Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3

If you are anything like me, you have a long kawaii wishlist of things you have just been pining over this year, but being the responsible adult that I am (don’t laugh!) have decided against spending all of your money on. It is times like these, we turn to the good man himself to make our kawaii wishlist dreams come true 😛

Dear Santa,

I believe that this year I have been a very good girl! (Well, mostly 😛 ). Please put me on your list under nice, and help me be my super kawaii self next year by climbing down my chimney (or, you know, dog door since we technically don’t have a chimney) and putting some of my super kawaii wishlist items under the christmas tree!

Lots of Love,


Yes? No? yeah, I wouldn’t fall for it either 😛 It was worth a try! But hey, here is my list anyway.

iScream Nails full polish set and nail art book

I have been obsessing about the amazing pastel colours that these adorable ice cream shaped nail polishes come in since I first laid eyes on them on instagram. The pastel colours that they come in are just the perfects shades of everything, and they even have a nail art book to go with it. I am just dying to get my hands on the full set of colours so I can expand on my hand painted nail art. Everything I do right now is usually based around 3d nail art purely because I don’t own a great range of colours.

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | iScream nail art bookDreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | iScream full nail polish range

Gamer Crop top from Pastel Pixie

I wanted to take this one home with me when I went to their store up in Queensland. Unfortunately they had sold out and I never got the chance 🙁 The precious will me mine on day!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Patel Pixie gamer crop


Ever since I got my hands on the Grand hotel Cafe Christmas box set I have been obsessed. The better than sex mascara is so darn good, and I have been in love with the pink and Chocolate Bon Bon palettes forever.

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Too Faced chocolate bar paletteDreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 |Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

Starry Party Pink Sleeveless Skater Dress From Holley Tea Time

gbh#ejvm&v!ele%saf……… words escape me to describe how freaking cute this dress from Holley tea Time is!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 |Holley Tea Time starry Party dress

Bait footwear Ione shoes in Pink/Lavender

I think these have been on my list for a few years now as they are just so cute. I love how the cut of them has a bit of a vintage flair, but they adorable pastel colouring keeps it super Kawaii. They look so comfy too!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | bait footware ione shoes in lavender and pink


The Sims 4 Stuff Packs!

I have been playing The Sims a fair bit as of late, and they have so many stuff packs out! I would love all of them so I can continue making my pink town the cutest place on earth <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | The Sims 4 expansion packs

This is one of those dresses (just like Cotton Candy Shop!) that I hated to begin with, but am now completely obsessed with. I want the salophette because the cut just looks too cute <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Chocolate Salopette

World Of Warcraft – Legion

For those of you that have been watching me stream WoW with my husband each night, you will know that I am currently playing my highest ever toon, a Lvl 84 Warrior. I will be hitting eng game content real soon, and I’m going to need to get this expansion if I want to keep going!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | WoW Legion

So that is my Christmas wishlist this year! What things are on your Kawaii Wishlist this Christmas?



Oh my lordy, it has been way to long since I posted on here, and for that, I am truly sorry! Life became reasonably more complicated than I had ever anticipated and then I started having some serious technical difficulties in regards to the site. Its been quite the disaster, but I think I am slowly managing to put it back together.

You see, Shortly after the wedding, I started having some family issues. I was originally planning to write an essay on what happened and share a bunch of my feelings with you all after being inspired to do so by dorkface’s 2am existential crisis, but have since decided that the story really isn’t worth my time or yours. So in short, things got shit for a while, but now they are much much better.

I quit my job! (!!!!! 😀 )

Which is a thing I have been thinking about for a long time now, but finally reached the point where I had had enough back in August. It was the greatest feeling in the world and not only has it taken a lot of unnecessary stress off my shoulders, it has also opened up a lot of new opportunities for me that I never before though possible. I have picked up some casual work with two different companies in the disability sector, and I have also started up my own business. I have to keep it all hush hush for the time being as it is still under development, but I can’t wait to share what I am doing with you all!

I have also started learning how to code properly. It has been something I have always had an interest in since I was a teenager, and have managed to self teach myself enough to put together a blog. My knowledge of how and why things work though are patchy at best, so I figured it was about time I learned properly 🙂 I enrolled in an online course and have been chipping away at it slowly at night and so far am really enjoying it.

