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Oz Asia Festival 2015

Oz Asia Festival 2015


I have never been to the Oz Asia Festival before, so when the Adelaide lolita community was invited to put on a parade, I was quite keen to be a part of it. We were supposed to be doing a parade on both the Saturday and Sunday, but I only Attended the Saturday.

Oz Asia Festival 2015 1

I wore my Cotton Candy Shop JSK, as dispite my initial reaction to it when I received it, it has fast become one of my favourite prints.Β It was a ridiculously hot day so instead of the matching OTK’s, I decided to go with some cute little ankle socks lest I die of heat exhaustion. Of course I brought along my lovely pink parasol, which was originally supposed to just be for show for the sake of the parade, but I actually ended up getting quite a lot of use out of it to keep the sun off.

Oz Asia Festival 2015 3 Oz Asia Festival 2015 4

The Oz Asia festival had set up this lovely Japanese inspired stage which they used to put on shows of different things relating to Japanese culture throughout the day. They had aΒ few different drumming and martial arts presentations before they had our little lolita parade.

Oz Asia Festival 2015 5

Everyone looked so beautiful all dolled up for the parade.

Oz Asia Festival 2015 11

Once it was all done, we wandered around and had a look through all the different places. They had a “Passport” you could get stamped when you went into each different country’s area.

Oz Asia Festival 2015 7Β Oz Asia Festival 2015 9

When we went to China, I found this place that sold these weird “J” shaped code things that got filled with ice cream, that happened to be gluten free! I just had to try one. One of my friends mentioned that the end of it looked like a butt hole, so we spent the rest of the day giggling about it.

Oz Asia Festival 2015 8

It was pretty darn tasty though, and being so hot it was nice to have some thing to cool me down.

I really hope we get asked back again next year a I had such a great time!


AVcon 2014 : Day 2

AVcon 2014 : Day 2


Day two of AVcon was again very Lolita filled (If you missed it, you can read about day one here). This time I was wearing my gorgeous new Snow White OP by Baby the stars shine bright that my lovely friend John got for me whilst visiting Japan. This is the first time I had worn it as I was saving it especially for the lolita parade, isn’t it just gorgeous?



I spent most of the morning wandering around with Mr Tardo looking through all of the stalls and watching the various LoL games. I also played a fair bit of Pokemon too πŸ™‚ Eventually it was time for marshaling for the parade so I went and met up with all the other excited Adelaide Lolita girls. Of course we had to have a group photo πŸ™‚


I was so in love with that little girls Dr Who co-ord that I wanted to buy one, but unfortunately her mother made it for her, and was not keen on making any more.

Once it was time to go in they seated us on the chairs to the left of the stage , it was really rather funny watching us all trying to squish ourselves into the tiny armed chairs with all our big puffy petticoats πŸ˜› Once it started, they called us all one by one to walk down the runway whilst the announcers explained to the crowd what we were wearing.

One of the official photographers snapped this one of me, I am so pleased with it πŸ™‚

Once we had all done our thing, they got us to line up together on the stage, and then go for one last lap. It would seem that the judges were having trouble deciding on a winner.




They decided that it was a tie between me and two other girls, and that they would leave it up to the crowd to decide. We all did another lap of the runway whilst everyone cheered, and guess what?


I won! In no small part to my super loud fiance and his friends ^_^ I won $200 cash and a $100 Madman voucher ( And I have no idea what to spend it on, so any suggestions would be great!)

After the parade, the Adelaide Lolita Comm ladies had organised a secret high tea for us in the maids cafe πŸ™‚ I was so hanging out for a cup of tea by this point I was super excited.



We had lovely cakes, prizes and even got to drink out of real china, which i thought was a nice touch for a convention meet.


This is pepper, one of the other girls who drew with me, isn’t she just the cutest?


The rest of the day was a bit of a blur, and over super fast. I went to see the AVcon cosplay comp, but I didn’t get any photos as we were seated way up the back of the arena. We also didn’t stay long, I hadn’t brought my glasses with me as I couldn’t fit them on my face with my huge fake eye lashes on and by the end of the day I was so tired my eye sight was so terrible I could hardly see anything anyway. So we left about halfway through to go and get sushi from the sushi train ^_^

I cant wait for next year!