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Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3

If you are anything like me, you have a long kawaii wishlist of things youΒ have just been pining over this year, but being the responsible adult that I am (don’t laugh!) have decided against spending all of your money on. It is times like these, we turn to the good man himself to make our kawaii wishlist dreamsΒ come true πŸ˜›

Dear Santa,

I believe that this year I have been a very good girl! (Well, mostly πŸ˜› ). Please put me on your list under nice, and help me be my super kawaii self next year byΒ climbing down my chimney (or, you know, dog door since we technically don’t have a chimney) and putting some of my super kawaii wishlist items under the christmas tree!

Lots of Love,


Yes? No? yeah, I wouldn’t fall for it either πŸ˜› It was worth a try! But hey, here is my list anyway.

iScream Nails full polish set and nail art book

I have been obsessing about the amazing pastel colours that these adorable ice cream shaped nail polishes come in since I first laid eyes on them on instagram. The pastel colours that they come in are just the perfects shades of everything, and they even have a nail art book to go with it. I am just dying to get my hands on the full set of colours so I can expand on my hand painted nail art. Everything I do right now is usually based around 3d nail art purely because I don’t own a great range of colours.

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | iScream nail art bookDreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | iScream full nail polish range

Gamer Crop top from Pastel Pixie

I wanted to take this one home with me when I went to their store up in Queensland. Unfortunately they had sold out and I never got the chance πŸ™ The precious will me mine on day!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Patel Pixie gamer crop


Ever since I got my hands on the Grand hotel Cafe Christmas box set I have been obsessed. The better than sex mascara is so darn good, and I have been in love with the pink and Chocolate Bon Bon palettes forever.

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Too Faced chocolate bar paletteDreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 |Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

Starry Party Pink Sleeveless Skater Dress From Holley Tea Time

gbh#ejvm&v!ele%saf……… words escape me to describe how freaking cute this dress from Holley tea Time is!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 |Holley Tea Time starry Party dress

Bait footwear Ione shoes in Pink/Lavender

I think these have been on my list for a few years now as they are just so cute. I love how the cut of them has a bit of a vintage flair, but they adorable pastel colouring keeps it super Kawaii. They look so comfy too!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | bait footware ione shoes in lavender and pink


The Sims 4 Stuff Packs!

I have been playing The Sims a fair bit as of late, and they have so many stuff packs out! I would love all of them so I can continue making my pink town the cutest place on earth <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | The Sims 4 expansion packs

This is one of those dresses (just like Cotton Candy Shop!) that I hated to begin with, but am now completely obsessed with. I want the salophette because the cut just looks too cute <3

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Chocolate Salopette

World Of Warcraft – Legion

For those of you that have been watching me stream WoW with my husband each night, you will know that I am currently playing my highest ever toon, a Lvl 84 Warrior. I will be hitting eng game content real soon, and I’m going to need to get this expansion if I want to keep going!

Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas | My Kawaii Wishlist <3 | WoW Legion

So that is my Christmas wishlist this year! What things are on your Kawaii Wishlist this Christmas?


Nail Art Of The Month | Crystal Nails, Big Bows And A LOT Of Glitter!

Nail Art Of The Month | Crystal Nails, Big Bows And A LOT Of Glitter!

Nail Art Of The Month | Crystal Nails, Big Bows And A LOT Of Glitter!

Ok so maybe this isn’t nail art from just the past month. Maybe, just maybe I have been a terrible blogger and haven’t posted my nail art in a while. oops.

Lately, I have been all about the crystal nails look, ever since I saw it onΒ tres_sheΒ on Instagram. I fell in love right away and knew I had to try it. So I jumped online and purchased myself some shiny things and have been having a ball with it since.

Nail Art Of The Month | Oh So Kawai | Pink + Purple Crystal Nails with bows and heart diamonties

I think these are my favourite version of this so far. I love the shades of pink and purple and the little heart rhinestones are just too cute. One thing I have been meaning to retry this with is doing my own bows. I like the effect the bows add to the nails, but using pre made ones are a little annoying as they stick out and I am forever getting them stuck in my hair.

