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A salty sweet birthday adventure at 50sixone

A salty sweet birthday adventure at 50sixone

A few weekends ago some lovely lolita friends and I headed out to the magical dessert bar that is 50sixone to celebrate the birthday of our friend Ali.

As is my usual, I went for a coordinate of pink, pink and even more pink 😛 The whole outfit was based around this one head bow you see. I had seen the head bow for diner doll (my current dream dress!) come up for sale on-line, and in the hopes that one day I might actually own the matching dress, I bought it. That silly head bow has been sitting in my wardrobe for some time now and bringing me no luck at all, so I decided that in the off-chance I never end up with the dress (*cries*) I should try to coordinate it with something. So here is what I came up with:

Coordinate run down

Shoes: Bait Footwear

Stockings: Bought from a friend

Dress: Whip Factory by Angelic Pretty

Blouse: Off brand

Cardigan: Taget

Bag: Angelic Pretty

Headbow: Dinner Doll by Angelic Pretty

The birthday girl herself was in pink too, so of course we needed to get a selfie together. Pink is the best colour after all.

Our lovely little squad for the day waiting patiently for the rest of our food to arrive.

I was always a sucker for McDonald’s chips dipped in ice cream when I was younger, so when I saw that they had chips with chocolate and ice cream on the menu I just had to have it. It was so very delicious but I only made it halfway before admitting defeat.


50sixone makes the most amazing shakes and desserts. Here you can see Corrina and Ali drooling over Corrina’s chocolate brownie milkshake, and Chelsea‘s big smile when her red velvet pancakes were almost bigger than she was!

As we were leaving the venue we found a wall that had these lovely wings painted on them and we just had to stop to get our outfit shots in front of it. From left to right, Corrina, Chelsea, Katey, me and Jess!

Poor Chelsea was too short, so we tried to give her some help to get up!

Happy Birthday Ali!

Valentines Day Fancy Hat Lolita Meet | Angelic Pretty’s Toy Fantasy Coordinate

Valentines Day Fancy Hat Lolita Meet | Angelic Pretty’s Toy Fantasy Coordinate

Valentines Day Fancy Hat Lolita Meet | Angelic Pretty's Toy Fantasy Coordinate

 I am so far behind on my blogging, that this meet was all the way back in February for Valentines day! I almost wasn’t going to post about it, but I got such lovely photos of the group, and I was so proud of my hat that I thought I would just do it anyway.

So for Valentines day this year the Adelaide Lolita Community held a fancy hat meet. The premise was just that, put together a coordinate and wear an OTT hat to go with it. I had just obtained Angelic Pretty’s Toy Fantasy in white and way super excited to wear it. This is the first print I have ever owned more than one copy of (I have the skirt in sax) as I just adore the print.

Valentines Day Fancy Hat Lolita Meet | Angelic Pretty's Toy Fantasy Coordinate

In making my hat I decided to stick with the toy theme. I had a cute pink top hat I had purchased around Easter the year before, which I covered with different toys and cute things with a glue gun.

Valentines Day Fancy Hat Lolita Meet | Angelic Pretty's Toy Fantasy Coordinate and DIY fancy hat

Outfit Break down

Dress: Angelic Pretty’s Toy Fantasy in White

Bag: Heart bag from Angelic Prettys Cotton Candy Shop Special Set

Socks: Angelic Pretty Toy Fantasy socks

Shoes: Bodyline

Hat: Homemade using toys from savers

Necklace: Louvisa

Valentines Day Fancy Hat Lolita Meet | Angelic Pretty's Toy Fantasy Coordinate

When we arrived they handed us all a champagne glass of sparkling fruit juice (I later discovered that this is because they do not have a liquor licence) as we sat down. They then started bringing out share plates of food and big pots of tea.

Valentines Day Fancy Hat Lolita Meet | Angelic Pretty's Toy Fantasy Coordinate

All of the food was amazingly decedent, they had everything – scones, various sandwiches and cupcakes to die for.

