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Hello this is Sarah speaking. I’m sorry you are who? NO WAY! Hang on, you want me to what?! Me, be in the omegathon? are you serious? Do I want to? FUCK YEAH I DO! I mean, sorry, yes please that would be amazing. My email address? sure. You’ll send me the details this afternoon? wonderful, I’ll keep an eye out for the email. OMG thank you so much. I can’t wait to meet you either. BYE!

*internal screaming* *massive excitement* *extreme freak out* *SQUEE!* WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?! OMG DID I JUST GET INTO THE OMEGATHON? HOLY SHIT. I need to call my husband.

lol, that was pretty much how it went down when I got the phone call. Yes, I actually got picked to be a contestant in the Omegathon at PAX Aus this year. I know right? What are the chances of that happening? I had been pottering around the house cleaning when I got a random call from an international number. When I answered it and it was one of the organisers of PAX I couldn’t believe my ears at first! After mumbling out a few star struck almost unintelligible yes’ and word vomiting my email address at him, the conversation ended and I frantically started dialling Riccardo and then my brother to tell them what had just happened.


Everything since then has happened pretty quickly. I was emailed with a consent form I had to fill out, sign and email back, there was a questionnaire to fill out for the PAX schedule books, and I had to send them a head shot for the posters. Man, I think I took about a thousand photo’s trying to get a good one. I kept getting more and more frustrated as my phone camera was just not doing any good, and it was starting to rain outside and take away all my light. In the end, my lovely neighbour came over with his good camera and took a few shots for me and I settled on this one.

ohsokawaiixoxo PAX Aus 2016 omegathon photo

I swear it was the only one I took where I managed to not pull a stupid face. It wasn’t until after I had sent the photo in and it was too late to change it that I realised I have lipstick on my teeth lol.  Oh well worse things have happened, right? Hopefully it looks ok and not to many people notice! I can’t believe my face is going to be on a bunch of posters. This is just wild.

Once the initial shock had worn of, then I started to have a freak out. I had a bit of a google to find out how the competition usually goes down and what to expect. I was soon added to the Omeganaut group on Facebook, where I was shown an awesome video of what to expect and given tips on how to best take my photo. Al the previous Omeganauts are super nice, and I have spoken to a few of the new PAX Aus ones as well. Everyone is really friendly, which is nice.

Now I am just stuck with the panic of, OMG I HAVE SO MUCH PRACTICE TO DO. I have been waiting with bated breath to find out what the game line up will be, so I can make sure I have at least played each one of them before so I don’t look like a stunned goose in the comp. I have decided I am not aiming too high, although enthusiastic and eager, I am not the greatest gamer in the world. My aim is to not get knocked out in the first round 😛 I think it is a good goal.

One of the good points about this whole thing is that I have been forced to finally settle on a tag that I like. I have never been the hugest fan of “venusfury”. I picked it as a nickname a long time ago for a burlesque performance I was in, and it just kind of stuck. Though I never really thought it suited me all that well. I figured that Oh So Kawaii has been my catch line for so long now, that I might as well use it. So I have finally decided on “OhSoKawaiixoxo” as my tag, and as I mentioned in my previous post, I have changed all of my socials to reflect this.

Since I have never actually watched any of the Omegathon in previous years ( 2014/2015), my question for you guys now is:

What should I do to prepare myself for the Omegathon? Any tips on games I should play, or skills I should work on to best help me not suck at this too badly? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


My social life is getting in the way of my blogging.

My social life is getting in the way of my blogging.

Lol I know, not usually something people complain about, but my rather busy social life IS getting in the way of my internet time. This is the first time I have had the chance to sit down and write a post in over a week! What have I been up to you may ask? A lot of cool shit actually 😛 I will put it in dot points or I will never get it all down.

  • Shortly after the vintage expo we had two days of staff training. Non-violent crisis intervention training. I was alright I suppose. The highlight? Well I got to restrain Mr Tardo and watch others do the same. It was pretty funny!


023  020

  •  I drove down to Mt Gambier to run our beauty program with the Comrec group down there for a few days. It was lovely and we were super busy the whole time. My lovely friend Nadia also got a new prosthetic arm which she asked me to decorate for her, which I enjoyed immensely. The last one I did for her ended up being purple with a whole lot of big silver diamonties. This time she wanted something a bit different so we went for black, shiny and pink. I think it came out nicely 🙂

034 035

  • My lovely friend Pixie held a high tea get together for a bunch of us girlies up at her parents place in the hills. It was such a lovely day! Summer is slowly starting to show its self over here, so when I arrived the sun was shining and there was a beautifully set table full of yummy looking cakes and things awaiting us. I also discovered a new love of unusual tea 🙂 I ate so much and then took some home for later, just for good measure 🙂



  •  Later on that night was the lovely Kara’s birthday. Since my dear brother (Kara’s BFF) was off skiing with my dad, i promised to take her out to celebrate in his place. The night started with dinner at the walkers arms buffet, not that I ate much considering I had been sitting around eating cake all day! Then we went back to my house for pre-drinks, and I somehow ended up with about a doesn’t people sitting in my lounge room giggling and watching porn. Someone had given it to Kara as a present, so naturally they felt the need to watch it. When we finally made it to town we went on a bit of a pub crawl down rundle street before heading tot he palace and then Elysium. So it was a rather alcohol and nudity filled night. good fun though 😉


056 063 064

  • Fathers day was a lovely night, me, mum, Mr Tardo and my Papa all went to the Hilton for dinner. The food was so good, we ate so much! I had the most amazing heighs chocolate martini, and the wine was yummy too.


081 069

075 076 077

  •  And last but not least, I did this to my computer. 5000 Diamonties later, and I think I may have an addiction to shiny pink things…