Nail Art Of The Month | Oh So kawaii | New 2 tones bows and flower petals

I have been so into trying out new things lately. I watched a tutorial online for a different type of bow to what I usually do and wanted to give it a go. I have never tried two tone acrylic sculpting before, but I think it came out ok. I tried a new way of doing it this time, so rather than sculpting the bows and flower petals right onto my nail, I used a rounded surface that i could move about to make them and then stuck them onto the nails. i think I will definitely have to give that one another go, because it made life so much easier being able to move the surface about in more directions than my hand can bend πŸ˜›

Nail Art Of The Month | Oh So Kawaii | Purple glitter nails with hear crystals and pink diamonties

…aaannnddd enter the glitter. When I ordered all of the crystal foils, I also bought a bunch of super cute glitters as well! This purple was just too gorgeous to not cover everything in, so… well, I covered everything in it lol.

Nail Art Of The Month | Oh So Kawaii | Pretty blue glitter nails with pink foils and big 3d bows

This is the second glitter that I ordered, but I tried to not go too over board with it on this set. I wanted to have two different colours and to use a bunch of different coloured diamonties to my usual pink/clear combination. I hadn’t done proper bows on my nails in quite a while, so I thought I would throw a few in there for good measure πŸ™‚

Nail Art Of The Month | Oh So Kawaii | Matte pink nails with pink glitter and 3d nail art bows and heart rhinestones

Last but not least, we have this super adorable set that I did on my sister-in-law when she came over from Melbourne to visit us for the weekend. She wanted something cute and matte with bows and diamonties. She love pink about as much as I do, so we went for this gorgeous shade with a bit of glitter thrown in. I am super pleased with how these turned out, I might have to do a set on myself! πŸ˜›

What do you prefer, crystal or glitter nails? Let me know in the comments below!



Holy technical difficulties!

Holy technical difficulties!


Oh my lordy, it has been way to long since I posted on here, and for that, I am truly sorry! Life became reasonably more complicated than I had ever anticipated and then I started having some serious technical difficulties in regards to the site. Its been quite the disaster, but I think I am slowly managing to put it back together.

You see, Shortly after the wedding, I started having some family issues. I was originally planning to write an essay on what happened and share a bunch of my feelings with you all after being inspired to do so by dorkface’s 2am existential crisis, but have since decided that the story really isn’t worth my time or yours. So in short, things got shit for a while, but now they are much much better.

I quit my job! (!!!!! πŸ˜€ )

Which is a thing I have been thinking about for a long time now, but finally reached the point where I had had enough back in August. It was the greatest feeling in the world and not only has it taken a lot of unnecessary stress off my shoulders, it has also opened up a lot of new opportunities for me that I never before though possible. I have picked up some casual work with two different companies in the disability sector, and I have also started up my own business. I have to keep it all hush hush for the time being as it is still under development, but I can’t wait to share what I am doing with you all!

I have also started learning how to code properly. It has been something I have always had an interest in since I was a teenager, and have managed to self teach myself enough to put together a blog. My knowledge of how and why things work though are patchy at best, so I figured it was about time I learned properly πŸ™‚ I enrolled in an online course and have been chipping away at it slowly at night and so far am really enjoying it.

As for the technical difficulties that in itself was just a nightmare. This blog was originally hosted by Hostgator, and has been for a really long time (and they are great), but their servers are in the USA and their prices were in USD which was starting to make them quite expensive for an Aussie such as me. So I decided to find myself and Australian host that would be a bit cheaper and move over to them. Enter Ehost, my host as we are now. Suuppperrr cheap hosting and their interface is really nice, but gosh have I had a time of it trying to move my whole blog over to them from Hostgator :S In the end it has taken me over a month to get everything transferred over, and some of you may have have noticed that the site was down for a good week in there somewhere. I still haven’t got everything back to how it was, but it is close enough.

So, new jobs, new company, new skills and new hosting. Its been a big few months for trying new things, but I am so glad that I have. I feel as though I am starting to discover myself as my own person and to walk a path of my own choosing. I am so excited. Life is pretty sweet!

