So as it so happens, I found myself up on the Gold Coast in our holiday house again. But for once, I am not alone! There are currently seven of us wedged up here into this tiny tiny little house. There is myself, my mother and father, plus my second cousin (?) David and his family, Leanne, Tom and Rachael.

So after a big night out last night (I needed a little space so I went out dancing in surfers with John), we decided on a family outing to Currumbin bird sanctuary. Specifically so we could all go and do “the green challenge”!


What on earth is that you might say? Well ill tell you, it’s a high ropes course! Specifically one that runs through the big tall trees at currumbin. We climbed our way through the green and red courses, but unfortunately they had to close before we could have a go at the black. It was a fantastic day, I had forgotten how much I do enjoy doing that outsidey stuff every now and then. I powered through it. All while my dear mother was following us from the ground and taking photos ūüôā take a look…




It was quite a lovely day out, we also got to see a bird show, go on a tiny train and just wander around. To anyone that ever visits the Gold Coast I would thoroughly recommend it ūüôā



So Christmas Eve Riccardo took me to the carols at the Sidney Myer music bowl in Melbourne as his mum and step dad were lovely enough to get us tickets.


It was such a lovely night! We got there to line up about 2.30pm and its lucky we did, there were so many people that rocked up after us, the line was huge. One of the security guards told me that the people at the front of the line had been camping out since one AM. Now that’s dedication!


They didn’t open the doors until 4.30, but when they did we all rushed in and we ended up getting a really good spot right up the front and in the middle.

The carols to follow we’re all just beautiful, although I did find the silences in between acts where they were playing ads to the people watching on tv to be a little odd. But the odder thing of the night? Santa dancing gundam style with hi five. No I am not joking.



So I have been doing a bit of nail’s with the guys lately, and I thought I would share two of my new designs with you. The first one is a Christmas theme, with pretty shiny reindeers and holly. I did the eyes with my new spot brush I purchased in Japan, which I thought was a little exciting ūüôā here they are…



Then there are my most recent rainbow nails. I decided I wanted something simple but cheerful that would last me until the new year as I was too lazy to pack up my nail gear and bring it home. This is what I came up with, I quite like it.


So tonight I went to the big Adelaide carols by candle light with mummy dear and Bella. We had a fantastic night sitting on a rug drinking nice wine and eating noms, but the carols themselves were just terrible! They had a whole bunch of D list Adelaide celebrities (half of which couldn’t actually sing to save them selves) singing crappy songs, and most of them weren’t even Christmas carols! I cant wait to go to the carols at the Sydney Myer music bowl in Melbourne, I suspect they will shit all over the Adelaide ones. So after my short but sweet rant, I will leave you with an adorable photo of my mother and my tinsel puppy, enjoy!


So the trip from Australia to Japan was a long one. We discovered as we were landing that out flight to Hong Kong was actually going through Melbourne, would have been nice to know that before hand. But it gave me the chance to get the third book in the series I have been reading (50 shades of grey – don’t roll your eyes).

After a long train ride from the airport, We had a bit of a wander through Asakusa trying to find our hostel which was fun. We got to walk through a beautiful temple, and got jumped by a bunch of school kids who were fascinated by my pink hair and wanted to speak English with us. It was all a bit adorable really ūüôā



Anyway, we eventually made it here and our first hostel was dodgy as hell, and expensive for what it was. They put us in a twin room which I was in un-amused by, but it turned out to be a bit of fun. We pushed the beds together in our tiny room to make a giant cot!


Dinner that night was great, we went to a local sushi bar and stuffed ourselves. The staff were really lovely even though they didn’t speak English and we couldn’t speak Japanese. I did however manage to relay that I don’t like wasabi, only to be greeted with a giant ball of it in my face, followed by a whole lot of laughter.


One night in our dodgy hostel and we decided we would move on to somewhere else, but luckily the next day was Onsen swing!!! We had been emailing the organizers and they had given us directions etc, but we still got a little lost trying to find the group. I ended up running around asking people if they were Lindy hoppers until I was met by smiles instead of confusion. Then onto the dancing bus we got for a long drive to Japans version of the middle of whoop whoop. When we got there, the place was fantastic, a traditional Japanese Onsen. We slept on the floor on futon’s, in tiny little rooms with rice paper doors, had slippers and kimonos to walk around in and we were greeted with lovely green tea. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever bathed so much in one weekend, it was just delightful. Sitting out in the cold air in a steaming hot bath. Dinner that night was fantastic, around 17 miniature courses I think Riccardo counted. But everything was so tasty. And of course, there was sake!

20121208-154218.jpg 20121208-154244.jpg

 20121208-154121.jpg 20121208-154137.jpg 20121208-154151.jpg

  20121208-154255.jpg 20121208-154111.jpg 20121208-154202.jpg

The dancing that night was small, but fun.. I managed to convince Riccardo to try west coast swing with me as there was a free class, but I’m pretty sure all it did was cement his dislike for it. The most random part though, was the teacher was actually another dancer for Adelaide that taught for third foot Adelaide and was over to meet up with his fianc√© before they went back to Adelaide to get married! Small world huh?