Valentines Day Fancy Hat Lolita Meet | Angelic Pretty's Toy Fantasy Coordinate

As always I got my own plate of gluten free treats which were quite delicious, although I was a little disappointed to find there wasn’t any GF scones.

There was a a prize for best hat, the winner of which was chosen by the staff at the cafe. Tamara Took out the prize for best hat with her gorgeous rose tiara.

Valentines Day Fancy Hat Lolita MeetValentines Day Fancy Hat Lolita Meet

Everyone really dressed to the nines for this meet and it showed, every single member of the group looks amazing in their various coordinates.

Valentines Day Fancy Hat Lolita Meet | Angelic Pretty's Toy Fantasy Coordinate

Which is your favourite hat in this photo?


Lolita’s On Ice: Our mid-summer ice skating meet!

Lolita’s On Ice: Our mid-summer ice skating meet!


I am so terribly sorry for how over due this post is, but I just couldn’t not share it as the photo’s are just too gosh darn cute! This is an ice skating meet that our local community had back in summer when the weather was tipping the scales at over 40 degree’s (Celsius!) on an almost daily basis. We decided that to cool down, we should go ice skating!

Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 1Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 2

I wore my favorite milky planet set, I thought it was perfect for the occasion as it is covered in ice creams and snow 🙂 I have a super cute up-side-down ice cream cone head band that goes with it, but I thought it would be a little impracticable for ice skating, as it falls off my head a lot when I’m just walking around, so I opted for a plain cute bow instead 🙂 Over all, I am really pleased with how my coordinate looked.

Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 6

Of course, with Milky Planet being such a popular print, I wasn’t the only one wearing it! We had a Milky Planet triplet going on, with myself in the pink (of course!) Chelsea (or Pocket Sized Vampire Pandah) in blue and Katey in yellow. The girls were complaining about their ice skates not matching their outfits, I’m lucky enough to own my own as I used to be a figure skater when I was much younger. Here is a little video I took for instagram of me showing off some of my mad skills (or not so mad… it had been a while since I’d skated, and my skates were blunt as) 😛


Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 3Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 5

I was so keen to have a reason to wear my lyrical bunny jacket. It is just the most divine colour purple, and the fluffy bunny ears are just the cutest thing in the world. I pretty much lived in it during winter, but it had been safely packed away in the wardrobe for the summer months.

Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 7Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 8

It was only a small-ish meet, but we all had a really great time and everyone looked super adorable. Christine is the only one that planned ahead, and put together a coordinate that would match the bright blue rental boots!

Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 4

Once everyone was done with ice skating, they all went into town for ice ream! Unfortunately, I had prior engagements that afternoon and had to go home, but I had such a lovely time combining two of my favourite things into one activity. I can’t wait to do it again!


50 Shades pinker, my lolita high tea birthday party!

50 Shades pinker, my lolita high tea birthday party!


Happy Birthday to mmmeeeeee!!! yes, today is my actual birthday! But things are getting so busy at the moment that I decided to hold my birthday party a week and a half early 😛 Lolita has really become a big deal for me over the past year, as a lot of you may have noticed, so I wanted to throw a party and invite the whole community as a kind of thanks for making my life awesome.

I decided that since I had missed Britt’s 50 shades of Pink party earlier on in the year since I was away in Queensland for Dan and Jacqui’s Engagement party, I would hold the sequel 😛 and thus, my 5o Shades Pinker party was created!

I spent the better part of the day before baking up a storm, and managed to get myself a little frazzled as a few people pulled out of coming last-minute. When time came for the party to start, I was so super excited.

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 7

I decided to wear my Emily Temple Cute rose garden dress, because it is just the most amazing shade of pink, plus it is super light and just perfect for the warm spring whether we were expecting that day. I was planning to wear a blonde wig, but I just couldn’t get it to behave itself, so I ended up styling my own hair for the outfit. I am really pleased with how it turned out, plus it was much cooler in the hot weather.

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 4  50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 6

Mr Tardo being the best man a girl could ask for, got up super early to make sure the garden was looking lovely and the lawns were mowed, and then even got dressed up for the party too! Doesn’t he look super adorable in his pink shirt and bow tie?! Gosh I love that guy!

