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Kawaii.i Fashion Contest: My kawaii personal style VOTE FOR ME!

Kawaii.i Fashion Contest: My kawaii personal style VOTE FOR ME!


I entered the Kawaii international “My personal kawaii style” contest to be one of the next kawaii leaders. With literally like hours to go until the cut off deadline lol. Better late than never though right? This is the picture I entered with:

Vote for OhSoKawaiiXoxo in the My personal kawaii style contest

Vote for OhSoKawaiiXoxo

Do you like it? This is one of the pictures my darling husband took of me as we were shopping our way through Tokyo. I believe it was taken in Shibuya’s WC store just after I bought that jumper. I was struggling to decide what picture to use that would best represent “My personal Kawaii style” because for me its such a broad subject that changes a lot depending on my mood and what I happen to be doing on that day. I went with this one because I thought it was the best representation of my “everyday” kind of kawaii style. My work keeps me on my feet almost always, and I work a lot. So when I am out and about I like to be kawaii AND comfortable.

I like platform sneakers because they make me just that little bit taller (I’m on 5’2) and the right ones are super comfy to run around in all day. I think I own that pleated skirt in every colour of the rainbow, so its one of my go to garments, plus I can never go past some knee-high socks.

I think this is the best representation of my style at the moment, and I am really glad I got the chance to enter the contest. If you like my style too, I would really appreciate it if you would send a vote my way. Since I chose to enter right at the very last-minute (like a big dummy) I am quite behind on the public vote.

If you do want to vote for me, Thanks! But make sure you listen up now, because voting can be a little bit tricksy. First of all, you need to click on the link below to open up the woo-box page with my picture on it.

This link right here! Click on me!

Then you wan to look down the bottom of the blank white bit tot he right. you should see three round buttons. The first two will enable you to share my picture on Facebook, and Twitter. You don’t have to do this, although it would be greatly appreciated if you would con your friends into sending me a vote as well 😛 The button that is most important is the thumbs up on the right. Your going to want to click on that. But wait! You’re not done yet. They couldn’t possibly make it that easy 😛 When you click on the thumbs up, a little blue box saying “Like” is going to pop up. You need to make sure you click on that little guy to make your vote count. Then that’s it, your done!

You have now earned all of my gratitude and thanks. That was easy! But seriously, I do really appreciate the time you have spent reading through this post and humoring me as I am being a little ridiculous.

One last time… vote for OhSoKawaiiXoxo to be a Kawaii Leader!


Btw, I have totally entered this comp before, a few years ago. The blog post about it is here. Do you think I have levelled up or nah?

Much love guys, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Last day to vote in the Kawaii Dolly Contest!

Last day to vote in the Kawaii Dolly Contest!


Today is the very last day of voting for the Kawaii International Kawaii dolly contest! The winner will become a Kawaii leader for Kawaii international, and I would love it if that was me!

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 6

Thank you so much for all the support you, my lovely followers and readers have given me over this time, and I apologize for spamming this contest so much. If by some chance you have managed to miss any of my posts, you can read my entry for the competition as well as see all the other photo’s I took during my little mini photo shoot for the contest by clicking the banner below.


Please be sure to like my photo on the official voting page here, and even share it with your friends for me ^_^

If you have enjoyed my photo’s and posts be sure to follow Oh so Kawaii on all our different social media, where you will find many different postings through out each day.

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Kawaii International Kawaii Leaders Dolly Competition

Kawaii International Kawaii Leaders Dolly Competition


I have decided to take a big step, and have entered this years competition to become the next Kawaii Leader for Kawaii International!

The theme this year was “Kawaii Dolly” and I had so many idea’s for it, I just couldn’t wait to get started! I did the whole photo shoot by myself, from the hair, make up and outfit, even the photography I did using the timer on my phone and a tripod. I am super excited to be involved, and I hope to do well and become one of the finalists 🙂

kawaii dolly comp logo


Since today is the first day of voting, I thought I would share with you all some of my answers for the application, starting with which photo’s I chose to use. It was such a hard choice as I took so many! But in the end I chose this one as my full length photo:

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 5

And this one as my close up/head shot photo:

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 6

Outfit Break Down

I am a big fan of the colour pink, and I also just love to collect cute things. As you can see from the background, I have a rather large collection of adorable stuffed toys, and when it came to idea’s for this theme, I thought what better than to try to blend in and be one of my toys?

The Lolita cupcake silhouette is perfect for doing just this in my opinion, as the beautiful bell shape made from a dress and a petticoat helps to make me look like an oversized doll that could be standing on a pedestal.

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 1

The print I decided to wear is my Cotton Candy Shop JSK from Angelic pretty, as it is covered in cute bears and bunnies, and of course is a lovely shade of pink! Not to mention, it is also one of my favourite prints!

To break up all of the pink, and to help me look more like a toy, I am also wearing my purple bunny jacket from Angelic Pretty. The hood is just so fluffy, and the ears that are attached help to make this look just a little bit more toy-like.

For accessories, I am wearing the JSK’s matching over the knee socks, with some chunky purple high-heeled shoes.

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 2

On my head I have several different sized bows, the main head bow being from baby the stars shine bright. Two smaller pink and purple bows help to hold my fringe off my face and is finished with a pink dangling star clip from 6% Doki Doki.

For my make up, I decided to use bold colours that would stand out and be a little over the top. This is because most dolls you see these days have completely overstated make up, which I think has worked fantastically with this look. Eye shadow tones of light pink, purple and dark pink, finished with a heavy liner along with long bold lashes, silver glitter and some face gems. High pink blush and hot pink lipstick finishes off this look.

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 7

Over all, I am so pleased with how this outfit turned out! I feel super kawaii and adorable, an as though you could shrink me and put me on the shelf and I would fit in just like magic!

What Does Kawaii Mean to you?

To me, Kawaii is far more than just a word. To me it is everything. A fashion, a way of thinking, a lifestyle, a state of being. It’s a way to express yourself and share who you want to be with the world. It is a form of simple happiness and joy that never runs out, that you can carry around in your heart like your own little brand of unlimited cuteness to share with the world. The day I decided to stop listening to the thoughts of others and to live the kawaii life I chose was one of the happiest days of my life, it was so freeing. Kawaii is my brand of happiness.

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 3

How can you spread Kawaii Culture?

I always endeavor to share the kawaii culture in every way I possibly can!

When I am out in the public eye, I have always thought that the best way to lead is by example. That if one person see’s me somewhere, weather it is online or in real life, and that helps them gain the courage to enter a kawaii fashion, or be brave enough to stand up and be who they want to be, then I am doing my job right.

When online, I am forever posting cute snaps of outfits, talking about new releases or where to buy that cute blouse, sharing my experiences of Lolita meets I go to and generally sharing my lifestyle with anyone that is interested. To share a culture, the best way is to keep the lines of communication open so it is easy for other people who might be interested to know what is out there. I do this by posting on every single social networking media I can get my hands on, because the more the Kawaii culture is put out there, the easier it is to find.

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 4

I am always very open about my lifestyle and the things I love, and am always happy to talk to anyone who might have questions on how to kawaiify their lifestyle. To share all the knowledge I have and to be fun, open, friendly and welcoming I think is the best way to spread the kawaii culture!

Kawaii international kawaii dolly contest miss venusfury of oh so kawaii 8

Thank you so much for reading my entry, I hope you now understand how I feel about all thinks Kawaii! I would really appreciate it if you could send a vote my way in this competition. All you have to do is click on the banner below or any of the photo’s in this post, and give the photo a “like” I would be for ever grateful!