20121208-154652.jpg 20121208-154704.jpg 20121208-154716.jpg 20121208-154941.jpg

And then it was all over before we knew it. We had a lovely breakfast and then back on the dancing bus to Shinjuku to go find our new hotel…

So today i ventured out of the house for the first time in what feels like forever! All rugged up and antibiotics in hand, myself Amanda and Tardo went out for breakfast then headed to the Wayville show grounds for the Vintage fair! I must admit, that although I didn’t get to do much, I really enjoyed myself ūüôā

After wandering around for a little while, naturally i discovered an amazing shoe stall. To my every excitement, I discovered these babies! Not only were they the last ones left but they were also my size and fit me perfectly. So naturally, i had to buy them. I think they will make a wonderful addition to my shoe collection, what do you think?

They also had a vintage photo booth with a whole bunch of silly props and what have you that you could use, so naturally me and Amanda couldn’t resist! photo booths are our thing after all. So much so that I think I may just add a page to show off all our *cough* wonderful *cough* photo booth collection ūüėõ Of course, there is an adorable set of me and Tardo being silly as well, I think these shots from today may be my favourites so far!

The other highlight of my day’s outing was to see the fantastic performances by all my lovely swing friends! Click here¬†see a video of the “sausage Sizzle” Boys strutting their stuff, and doing a mighty fine job at it if I do say so myself!

I must admit though, watching all these wonderful dancers and listening to the awesome music of lucky 7 playing today has made me realize more than ever that I really am in a rather bad dance slump. I have noticed it a fair amount over the past few months and it saddens me to think that my enthusiasm for the dance has dwindled as much as I feel it has. My lack of motivation or time to go out social dancing, the fact I no longer know any of the regular dancers in my scene anymore, not feeling challenged enough by what is on offer here and again the lack of money and motivation to get my ass to exchanges is¬†severely¬†taking its toll. I have found especially since my partner in crime (and little brother of course) Andy has left the scene for Europe, like so many others before him, I feel a kind of barrier between myself and the scene. I’ve always felt he was what helped me bridge the gap between the “me” and “them” feeling I so frequently get when at social’s.

I was discussing this topic with my lovely friend Jen from Swing City Dance¬†just this afternoon and she brought a particular article to my attention from dance world takeover, titled “When Lindy hop isn’t fun anymore”. I don’t think I could have read another article that applied to me more. I can now happily say that i am suffering from a growth slump, Burnout and social woes. Which i am actually happy to hear is not uncommon. But at the same time, im still not 100% on how i am going to fix it. See, my love of Lindy hop will always be there, when i hear the music, see the moves,¬†I¬†just cant help but feel happy. I was never destined to be a¬†professional¬†dancer or for Lindy hop to be my entire world, although I like to think that it will always be apart of it. So for now I’m thinking I continue pottering along as i have been, dancing here and there when i feel like it. I’d like to try to get out to more social events, but of course that would require me to stop constantly becoming ill first. So for starters, I think I will work on that. Don’t worry Lindy hop, I still love you. I’ll be back soon, I promise!

Le Sigh. So as you can tell by the post title, I am indeed in hospital. My tonsils got so big Wednesday morning they were threatening to stop me from breathing (bad right?), so my mummy dear raced me off to hospital and I have been there ever since. I have acquired some neat accessories, like a drip (I was so brave letting them put that in!), a pretty red bracelet with my name on it ( just in case I forget who I am), and a rather good-looking drip stand (after all, every day is decorate your boyfriend day!)


So ive been freaking out a lot, makin nurses cry, you know, the usual. all in all, its been a pretty shit day. sigh. Hopefully they will send me home tomorrow.


Oh, ill have death please! wait a minute…..

So¬†I¬†have¬†tonsillitis¬†and feel like death warmed up. I¬†definitely¬†did not choose cake. which is unfortunate,¬†I¬†quite like cake ūüėõ

But my sudden illness which is causing me to be bed ridden is good for you guys, i have a whole heap of time on my hands so I’m finally going to be able to start putting together the my little pony necklaces i have been promising you for a while! So stay tuned and watch this space!

Woo hoo! First every post! Greetings all! Are you excited? I’m excited! ūüėÄ *squee!* This means the site is finally up and running and I have a place to share all the exciting things I do with the world.

Exciting like how today I entered my dear bella into an “SA cutest dog” competition, she is just so adorable I figured she was in with a shot! This is her…

How could you not love that face? If there is a link for voting later on i shall post it here, but I don’t know how it all goes down just yet.

Tonight has been¬†spent having a quiet one in, and trust me after the bender me and Amanda had last night it was required. We went to the austral and zhivagos where we drank, we danced, we got into¬†mischief and we took silly photos. I give you exhibit A…

We really are quite fabulous you know. So a bit of rest tonight was called for. Its been quite lovely really, sitting here, playing saints row with the boy on-line on a saturday night.

But what I really wanted to talk about is the super kawaii¬†bow-beads that arrived in the mail for me yesterday! Take a look, don’t they just look so cute you could eat them?!

They will be used in my new my little pony necklaces, so keep your eyes peeled on the store and you might just be able to nab yourself one!