So what else is new?

Apart from the main drama of my life, there have been a few things happen lately that I never got around to sharing with you. One of the big ones was…


I know right?! So freaking cool. I pretty much lost my ever loving shit when I got the phone call. I will share all the juicy details in my next post πŸ˜‰

  • I changed all my social media tags so they all match each other.

In light of having to pick a username for PAX, I did a lot of thinking and finally picked a username I don’t hate. So I have updated literally everything to the same name, so you can find me with ease across all your favourite social networks πŸ˜› We are talking Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, PinterestΒ and Sing! You will now find me across the board as:



  • I started a new nail business (Which is not the one I was referring to above, so I guess that makes two then!)

You can find Oh So Kawaii Nails at the Facebook page below. Currently I am only doing nails locally, but plan to expand into doing press on nails to ship very soon. If you are interested in a set of these nails, or have a particular design you think I should start with, I would love to hear it in the comments below!


  • I’m starting up a You Tube channel!

Lol I know, i hope this isn’t another one of the things I decide is a great idea that then promptly dies in the ass too. I have had a few requests from people on facebook asking me why i didn’t have one, so I though why not?! I plan to start by making one introducing myself, as well as a new room tour video, but after that I’m not sure what direction to go in. If you have any suggestions or special requests, of video’s you would like me to make, I would love to hear it πŸ™‚ I will put a new post up with the channel link once I have my first video up! So keep an eye on the blog and socials πŸ™‚

  • I have started playing WoW again. Lol.

I know I am really bad for picking up games and letting them take over my life. But I had a bunch of friends that have been playing for ages, and Legion just looked so cool, and its all so different to last time I started playing. *Sigh* I have been really enjoying playing it again. Mr Tardo and I have been playing together and it has been great fun πŸ™‚ We play Horde on Nagrand, so If you would like to play with me leave me a comment below ^_^


I’ll try my hardest to not leave Oh So Kawaii to be so neglected again<3



Kawaii Nail art: Creations since the beginning of the year

Kawaii Nail art: Creations since the beginning of the year


Yeah I know, I have been so slack about posting. I am really super naughty. Although I did go on several hiatus’, I have still been doing various nail art designs, when I could be bothered πŸ˜› so I have a heap of new super kawaii nail artΒ to show you since my last post back in November!

I went through a phase where all I wanted was block coloured nails with nothing fancy, then I went through another phase where I just couldn’t be bothered with them at all, so I had no nails on for a while there. But then I discovered the magical world of SNS, fell in love and have been playing with it ever since. It’s so light and strong, and goes on so thin they almost feel natural. They are supposed to be better for your nails that both Gel and acrylic, and the best part is (for me anyway) no allergic reaction! woo! I used to have to be so careful about what acrylic products I used or it would make my hands itch, but SNS causes non of that.

Anyway, enough of me rambling, onto the kawaii nail art!

Hot pink Barbie nail polish
Not really nail art I know, but I just had to share because this is just the perfect shade of Barbie pink, don’t you think?! I was so in love with it, this was one of the plain block colours I wore for a while.
Crystal dream carnival lolita nail art
This is a set of nails I did for a Lolita photo shoot I did a little while ago. I had just received my Crystal Dream Carnival Set in the mail, and the shoot was going to be my first time wearing it, and I was just obsessed. This I did using SNS as the base nail, and then I decorated using different Gel colours and some pearl’s I had in the salon.
kawaii Pastel galaxy nails nail art
Pastel galaxy nails! Gosh how I loved these! There was a tutorial going around a little while ago on how to do these, and I swear I got tagged in it on Facebook more times than I can remember, so in the end I decided I needed to give them a go. As the video instructed I did these using various Gel colours, and I was so pleased with the results.
Kawaii pastel melting nail art
I don’t remember the occasion, but these nails I did to match my Milky Planet JSK, because melty anything is just way to adorable. These were actually quite simple. I used SNS for the base nail, and then painted the design on using normal nail polish and an art brush.
kawaii pink and sparkly 3d nail art
These were my “I wants pretty nails but I just can’t be bothered” nails. Lol. I painted my nails a pretty pearly white, then stuck rhinestone’s on in almost a firefly design. They were super cute, but I didn’t end up having them on very long. The metal bows drove me crazy as they kept getting stuck in my hair.
Kawaii Pink aquarium 3d nail art
These are the totally all the rage right now aquarium nails! These were another design that people kept tagging me in on Facebook that I decided to give a try. They were so cute, but the aquarium bit made them so thick, and they eventually leaked. Sigh. I will have to try this one again I think, but not bad as a first go I think! Check out the video i took of that balls moving around inside the nail below!

