:

Blouse: Tea party Blouse, bought from Taobao

Cardigan: Pink Spots (I forget the actual name) by Angelic Pretty

socks: School Sock from Tagret

Shoes:Pink Sandals from ASOS

Skirt: White pleated skirt from American Apparel

Jewelry: Necklace and hair clips bought from equip, love earrings purchased in Japan



394 (2)



443 (2)

I have recently become a rather big fan of thrifting, or Op-shopping as we call it where I am from. In Adelaide there is a big public transport bus that has been decked out on the inside to be an Op shop on wheels – it is super cool. The have heaps of awesome vintage stuff that they sell, and the bus travels around to different events. That brings me to this outfit. I had gone to the Royal Adelaid Show with Mr Tardo and the bus was there, so I had a look inside and found this super adorable jumper!


Its a lovely baby pink and white stripped jumper, and it is sooooo soft to touch. I just had to get it. This outfit isn’t all that exciting, but I thought I would share it anyway as it is super cute.

432 (2) 433 (2)

Here is the run down:

Jumper: Second hand from the Adelaide travelling Op Shop!

Pants: White High waisted Jeans from Factory

Shoes: Light up shoes (Yes, they glow 😛 ) from Kokopie Shop

438 (2)

434 (2)437 (2)


022 (2)

This outfit came about, because I woke up one morning feeling completely miserable. It was cold and raining and I was just feeling sad. So I decided that decking myself out head to toe in chocolate was the way to go. It definitely worked, I felt much happier by the time I was done!

016 (2)

So here is the break down of what I wore:

Blouse: Chess Chocolate Emblem Embroidery Blouse by Angelic Pretty

Cardigan: Melty royal chocolate knitted cardigan by Angelic Pretty

Skirt: Off brand white pleated skirt

Bag: Melty Royal Chocolate tote bag with plate by Angelic Pretty

Tights: Chocolate tights from Tao Bao

Shoes: Brown bow heels from Bodyline

Earrings: Angelic Pretty Chocolate Biscuits

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007017 (2)

I decided the answer to every question that day was going to be “Chocolate”, so when it came time to decide on what to have for lunch… it was kind of a no brainer 😛

020 (2)



Ok friends brace yourself. There is NOTHING Pink in this outfit! 😛 I know right? I was just as shocked as you are. This outfit I put together to go watch my dads band play. It was a super cold night and I wanted to look hot and be warm/comfortable. Plus, I had just bought these pants and was completely in love with them, and looking for an excuse to wear them anywhere. Unfortunately for you, almost everything in this outfit I bought second-hand, but let’s do the run through anyway.

Pants : Second hand off the Lolita sales in English Facebook page

Blouse: Valley Girl

Shoes: DFO Melbourne

Bag: Second hand from one of the Adelaide Lolita Comm girls

Necklace: Was a birthday gift from my bestie Amanda.

Belt: Bought in Japan years ago (This why it is trashed xP )

I am so in love with these pants, they are just so funky and so different from anything you ever seen in Adelaide, which is why I had to buy them the second I found them. I named this outfit “My big hearts” not just for the bag and the necklace, but because there is actually a big red heart on the left butt pocket of these, although I forgot to take a photo.


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I was pretty pleased with how my make up turned out as well, so fierce! 😛



OOTD Cute and Girly 4

This outfit of the day comes with a bit of a story. I work for my parents company, and we had just bought a new mini bus. We got it from a seller on the gold coast, and my dad drove it down to Adelaide. Since we had to get it registered for SA, it had to be checked for road worthiness etc, which is a job my brother usually does. This time though, it fell to me to get it done because my brother had decided to go on holidays. I had a chat with him about the things I needed to do before they would let me register it, and he said it was always a tough job. It was a lovely warm day, and I was desperate to wear this new skirt I had bought the week before. Which got me wondering, Would wearing a short skirt and being adorable get these mechanics to help me get this bus through quicker than my brother could do it? Only time would tell. Here is the outfit breakdown:

Cardigan: K-mart

Top: South Sydney Rabbito’s pink tank top

Stockings: Hello Kitty Stockings from a shop in Adelaide, but you can find them online Here.