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 5

Once all the girls started arriving, it was straight into the food and gossip about dream dresses we can’t afford.

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 1

It was absolutely delightful sitting outside under the porch as well. I was a little worried it might get too hot, as we have never actually had that many people over for a party before. At least not one that didn’t involve sitting in the dark playing board games 😛

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 2

It was decided that my pink room was where all the outfit shots should be. In hind sight, I wish I thought to move my ugly red washing basket from the shots! Lucky all the girls looked just beautiful anyway.

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 8 50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 9 50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 10 50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 11

Of course at the end we all grouped together in the garden for the obligatory group photo, and even Bella decided to be in it!

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 3

My first ever party at our new(ish) house was a complete success and as a result, it looks like we are now going to be hosting the annual Lolita community Halloween Meet. I can’t wait!

As for today, i look forward to spending the day at work with some of my favourite clients, and then going out for dinner with some close friends and family tonight.

Thanks for reading!


International Lolita Day at Astonish Cafe!

International Lolita Day at Astonish Cafe!


This year, our first International Lolita day meet was held at a place called Astonish cafe, in the city. We had all heard they did fantastic deserts, so of course we had to try it.

For my co-ord, I decided it was high time I stopped sulking about the fact that I accidentally bought they JSK of AP’s Cotton Candy Special Set instead of the Salophette, and just wear the damn thing (you can watch my un-boxing video here). It is such a gorgeous print, and was just going to waste sitting in my closet. SInce it is such a busy print, I decided to go with just simple make up, with my purple/brown toned wig.

International lolita day June 2015 1

After all the sulking I did, I was actually really please with how to JSK looked on me. I was secretly a little excited that it was actually pretty cold that day as well, because it meant I got to wear my recently acquired purple bunny jacket, which went so well with the dress.

International lolita day June 2015 5

I was running a little late (as always) as I had to get some cash out on the way, and when I arrived most of the girls were already there. It was such a cute little venue, done up all old worldy with vintage books, fire places and furniture. Was very dark inside though.

International lolita day June 2015 2

When it came time to order, I just couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted. This is apparently something that happens often, so they have a little tray you can order which has little mini samples of all the different soda’s they make. I’m so glad I got it, because not only was it adorable, but they were all so tasty! I also got a Pavlova which also came with home-made lemon sorbet, which was amazing.

International lolita day June 2015 4

It took them a fair while to bring all of our food out, and they forgot a few people which was unfortunate, but that gave us plenty of time for chatting and catching up. There were quite a few girls there that I hadn’t seen at a meet in ages, so it was good to catch up.

International lolita day June 2015 3

Once we were all done, we went outside for our group photo.

International lolita day June 2015 7

Then we all got a little silly taking selfies and more group shots 😛

International lolita day June 2015 6

I got a little creative after we took a dress print photo, and turned the camera around and took a photo upwards. Some of the faces the girls are pulling are just priceless!

International lolita day June 2015 8International lolita day June 2015 9

Did your community do anything special for International Lolita day?


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Lolita Virtual High Tea

Lolita Virtual High Tea


This Lolita meet was a bit different to what we are usually used to, because, well none of us actually had to go anywhere! It was kind of fantastic!

We had been having issues with some of the girls in the Adelaide Community, not being very active at meets as they lived super far out-of-town and couldn’t get to most of our events. So the lovely Nickie had a brilliant idea, and the virtual high tea was born!

The idea was, that we would all dress up in our Lolita, make ourselves a pot of tea then log onto a virtual chat room for a bit of a gossip via web cam.

I had been cleaning all morning, and hadn’t dressed up, as you can see in the picture below, but I still had some tea and put a giant pink head bow on with my blinged up head set. It totally still counts right?

For something a bit different to provide meet ups for loli’s who have trouble travelling, I thought it was a wonderful idea, and I had a great time getting to know some of the girls I had never managed to meet in real life yet.