As for the technical difficulties that in itself was just a nightmare. This blog was originally hosted by Hostgator, and has been for a really long time (and they are great), but their servers are in the USA and their prices were in USD which was starting to make them quite expensive for an Aussie such as me. So I decided to find myself and Australian host that would be a bit cheaper and move over to them. Enter Ehost, my host as we are now. Suuppperrr cheap hosting and their interface is really nice, but gosh have I had a time of it trying to move my whole blog over to them from Hostgator :S In the end it has taken me over a month to get everything transferred over, and some of you may have have noticed that the site was down for a good week in there somewhere. I still haven’t got everything back to how it was, but it is close enough.

So, new jobs, new company, new skills and new hosting. Its been a big few months for trying new things, but I am so glad that I have. I feel as though I am starting to discover myself as my own person and to walk a path of my own choosing. I am so excited. Life is pretty sweet!

So what else is new?

Apart from the main drama of my life, there have been a few things happen lately that I never got around to sharing with you. One of the big ones was…


I know right?! So freaking cool. I pretty much lost my ever loving shit when I got the phone call. I will share all the juicy details in my next post 😉

  • I changed all my social media tags so they all match each other.

In light of having to pick a username for PAX, I did a lot of thinking and finally picked a username I don’t hate. So I have updated literally everything to the same name, so you can find me with ease across all your favourite social networks 😛 We are talking Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and Sing! You will now find me across the board as:



  • I started a new nail business (Which is not the one I was referring to above, so I guess that makes two then!)

You can find Oh So Kawaii Nails at the Facebook page below. Currently I am only doing nails locally, but plan to expand into doing press on nails to ship very soon. If you are interested in a set of these nails, or have a particular design you think I should start with, I would love to hear it in the comments below!


  • I’m starting up a You Tube channel!

Lol I know, i hope this isn’t another one of the things I decide is a great idea that then promptly dies in the ass too. I have had a few requests from people on facebook asking me why i didn’t have one, so I though why not?! I plan to start by making one introducing myself, as well as a new room tour video, but after that I’m not sure what direction to go in. If you have any suggestions or special requests, of video’s you would like me to make, I would love to hear it 🙂 I will put a new post up with the channel link once I have my first video up! So keep an eye on the blog and socials 🙂

  • I have started playing WoW again. Lol.

I know I am really bad for picking up games and letting them take over my life. But I had a bunch of friends that have been playing for ages, and Legion just looked so cool, and its all so different to last time I started playing. *Sigh* I have been really enjoying playing it again. Mr Tardo and I have been playing together and it has been great fun 🙂 We play Horde on Nagrand, so If you would like to play with me leave me a comment below ^_^


I’ll try my hardest to not leave Oh So Kawaii to be so neglected again<3




Ah crap. Again with the writing semi good intentional half assed resolutions, then promptly going on an accidental hiatus and ignoring them.

Life has just been so darn busy, and not to mention complicated and emotional lately. I just haven’t had the motivation or energy to write about anything.

I HAVE EVEN TRIED TO WRITE THIS POST THREE TIMES NOW! lol. I am the queen of procrastination and distractions. oops 😛

So what have I been up to? My life has pretty much been all consumed by wedding planning. And then having a bachelorette party. Then a bridal shower. THEN ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED!

I am so totally married now. Mrs Sarah Guerra (Pronounced G-wear-ah), that’s me! 😀 It was EPIC. I can’t wait to tell you all about it 🙂

Posts on all these things to follow shortly, I just wanted to jump on here to let you all know quickly that I am in fact, just fine and haven’t dropped off the face of the planet. lol.



Neko Nation Adelaide has now come and gone again, and it was a blast! This was my 3rd time attending, and I feel like I was nowhere near as prepared for it as I was the previous two. I’d been feeling sick all day, and had to spend most of my day napping just so I had enough energy to go that night! I ended up playing designated driver for the night which worked out quite well for me anyway as I was able to give a friend a ride in to the event.

I was completely un organised when it came to my outfit this time around, but I managed to throw something together at the last-minute. You can check out my outfit post here. I think considering how last-minute my outfit plans were, it all came together rather well. I did have a minor wardrobe malfunction thought, as the zipper to my skirt decided to die just as I was walking out the door. I ended up having to safety-pin myself into it 😛 The high heels didn’t last long either, as you can see in the photo’s that follow.

Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 8 Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 7

My car buddy Colin said he also had a wardrobe malfunction, in that he was going to wear a onsie, but then Adelaide decided to turn into a sauna and he was too hot. I’m kinda glad he changed his mind though, his pink maids outfit was super adorable.

We found the cat girls with sushi doing their rounds not too soon after we got there. Thanks to all my stupid allergy issues I couldn’t have any, but it all looked so yummy, and there was heaps of it about. I didn’t see any of the sushi cat girls last Neko Nation, but then again Corrina and I did disappear off earlier in the night to get some decent cocktails else where, so we must have missed them.

Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 2

I had a blast dancing downstairs to Sammi’s super kawaii pop DJ set, which was an awesome mix of J-pop, Anime and cheezy 90’s music. We did the Macareana, it was amazing! Not only is Sammi a brilliant DJ, but she is also fellow Trashdoll and just one of the cutest girls you could ever lay eyes on too.

Sammy Colby Neko Nation DJ

The DJ’s in the top room I found to be pretty awesome as well, I really enjoyed the sets I was up there for. This was something a bit different for me, as usually that type of music is not quite my style. It would seem that drunk Sarah and Sober Sarah have different tastes in music! 😛

 Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 4

I actually spent a fair bit of time upstairs this time around, dancing like crazy with these lovely people and chatting out on the balcony when it got too hot.

Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 6


As a whole, I thought that the whole event was organised fantastically. I only have one gripe about it. I absolutely loved the crown and scepter as a venue for the last one, but this time around I found that it wasn’t great. My main reasoning for that was that last time Neko Nation was in June, which means the weather was considerably cooler. With people dancing up a storm, the inside fans were just fine as you could escape into the cool outside area’s to get some air when you got to hot inside.

Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 3

Since this one was held in January, which is pretty much the middle and hottest part of our summer for my readers not from Aus, the lack of air conditioning in the venue was considerably more noticeable this time around. It had been a super hot day, and hadn’t cooled down much more by the time it got dark, so the whole place was like a stinky sweaty furnace on the inside. There was no escape from it either, as it was just as hot on the outside of the venue!Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 1

Air conditioning issues aside, Neko Nation, as always, was a wicked fun night. There were far more people there that I knew this time around and I really enjoyed wandering around, chatting with them and making new friends.

Neko Nation adelaide 9 Jan 2016 9

New friends, such as Mark from Maetogrophy who took this adorable photo of myself and Chelsea (better known as Pocket Sized Vampire Panda) and the photo above of Sammi DJing. Awesome photo’s man, thanks for taking them!sig-tag



Gosh this was a while ago now, but I just recently found all the photo’s on my phone, and they were so lovely I had to share.

This lolita meet was when summer was just starting to show its face, and was one of our first of the season (it happens often) when we decided to change to an inside venue because it was forecast to be super hot.

For my coordinate, I decided to go without a wig. Mostly because it was quite warm, and I have been loving my purple hair with coordinates a lot lately.

Botanic gardens lolita meet 1

For my outfit, I wore my toy parade mini skirt in sax, my tea party blouse with the peter pan collar and just a simple pink cardigan. I had been out some where (I don’t remember where) that morning so threw the outfit together pretty quickly so I could get out the house.

Botanic gardens lolita meet 4

All the girls had gone to Grill’d for lunch instead of the originally planned picnic in the gardens. It wasn’t as hot as originally forecast, but it was still pretty warm. I managed to miss them at lunch, but because it was such a lovely day we all decided to grab a take away cup of tea and go for a walk through the gardens anyway.

Botanic gardens lolita meet 5

We found a lovely little spot near the duck ponds to just sit and chat, and of course take all the silly selfies and outfit shots.

Botanic gardens lolita meet 2

We had so many sweet pastel prints out that day we just had to take a picture.

Botanic gardens lolita meet 3

I didn’t manage to get a shot of the whole group for some reason, but I did get this lovely one of all the “sweet” lolita’s!