A video posted by Sarah (@missvenusfury) on


Nail Art of November

Nail Art of November


As always, my nail post is a little late πŸ˜› I actually have a good reason for it this time though! My first set I have to show you was actually a Kris Kringle present, and I had to wait until after I had given it to her before I posted them because I think she might read my blog πŸ˜›

AP Polka Dot Chocolate Nail art

These ones I made especially for Chelsea (or, Pocket Sized Vampire Pandah) to match her new Polka Dot Chocolate Salophette I know she just got πŸ˜› I’m *okay* with how they came out, but I think they could have been better. It was a last minute idea to make some to put in with my other Kris Kringle goodies, and the only brown acrylic I had, which of course I have never used, was horrible. But I still think they are pretty cute. I hope she liked them!

Pink sparkly Barbie nail art

Woo! Barbie nails! I discovered the wonders of shiny tape as they had a bunch of them for sale at the salon suppliers. Its been ages since I did my nails with a coloured tip instead of just plain, soI thought I would mix it up a bit. I have used heaps of this colour in the past because it is just a great coloured pink, with glitter in it, althought I usually use it to make pretty bows. Of course I put MORE glitter over the top, because GLITTER! ^_^ I’m not so good at putting the tape on though, I think it only lasted a few days before it all came off. oh well, more practice I think.

Rainbow nail art

Next up is this cool rainbow design I did on myself before running off to Melbourne Lindy Exchange πŸ˜› after having my barbie nails for a week, I had managed to destroy the pink tape. Plus I remembered how much I hate have squared nails these days, so I filed them back into stiletto’s and painted over them. I have been seeing so many video’s going around Facebook on how to do the thing with the sponge, so I just had to try it. I think next time I’ll do the lines a little smaller and maybe the nails a little bigger, because you cant see the yellow or blue on either end very well.

Pink and purple nail art

Ok, so maybe I really like the sponge thing. This time just pink and purple, with a different coloured base. The purple is quite pale but I really like them πŸ™‚ and of course, glitter. Because I really can’t do my nails without having something shiny on them!

adelaide crows nail art 2

This next set is one I did for one of my clients. Personally, I am not much of a football fan and the colours are horrible, but thought I would share anyway. She wanted “Adelaide Crows” nails that were still a bit girly, so this is what I came up with πŸ˜› Not too bad I think!

That’s all for this month! I hope you have liked my nails of November!

And remember, if you havent already, please vote for me in the Kawaii International dolly contest so I can come one of their Kawaii leaders! All you have to do is click on the image below, and like my picture. Thank you! ^_^



Nail Art of October

Nail Art of October

I have been so amazingly slack with my nails as of late! I have to admit though, the ones I have done have turned out pretty damn cool πŸ˜› What do you think?

These ones, I had just come home from a work trip up to Mt Gambier, and so I had all my nail equipment in my car. One lazy Sunday afternoon I thought I would have a play, since I was desperate try out my nail stampers on me again. I was in a GLUE ALL OF THE THINGS on to my fingers kind of a day, and I love love love how they came out. I kept getting the bows stuck in my hair though.
These started off somewhat basic, just pink and purple glitter as I wanted to be a little bit girly for my mums birthday. But then PAX came around, and I couldn’t be bothered redoing them, so I stuck on some diamonds and a hot pink bow and TA-DA prettier nails πŸ˜› The bow drove me crazy though.
These are actually just party tips I did on myself because I was feeling SUPER lazy. I had done a similar set on my friend Zoe a few days prior, only hers were french. They looked so cool I just had to do it on myself. Plus, I got to use my stamper πŸ˜›


lol, after reading these back, i’m going to have to remind myself next time – DON’T stick anything big to your middle finger. It’ll dive you crazy.