Have you ever done anything like this in your community? What are your thoughts on it?

lolita virtual high tea


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Annual Adelaide Lolita Community Strawberry Picking Meet!

Annual Adelaide Lolita Community Strawberry Picking Meet!


A few weekends ago now, I was lucky enough to attend the Adelaide lolita communities annual strawberry picking meet! I was sooooo excited for this one for a few reasons. Its always one of the biggest events of the year (we had 26 of us!), so I get to hand out with all of the girls at the same time. I have managed to miss the past two strawberry picking meets, much to my dismay. Lastly, my dream dress Strawberries and ribbons by Angelic Pretty was the perfect print for the day!

lolita strawberry picking meet 2015 2lolita strawberry picking meet 2015 3

It was an absolute scorcher of a day (it was around the 35 degree’s Celsius mark!) so I decided to go light on some of the accessories. As I mentioned previously, I wore my Strawberries and Ribbons print from Angelic pretty. I opted to go for my clip in extensions to make the plates as it was to hot for a wig, and also decided on a plain ribbon in my hair instead of the big matching head piece. I chose my cute little red ribboned ankle socks from baby over the matching knee highs, again because of the heat. Lastly, my adorable strawberry wicker bag from Dangerfield. I completely forgot that Alycia also owned the same print in pink, so we ended up accidentally twinning 🙂

lolita strawberry picking meet 2015 1

Once we had all gathered together out the front we went inside to pay for our entry, then headed out to the strawberry fields. One of the photographers decided that lolita’s must grow in strawberry patches, because we all looked to adorable walking around in the patch in our strawberry prints.

lolita strawberry picking meet 2015 4

Once we were all done picking our strawberries, we headed in to hahndorf (which is a lovely little town in the hills that the strawberry farm is next to) for lunch at Herbees fairy garden cafe. They had a gorgeous set of wings painted on one of their walls, which is where the photo at the beginning of this post was taken. The staff at Herbees were all so excited about our outfits they had to take a photo of us all for their facebook page!

Such a lovely day was had by everyone, eating drinking and shopping. I am so glad I made it to this event finally. I can’t wait for next year!

International Lolita Day 2014

International Lolita Day 2014

After Missing last years even (for a reason I can’t currently remember) I was really looking forward to going to this years international Lolita day meet 🙂 I decided I would wear my dream dress, because I am still completely in love with it (I made it mine when I bought it from the Berrie cute girls at AVcon this year). It is the Strawberries and ribbons print from Angelic pretty, and I have it in yellow. For the first time ever, I wore circle lenses as well! Mr Tardo said they creeped him out, but I quite liked the effect. What do you think?

International Lolita day 2014 1

The meet this year was to be high tea at a gorgeous little cafe in the city called Birdcage. Angela and Kiri from the MORIPOP! Project organised the whole thing, and they did not disappoint, the settings were just beautiful 🙂

International Lolita day 2014 2 International Lolita day 2014 3

Upon arrival, we all got a glass of pink sparkling Champagne and a raffle ticket, before taking our seats at the table.

International Lolita day 2014 6

Then they started bringing out the food! Everything look just delicious, with all sorts of brightly coloured cakes and sandwiches.

International Lolita day 2014 4

As always, I had my own little plate of gluten-free snacks, which were surprisingly good, and super adorable too.

International Lolita day 2014 5

We spent the afternoon drinking tea, eating cakes and gas-bagging before we all got given special little presents depending on what number raffle ticket we had.

International Lolita day 2014 8

I got a super adorable pair of socks, that had little pink hearts all over them 🙂 Then of course, the obligatory group photo!

International Lolita day 2014 7

Once we were finished with our high tea, we went for a lovely walk through the gardens at the end of Rundle street and had a sit in the sun for a while. I got to use my new Polaroid camera to take a few shots of me and the girls for my wall, and then we thought we would get another group shot with some of the girls that turned up later.

International Lolita day 2014 9

I had such a lovely day, I can’t wait until next year 🙂

Sailor Jerry Invites you to a super secret lolita meet!