Botanic gardens lolita meet 6



Hi there guys! The time has come again for me to share with you my half assed resolutions for 2016, and in keeping with tradition they are arriving on the blog fashionably late 😛

So whats the theory behind my so called “Hal-assed” resolutions? Well, I started it as a though back in 2014. I have never really been all that big on making resolutions, as I stated in that very first post, the closest thing I had ever gotten to making a resolution was “I resolve to go to the bar and have another shot”. Lol. I have always hated putting boundaries on myself in regards to long period of time, where I have no idea what I am going to be doing. I am a spontaneous person, and the thought of putting something into place now, that is only going to make me feel guilty if I change my mind and don’t do later, has never really appealed to me.  Enter the idea of half-assed resolutions. These are things that appeal to me right now, and are specific, like “Buy the damn dress” rather than “Get fit” or “lose weight”.

So without further ado, I give you…


  • Buy Angelic Pretty’s Romantic Rose Letter

AP Romantic Rose letter

This has been my dream dress since I saw it on a girl in our comm at our lovely pairs valentines day meet. I MUST own it, it is so lovely. I am hoping that 2016 is the year that happens.

  • Get Married!

Drunk Sarah trying to make Riccardo kiss me :P

There is now less than three months until I am getting married to this guy, and I have so much still to do. START PANICKING!

I can do this. JUST. BREATH.

  • Sing More

I have wanted to do some work on my singing voice for a while now and wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about it. Then my lovely friend Anna introduced me to Smule Sing! and I found my answer. Its pretty cool.  So I present to you, my first attempt at singing on the app. I’ll warn you, its not great. But hey, I can only go up from here! 😛

  • Attempt to post regularly


I chose this as a thing last year, and then proceeded to completely fall off the rails. Lets hope that this graphic isn’t cursed 😛 I do so much stuff, I feel like I should stay on top of my posts so I am not posting about things that happened months ago.

  • Get a regular “outfit of the day”, “Sarah Sings”, “Get In My Wardrobe” and “Nail’s of the month” posts up and running

I’ve already kinda been doing regular OOTD and Nail of the month post, but I would like to keep that going 🙂 As for “Sarah Sings” I thought I would start posting some of the songs I have and will be doing through Smule, I may even take requests 😉 Get in my wardrobe will be a regular post of all the cute things I find online, that I wish I owned.


  • Update my wardrobe

nothing to wear

My style has changed so much lately, and I now own so many clothes. Its getting ridiculous. I have recently been doing a cull of all my stuff, and I have about 4 moving boxes full of things to sell or even possibly give away now, and I am still taking up most of the wardrobe space in our house. I want to slowly start culling more things, and updating with super cute kawaii stuff.

  • Find one/many sponsors

Himi Storespree picky logo

koko pie holley tea time logo

I would love to be a brand ambassador for a cute store! These are some of my favorites, but I am open to anything really! (If you have a store and would like to collaborate, you should definitely contact me!)

  • By more shoes

Because hey, I was probably going to do it anyway. You can never have too many shoes in my opinion. Plus, I own a whole heap of black ones at the moment, I need more colour. I am just aching to get my hands on a pair of these babies from Vivienne Westwood. Aren’t they just gorgeous?!

Vivienne Westwood Algomania x Melissa Elevated Three Strap Heels (with bows) bubblegum

  • Build up my social media following

My blog has been going for a few years, but it has only been recently that  have been able to start up a Facebook page. This is mostly owing to the fact that Facebook blocked my URL for god knows what reason. I eventually got it unblocked, but now to build up a following! I hope to have over 1000 followers on both Facebook and Instagram by the time the end of next year rolls around. I think I can do it!

Kiev, Ukraine - August 26, 2013 - A collection of well-known social media brands printed on paper and placed on plastic signs. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Tumblr logos.

  • Host more give away’s

give away

This one is pretty self explanatory. Keep an eye out for one in the next few weeks!

  • Eat less cake

  • ppppfffttt…… yeah, probably npt going to happen hey. I love cake!


Thanks for reading guys, wish me luck and Happy New year! Have you made any new years resolutions?



Well, 2015 is almost over and wow, what can I say. What a shit year. After the amazing ride that was 2014, 2015 had a lot to live up to and boy did it miss the mark. I have had horrible health issues that have taken the better part of this year to resolve, which is how I managed to end up on an accidental hiatus. You guys wont know because I decided not to blog about it, but my family and I took a massive hit to the heart around October as we also lost my Uncle Steven this year.