Shoes: Dolly Heels from Kawaii Clothing

Skirt: I actually can’t remember! Some shop at pacific fair on the gold coast.

OOTD Cute and Girly 2OOTD Cute and Girly 3

This is how my social experiment ended: Everyone was very nice to me. I got a few cat calls when I went to the shipping yard to weigh the bus, but it actually ended up taking me an extra day longer than I was expecting. The mechanic I had put the bus into to have all the safety measures checked, didn’t actually check everything like they said they did. Two of the seat belts didn’t actually work, so it failed its seating inspection. One angry phone call later they promised to replace the broken seat belts for free, but I couldn’t get back in to have them rechecked until the next day. Bloody mechanics!

OOTD Cute and Girly 1


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OOTD Cloud Jacket 3

Man has it been cold in Adelaide lately! Layering up has totally been a thing, and my fluffy barbie jumper and my cloud jacket have been the perfect mix to keep me warm. I totally apologize for the photo of me above, I think I look like a frog 😛 Anyway, here is the outfit break down:

Jacket: Clouds Jacket from Mooh!

Jumper: White Barbie Jumper from the Myer Miss Shop

Jeans: Mya low rise crinkle jeans from BooHoo.com

Shoes: Bought second hand from my friend Miss Tink

OOTD Cloud Jacket 1 OOTD Cloud Jacket 2


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OOTD Barbie Girl 3

I have been loving the hell out of the new barbie range at the Myer Miss shop lately, the jumpers are so fluffy and warm they have been perfect for the cold place Adelaide has been lately. Cazz from Nerd Burger  and I were emailing, and she mentioned that she wanted to put together a barbie outfit, and that we should totally twin. Since I’ll take any excuse to wear my barbie gear, I had no problem with this 😛 So, here is the outfit breakdown:

Hair Bow: From my craft cupboard

Necklace: Equip (In the kids section! 😛 )

Jumper: Myer Miss Shop – it is totally on sale at the moment too!

Jeans: BooHoo.com

Boots: Bodyline.jp (Free shipping!)

OOTD Barbie Girl 4OOTD Barbie Girl 1

OOTD Barbie Girl 5


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Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD 4

This is one of the most recent outfits I put together for work, so not for anything too exciting 😛 I just really liked it. Lately, I have been really into funky outfits with a lot of colour that are super comfortable too. I have recently gone back to studying, so I have been catching public transport into the city 3 days a week whilst carry a big back pack. Because of this, my comfy shoes have been slowly making a comeback over some of my heels (…I have a lot of heels). We are also slowly heading into winter on my side of the world, so keeping warm has been needed as well. Here is the break down of what I am wearing:

Top: Grey POP! baggy t-shirt – Supre

Pants: Pink Ripped Jeans – BooHoo

Leggings: Black Hello Kitty Leggings (Under Jeans, it was too cold for exposed knee’s!) – Given to me

Shoes: Rainbow Vans – Japan, about 5 years ago (Thus why they are trashed)

Bag: Dinosaur bag! Damn I love this thing. Also bought in Japan, a few years ago.

Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD  3 Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD 1

Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD 2


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White baret OOTD June 15 4

White baret OOTD June 15 1

Here is another outfit I put together for TAFE. The weather wasn’t to freezing for once, so I didn’t need a super huge jacket. As always, its rather pink 😛

Beanie | Random convenience store on Hindly St

Clips | Diva

Necklace | Made by me

Tank Top | Big W

Cardigan | K-mart

Jeans | BooHoo.com – Mya lowrise crinkle jeans

Shoes | The LED shoes themselves are from KoKo Pie, the Lightening bolts I got in a Lootcrate

White baret OOTD June 15 2White baret OOTD June 15 3


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