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Adelaide’s first every Harajuku Walk!

Adelaide’s first every Harajuku Walk!

Well I must say, Saturday was the saturday-ist saturday I have had in some time! Full of cute things, time with my hubby, getting excited about our Japan trip and of course, making some lovely new friends at the Harajuku SA Harajuku Walk!

Before I go into details on my super busy day, lets have a talk about the outfit. Since I knew I was going to the first ever Adelaide Harajuku walk later that afternoon, I decided I would kawaii up for the whole day, and just put a little more umph into it than I do on my usual day to day basis.

Kawaii outfit run down from the bottom up!

Pink bow bodyline heels, which are super cute and have a chunky heel which makes them easy to walk around in for long periods of time. Sailor moon kitty stockings that I actually had completely forgotten I owned until I was cleaning out my wardrobes the other day. Pink cakes and macaroons skirt, which has been well loved. Giant pink novelty bow belt. Cute ruffle sleeved brand t-shirt from milk, which I later added a blue cardigan to for extra colour. Also not pictured here: Mt beloved blue/purple holographic backpack from smiggle that I carry almost everywhere these days!

Kawaii make up look of the day


I have never been a huge fan of mismatched hair colour and brows, so for me pink brows are a must, especially when trying to be extra adorable. To get this look I used a generic pink liquid lip colour I got off ebay, and used it like I would an eyebrow pomade. Works like a charm!

On my eyes I have a few different shaded from my too faced chocolate bon bons pallet, with a light purple cream eye shadow from 3ina on my lids. My eyeliner wings were done super quickly by using my medium sized vamp stamp (I’ll be brave enough to try he large one of these days!), and my lashes I did nothing to (yes I said nothing!) as I had a set of eye lash extensions installed the day before at Le Lash Beautique. All of that sounds a lot I know, but I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it was to put on thanks to my new products.

Foundation as always is DermaBlend pro, which helps me to flawlessly cover up my rosacea followed by their setting powder. Highlighter is the pink shiny one from lime crimes opals highlight pallet, cheeks are a pink (the name of which i currently cannot remember) from too faceds love blush collection. Then on my lips I have “Koala” from NYX, which is quickly becoming my favourite!


You may have noticed, but I kinda have a thing for big pink bows! Todays accessories, that i was silly enough to forget to put on for my outfit shot because I was too busy taking this photo lol. I had two ink bows in my hair, one in each pig tail. Some colourful heart bracelets, because you can never have too much candy. Three of my favourite rings – Sparkly heart, AP milky planet ice cream and a sparkly star. Shiny heart pearl necklace, which I adore (can ou believe i got it in the kids section at louvisa?!). Purple heart shaped shades to keep the sun out of my eyes, and my giant bow belt that I purchased at AVcon.

Breakfast adventures with Ye Olde Husband and the little floof

I have been on night shift literally alllllllll weekend, so I got home from work at 8am that morning and jumped back into bed for a little more sleep. We got up shortly after because we had a fair amount to do that day before I had to go back to work. First we were off to the post office to get our passport photos taken, and then straight to the RAA to have our international drivers licences issued! We have organised to go on a go karting tour of Tokyo, its going to be so freaking cool. Riccardo was silly enough to leave his actual licence at home, so he will have to go do his another day after work. Silly boy, lucky I was driving!

Next we headed off to go on a cute little breakfast date together at the Queen Street cafe. I absolutely adore that place, the food is amazing and the street has such a great vibe to it. We found this great art piece on a shed door near the cafe, so of course I had to get an outfit shot in front of it. Bella is such a good poser for Riccardo. I swear every time I point a camera at her she does the dog version of rolling her eyes at me.

The cafe is very dog friendly in their outdoor seated section, so we love to take Bella with us when we go out for breakfast. She is such a friendly pup (well, doggo, she is 11yo) that every one wants to cuddle and pat her. Which of course she doesnt mind. She just laps up the attention. After breakfast we usually take Bella for a nice walk , which is exactly what we did!

After our little walk, I dropped Riccardo and Bella off home and headed into town solo for…

Adelaide’s very first Harajuku walk!

I was super excited for this, having seen countless video’s and photos of the ones held in other cities I really wanted to go to one. This one was being held by a newly formed group called Harajuku SA, which is a Facebook group I had been added to a few weeks earlier by one of my friends. She wasn’t going to the meet today however, so I was a little nervous to be going on my own. Turns out, that I didn’t need to be worried about it at all, as everyone was so kind and friendly. The meet ended up being less of a walk, and more of a hang out in the park together thing which was still pretty cool, because I got to have chats with some super cool people. Oh, and a power ranger stole my phone. No I’m not kidding lol

But don’t just take my word for it, check out my vlog of the event, and if you are an Adelaide local, be sure to join the group and come along to the next one!

Love Love! <3

Outfit of the day: Kawaii Space Princess, Sugar how’d you get so fly?

Outfit of the day: Kawaii Space Princess, Sugar how’d you get so fly?