I will admit it hasn’t been all bad though. It did have its moments. We finally got around to having an engagement party, which was wicked fun. I got to meet Billie Piper at Comic-Con and then later met Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Alex Kensington at Whoniverse. I also wore Lolita, a butt load, and have been slowly finding my on style when it comes to fashion.

As for my half assed new years resolutions this year, well, lets see how I did huh?


Pick a wedding date, and possibly even get married!

Well, we didn’t get married. We were no way that organised. It did take us a year and a half to have an engagement party after all 😛 but, we did pick a date and start planning! On the 2nd of April 2016, Mr Tardo and I will be tying th knot! I’m so excited!

Start saving to go back to Japan

LOL! This was some serious wishful thinking right here. I did just mentioned I am getting married in, like, 4 months right? I definitely under estimated exactly how expensive weddings are. Damn it. I still really want to go 🙁

Not kill my garden

This totally happened! As in, the not killing my garden thing. It’s still green, and lovely and now even has an outdoor table setting! I can take credit for none of this though, as I am forbidden to garden.  I have a black thumb, so Mr Tardo took over. Yay!

Buy more Lolita wish list items

…. at least I excelled in something this year 😛 I acquired… wait for it… not one, but four big wish list items this year plus a few little ones 😛 Yeah I’m pretty proud of that. I got my hands on one of the large Usakumya rucksack and its gorgeous. She now lives on my shelf looking beautiful as she is slightly impractical as an actual bag. I also managed to nab myself a pink swimmer biscuit bag which I have been pining over forever as well! As for the big ones, I got four new dresses:

You should totally check out my Lolita Wardrobe page to see what else I have stashed in there 😛

Keep up my regular blogging schedule of a post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Lol, yeah. Totally not a thing that actually happened. I tried for a bit at the beginning of the year, but then  like I said I had all these health issues and then BAM accidental Hiatus. Oh well. Better luck next year?

Learn to sculpt things other than bows and hearts when doing my 3D Nail art

Funnily enough, this year at work was all about the Shellac. Most of the time it’s all the clients wanted, and when they did want Acrylic I never had the time to do all the fancy stuff. As for nails on myself, I got pretty creative with different mediums like big metal shiny things and a new nail stamper set I bought at the show. But I kinda went off the 3D sculpting, so I didn’t learn how to do anything else. I did however, learn how to do different colour gradients which was pretty cool.

Continue on with swing out Sundays

lol. I don’t think I even did a single one after that resolutions post. Rest in Peace Swing out Sundays. I don’t think anyone even noticed you leave 😛

Procrastinate less.

pppfffttt. Like this was ever going to happen. I really just can’t help myself some times. And to prove my dedication to procrastination, allow me to share with you one of the many “famous people reading mean tweets” video’s I have been watching for about an hour whilst I tried to wrap my brain around finishing this post.

Start Pilates classes

I had super good intentions on this one. I was going to get fit to make my body love me a little better, but then it decided to hate me instead. The neck and back pain I mentioned? It only really got worse, which made walking difficult, let alone any form of fitness. So unfortunately, still pretty squishy around the edges. But that ok, there is always next year 😉

Final Thoughts…

This post has turned out to be kinda depressing. Sorry about that, I did not mean to make it so. But reflecting back on the year that was 2015, it has been a hard year with more pain and heart-break than I would have liked. I feel like everything I wanted to achieve has had to be put on a back burner for one reason or another because all I have had time to do is fight to keep my head above water.

On a more positive note, it would seem that just in time for the end of the year I am finally on the mend and my body is starting to behave its self. I hope that it just gets better and better, and next year will be a year of better health all round for me. I also have a wedding to look forward too! ^_^

Thank you so much to all my regular readers for sticking around through such a rough year, it means the world to me. Stay tuned for my post on next years half assed resolutions!



To all my lovely readers all over the world,


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Festivus or any thing else


I wish you all a day full of love, joy and happiness.


Stay safe, and be kind to one another 🙂


Happy Holidays everyone!