Sailor Jerry Invites you to a super secret lolita meet!

One of the Mods on the Adelaide Lolita Community Facebook page goes by the nickname Sailor Jerry. When it came her turn to organize a meet, she thought what better idea than a sailor themed meet at the Maritime museum! I thought it was such a great idea, I couldn’t wait to go! Now I was so silly, this meet actually happened the same weekend as Southern Blues, but I completely forgot about it until I was going through my photo’s the other day! With how busy we were and with me being so sick, it completely slipped my mind. But I thought I would share it now anyway, because it was such an adorable meet!


Now, I don’t actually own any sailor themed dresses so I decided I would wear my pink Chess Chocolate dress, as it is one of my favourites and I thought it looked a bit regimental with the buttons going up the front 🙂 All the other girls look just adorable! There was a whole lot of red and navy dresses worn out that day.


Christine, Britt and Kendelle all had the same sailor print from Leif, and look super cute as triplets!


And as always, Kiri and Angela were their adorable matching selves.


There was much silliness going on, and the whole trip was mostly used as a giant photo opportunity (no surprises there right?). Getting in those bunks for this “Lolita sailor slumber party” was interesting. Getting out even more so, there were petticoats flying everywhere!


More silly photo’s as we were sitting in one of the made up middle class rooms. I don’t know how they managed to travel for so long in such cramped conditions, it would have driven me crazy!


One of the highlights about the Maritime museum is that they actually have a full-sized boat in their main foyer! So after we had our fun being silly on board…

 037 043

…We got this lovely group shot of us all on the main deck 🙂


We went to a rather interesting cafe for lunch afterwards, then the others headed off for a walk along the pier. Since it was southern blues weekend for me and I still had dancing on that night, I had to bail on the rest of the afternoon in favor of going home for a well-earned nap!



Adelaide Hello Kitty Cafe

Adelaide Hello Kitty Cafe

First things first, let me get this out of the way… OH MY GOD OH MY GOD WE GOT A HELLO KITTY CAFE IN ADELAIDE!!!! SQUEEEEEE! YAY!

Ok… now I’ve got that out of my system, let me share with you. As you can imagine, this is possibly one of the greatest things that has happened in Adelaide for the Lolita community in a little while. We were more surprised than anyone when we found out that Australia’s first Hello Kitty Cafe would be opening in little old Adelaide and not Sydney or Melbourne. So of course, opening day, we had to be there.

First impressions when walking up to the cafe, there is a surprising lack of pink. Unlike me, as usual I was covered head to toe in the colour in my Angelic pretty hearts skirt. It was a super hot day for their soft opening, so I went for as little layers as possible, and no socks! How naughty!


All the decor inside and out is brown, yellow and different shades of grey, which actually looks rather lovely. They had hello kitty everywhere (obviously) including a big statue of hello kitty in the wait staff uniform at the door. It was so cute. On the walls inside, they had a heap of mirrors with hello kitty things like bows and whiskers stuck on them!


Considering how big the cafe is, and how busy they got in the short amount of time we were there, I was surprised to find that they only had one till. Since all the staff there were brand new, they were pretty slow at using it to. Fortunately, that is the only thing I could fault them on as everything else was just perfect!


As you can imagine, their entire menu mostly consisted of sweet things. We all dived in getting mocktails, iced coffee’s and little cakes etc. Christine ordered waffles, which even came out shaped like hello kitties head!


Mine was the one on the bottom left. I had a hello kitty head shaped macaroon, as well as this fizzy orange and mango mocktail thing which was just divine. Especially since it was so hot!


They were rather quiet about announcing their opening day, so when we heard about it there was a mad scurry to organize a meet, which is why there isn’t really as many of us as there usually is. I am sure there is going to be many more though. I am so excited to spend more time here! As we were leaving the owners came up and asked if they could get a group picture of us all for their Facebook page, and of course we obliged. They even gave us all their contact details so we could book a big table for ourselves next time we wanted to hold a meet there. SO exciting! ^_^