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Outfit of the day: Barbie Girl!

Outfit of the day: Barbie Girl!


OOTD Barbie Girl 3

I have been loving the hell out of the new barbie range at the Myer Miss shop lately, the jumpers are so fluffy and warm they have been perfect for the cold place Adelaide has been lately. Cazz from Nerd Burger  and I were emailing, and she mentioned that she wanted to put together a barbie outfit, and that we should totally twin. Since I’ll take any excuse to wear my barbie gear, I had no problem with this 😛 So, here is the outfit breakdown:

Hair Bow: From my craft cupboard

Necklace: Equip (In the kids section! 😛 )

Jumper: Myer Miss Shop – it is totally on sale at the moment too!


Boots: (Free shipping!)

OOTD Barbie Girl 4OOTD Barbie Girl 1

OOTD Barbie Girl 5


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Outfit of the day : Pink POP!

Outfit of the day : Pink POP!


Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD 4

This is one of the most recent outfits I put together for work, so not for anything too exciting 😛 I just really liked it. Lately, I have been really into funky outfits with a lot of colour that are super comfortable too. I have recently gone back to studying, so I have been catching public transport into the city 3 days a week whilst carry a big back pack. Because of this, my comfy shoes have been slowly making a comeback over some of my heels (…I have a lot of heels). We are also slowly heading into winter on my side of the world, so keeping warm has been needed as well. Here is the break down of what I am wearing:

Top: Grey POP! baggy t-shirt – Supre

Pants: Pink Ripped Jeans – BooHoo

Leggings: Black Hello Kitty Leggings (Under Jeans, it was too cold for exposed knee’s!) – Given to me

Shoes: Rainbow Vans – Japan, about 5 years ago (Thus why they are trashed)

Bag: Dinosaur bag! Damn I love this thing. Also bought in Japan, a few years ago.

Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD  3 Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD 1

Pink Pop dinosaur bag OOTD 2


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Outfit of the day : Cute beanie pink cardie

Outfit of the day : Cute beanie pink cardie


White baret OOTD June 15 4

White baret OOTD June 15 1

Here is another outfit I put together for TAFE. The weather wasn’t to freezing for once, so I didn’t need a super huge jacket. As always, its rather pink 😛

Beanie | Random convenience store on Hindly St

Clips | Diva

Necklace | Made by me

Tank Top | Big W

Cardigan | K-mart

Jeans | – Mya lowrise crinkle jeans

Shoes | The LED shoes themselves are from KoKo Pie, the Lightening bolts I got in a Lootcrate

White baret OOTD June 15 2White baret OOTD June 15 3


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OOTD: Glowing Pastel Princess

OOTD: Glowing Pastel Princess


Where to begin?! This is the outfit I put together for Whoniverse! A fair amount of planning went into it as I was so excited to get to meet Matt Smith (the post on that is on its way 😉 ) I had originally thought to go in a Doctor Who cosplay, but then I thought, why? That’s what everyone else at the convention will be doing, and I want to stand out. And there is no better way to stand out than by just being me! 😛 So that’s what I went with. Here is the outfit:

kawaii pastel princess OOTD 4

Skirt: White pleated – American Apparel

Tights: Off White and covered in crystals – bought online on Ebay

Top: Plain pastel Purple V-neck shirt from Ice

Cardigan: Pink fluffy knit with hot pink “Barbie” logo on back – Myer Miss Shop

Shoes: LED light up Sneakers (the lights change colour too!) – Kokopie

Bag: Pink heart – Angelic pretty (Cotton Candy Shop lucky pack)

Bracelet: Pink Stars – Angelic Pretty

kawaii pastel princess OOTD 1kawaii pastel princess OOTD 2

kawaii pastel princess OOTD 3


OOTD – Pink Chocolate!

OOTD – Pink Chocolate!

Chocolate inspired OOTD

I thought it was about time I tried my had at an outfit of the day post! And decided to start with my outfit for work the other day, purely because I really liked how it all came out.

Chocolate inspired OOTD 4Chocolate inspired OOTD 5

I love pink AND chocolate, so I have managed to accumulate a fair amount of clothing items that fall under those headings 😛 So, Here is the break down:

Chocolate Cardigan| Angelic pretty

Pink chocolate top| Emily Temple cute

White skirt| ASOS

Chocolate stockings| TaoBao

Pink Shoes| SpreePicky

Headband| Angelic Pretty

 Chocolate inspired OOTD 2Chocolate inspired OOTD 3