Kawaii Space Princess 1

This outfit you probably recognize from my page header! I just loved this look so much I had to use it. I had never put little buns in my hair before, but  thought they just looked so cute! This outfit wasn’t for anything in particular, although I think I re did it to wear to work at some point I loved it that much. I wanted to be a kawaii pastel space princess, and this is what I came up with 😛

Kawaii Space Princess 2Kawaii Space Princess 3

Outfit Breakdown:

Hair bows: Pink and purple –  louvisa

Earrings: purple love hears with pink bows – handmade by me

Necklace: Milky Planet shooting star – Angelic Pretty

Top: Plain white t-shirt – Supre

Skirt: Toy Fantasy Mini Skirt in Sax – Angelic Pretty

Socks: Plain white knee highs – Target

Shoes: Pink platforms – Given to me by a friend

Kawaii Space Princess 4Kawaii Space Princess 5


OOTD sugar how'd you get so fly 1OOTD sugar how'd you get so fly 2

I just love love love how cute this dress is, and it is made from quite thick material, so although it is quite short, it is still rather warm. Its so soft and comfy to wear too! When I look at it, the first thing that comes to mind is the song “Sugar Sugar” by baby bash. This outfit makes me feel just a little bit sweet and a little bit naughty too.

Outfit Breakdown:

Earings: Pink bows with a pearl – Rose Wholesale

Necklace: Pink pearls with a pink sparkly heart – Louvisa

Dress: Grey and white striped sugar dress – Onespo

Bloomers: Cute white bloomers – Spree Picky

Bag: Pink Metalic heart – Milk

Socks: White with lace bordering – Ruby Shoes

Shoes: Pink platforms – Given to me by a friend

OOTD sugar how'd you get so fly 3OOTD sugar how'd you get so fly 4

Outfit of the day: Pink, blue, and a little bit vintage. Too Kawaii to die.

Outfit of the day: Pink, blue, and a little bit vintage. Too Kawaii to die.


ootd pink and a little bit vintage 1ootd pink and a little bit vintage 2

The common theme for these two outfits is the pink ribbon in my hair! I really can’t stand having hair in my face, especially when I am working or dancing, which is why you will quite often see me with it pulled back. I have let my fringe grow out quite long, so I can do cute pin curls in it and what have you, and am quite a fan of pulling the rest back of my face with a cute ribbon 🙂

Outfit breakdown:

Jacket: cute pink and short sleeved – found in a thrift store in Melbourne

Top: White, with black tubing and a small peter pan collar – Found in a thrift store in Adelaide

Jeans: White high waisted – Factory

Shoes: Pink and sparkly! – Ruby Shoes

ootd pink and a little bit vintage 3ootd pink and a little bit vintage 4


ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 1ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 2

I know it is not very often you see me in fact not wearing pink, but I happen to be a big fan of pastel blues as well! This is just another casual outfit I put together for work. The weather was not to hot and not to cold, so I could get away with just a cardigan. I have been a real fan of wearing cute socks with my Jelly shoes lately as well. There is nothing I hate more than having super adorable socks on, and the no one can see them because of your shoes. This way I get the best of both worlds!

Outfit Break Down:

Necklace: Light pink Pearls – given to me by a friend

Cardigan: Angelic Pretty

Skirt: Circle Skirt, Blue with white polka dots – Valley girl (although I bought it from Savers!)

Socks: White with lace borders – Ruby Shoes

Shoes: Clear sparkly Jelly Shoes from Betts

ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 3ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 4


Last day to vote in the Kawaii Dolly Contest!

Last day to vote in the Kawaii Dolly Contest!


Today is the very last day of voting for the Kawaii International Kawaii dolly contest! The winner will become a Kawaii leader for Kawaii international, and I would love it if that was me!

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 6

Thank you so much for all the support you, my lovely followers and readers have given me over this time, and I apologize for spamming this contest so much. If by some chance you have managed to miss any of my posts, you can read my entry for the competition as well as see all the other photo’s I took during my little mini photo shoot for the contest by clicking the banner below.


Please be sure to like my photo on the official voting page here, and even share it with your friends for me ^_^

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Outfit of the day: My big hearts

Outfit of the day: My big hearts



Ok friends brace yourself. There is NOTHING Pink in this outfit! 😛 I know right? I was just as shocked as you are. This outfit I put together to go watch my dads band play. It was a super cold night and I wanted to look hot and be warm/comfortable. Plus, I had just bought these pants and was completely in love with them, and looking for an excuse to wear them anywhere. Unfortunately for you, almost everything in this outfit I bought second-hand, but let’s do the run through anyway.

Pants : Second hand off the Lolita sales in English Facebook page

Blouse: Valley Girl

Shoes: DFO Melbourne

Bag: Second hand from one of the Adelaide Lolita Comm girls

Necklace: Was a birthday gift from my bestie Amanda.

Belt: Bought in Japan years ago (This why it is trashed xP )

I am so in love with these pants, they are just so funky and so different from anything you ever seen in Adelaide, which is why I had to buy them the second I found them. I named this outfit “My big hearts” not just for the bag and the necklace, but because there is actually a big red heart on the left butt pocket of these, although I forgot to take a photo.


772 774


I was pretty pleased with how my make up turned out as well, so fierce! 😛