Due to PAX being held on the same weekend as Halloween, our comm’s annual Halloween party didn’t actually happen until halfway through November 😛 After having hosted a bunch of Lolita’s at my house for my 50 Shades Pinker Birthday party, the Admin girls convinced me to host this years party at my house 😛 Which of course I was more than happy to do. So Friday the 13th after work, I headed home, and some of the girls came around a little early to help set up and decorate.

After having spent so much time away from home because of PAX and having to go to QLD for my Uncles Funeral, I didn’t have much time to organise a costume. So I decided to bring out my kitty costume, because it is adorable, easy and goes with pretty much everything 😛 I was still getting dressed/made up as people were starting to arrive, so I’m still feeling pretty chuffed about how well my make up came out.

Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 1 Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 2

As with most of our group parties, we asked everyone to bring a plate of something, but this time with a twist – it had to be Halloween themed! There were prizes for both best dressed and best party food, so stakes were high. Below are a few pictures of some of my favourites, everyone went all out and everything was not only delicious, but looked super cool. In the end, Charlotte took out the prize for best food with her candy corn and monster finger cookies.

Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 3 Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 4

Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 5 Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 6

By some mirical, the supermarkets were still selling carving pumpkins and Britt managed to buy us a few so we could all have a go. We only had knives, and markers to work with, none of the fancy pumpkin carving tools I know they have in the states, so I am so proud of how they all came out. I may have gotten a little enthusiastic cutting mine, and I’m not entirely sure how I didn’t manage to lose a finger. The whole group seemed to really enjoy the activity.

Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 15 Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 8

All the pumpkins looked so cool sitting in a line in my garden. These three were my favourite! The one on the left is a ghastly pokemon, the one in the middle is the goofy one I made and then Charlotte’s is on the right. She is an artist and did the whole thing free hand, so we were all pretty darn impressed.

Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 9

The next activity was a mummy race! The idea was, in teams you were supposed to wrap each other in toilet paper like a “Mummy” and then race down the street and do the same to your next group member. It all ended up a complete shambles and hand girls and boys throwing toilet paper at each other as they ran, but it was pretty darn funny to watch and everyone really enjoyed it. I think my neighbors may now thing my friends and I are completely nuts though 😛

Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 10 Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 11

Last, but not least we had a pinyata full of candy to destroy! Britt had organised it, and borrowed a soft bat from the school she works at, so she was the pinata master 😛 She would ask a lolita related question, and whoever got it right got to have a swing at the pinata.

Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 12

Everyone was bling folded and made to spin around in a circle first, so it was rather amusing to watch. Mr Tardo came down halfway through, and fluked getting a question right , so he got to have a swing at it to. He perhaps got a little over enthusiastic in doing so though – he ended up missing the pinata completely and sent the bat flying straight into my favourite wine glass and smashed it into a million pieces. He went back upstairs and hid in his room again after that 😛

Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 13 Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 14

Of course it wouldn’t be a party at my house without some Bella cuddles. She is such a party loving dog, and I think she ended up sitting on or being petted by every person that turned up. Of course they all loved her.

Adelaide lolita comm halloween party 2015 16

I had such a wonderful time at the party, and everyone was so helpful in helping me pack everything up before they left so there was very minimal for me to do the next day. I would gladly host another lolita party at our place. It was great fun!

And remember, if you haven’t already, please vote for me in the Kawaii International dolly contest so I can come one of their Kawaii leaders! All you have to do is click on the image below, and like my picture. Thank you! ^_^




I have finally gotten around to creating a page dedicated to my wardrobe! You will find a link to the page in the main menu up above or, you could just

BTSSB pink Snow white print OP Emily Temple Cute Pink Roses OP AP yellow Strawberries and Ribbons OP AP pink Milky Planet JSK

Click here

ETC Sweets Patiserie JSK AP Lavendar fancy paper dolls JSK AP Chess Chocolate low waisted JSK We're all made here pink betty skirt

I thought having a page instead of a post would be best, as it makes the wardrobe easier to find, and easier for me to update as I get new things and sell old things. I will be updating it super soon, as I just purchased AP’s Crystal Dream Carnival!

So far I have only added all of my dresses and skirts but I plan to very soon as photos of my shoes, and bag collection (Which upon inspection is actually a whole lot bigger than I thought it was). Hope you enjoy it!