So tell me, which ones are your favorites?


Nail art from June- September

Nail art from June- September


It has been a while since I uploaded recent nail art, so this one is a biggy πŸ˜› I have some new interesting stuff, as I got this cool new nail art tool somewhere in the middle there.

Nail art june-sep 15 7
These are the nails that I did for AVcon this year! I needed something cute and pink that would go with both my Milky Planet and My cotton candy shop prints, and this is what I ended up with. I quite liked it, as I think the pearls made it look quite classy.
Nail art june-sep 15 8
This isn’t a great photo as I didn’t think to take a picture straight after I did them. I did these just after I got my new nail art stamper at the show, so I was just playing around with some of the patterns. I just love the lace print patterns, it is so much easier than hand painting lace, and so much more detailed. Look at the tiny bows!
Nail art june-sep 15 9
Something a bit simple and gothic. I had a vampire themed photo shoot and needed something that would match all my vampy stuff πŸ™‚
Nail art june-sep 15 1
This is a set I did on one of my clients, it had been a while since I tried doing 3d flowers, so I was really pleased with how these came out.
Nail art june-sep 15 2
This is a set I did on my brothers girlfriend. I think they look so elegant. It was a color I have never thought to use before (she picked it), but I am pleased with the overall effect.
Nail art june-sep 15 3
so much pink and purple! πŸ˜› I was having one of those completely over the top days, and just had to have nails to match. Thus these babies were born, with glitter, bling and bows. OH MY!
Nail art june-sep 15 4
These came about because I rediscovered some nail stickers I bought whilst Mr Tardo and I were in the USA last year that I had completely forgotten about. I put a bit of glitter over the top and then sealed them with a gel top coat, and the actually lasted a reasonably long time. I don’t tend to use nail covers like this, cos I find I trash them in about three seconds flat. The top coat seemed to help that a lot πŸ™‚
Nail art june-sep 15 5
I found a heap of packets of these cute little glitter bows at a cheap store in the city, so naturally I bought them out πŸ˜› I love these glitter bows, they are so pretty. Plus, they go well on most things. Like these nails, so much pink!
This set of nails was actually a commission from a friend of mine. She does a killer Pokemon trainer Elsa cosplay, and wanted some nails to match!

and that’s it as far as nails for the past few months. I have been rather busy πŸ˜› So, which ones are your favorites and why? πŸ™‚

Nail Art of May

Nail Art of May


pink and purple bling pinstripe 3d nail art
Not gunna lie, these I am pretty proud of. Inspiration finally struck when I finally found the time to sit down for a few hours.These are a mixture of several different things. Metal bling decals, pink, purple and silver crystals, white acrylic hearts and of course giant glittery pink bows. I love them ^_^
simple pink glitter nail art
This first set I must admit, not some of my best work. I bought this pack of three nail polishes from supre on impulse when I went in there to buy tank tops a little while ago. I mostly just liked the look of the pink glitter, and it was $5. Don’t Judge me ok?! πŸ˜› I had gotten sick of my long nails and wanted something quick, and thus this was born. it’s not THAT bad I suppose. They didn’t last long though.
Matte pink and white nail art with stripes
Next up we have this design. After using the glitter and bright colours with the matte top coat previously,I still really liked the look it gave. SO I thought I would try this. Kinda hated it, so I only ended up doing one hand. Now looking back, it is a kinda pretty design. I was just being a fussy bitch that day πŸ˜›
pink glitter matte comic book cartoon nail art
This is what followed the striped design. I wasn’t 100% happy with how they came out, but they were better than the previous design so I kept them on for a little while. Again I used a pretty pink colour, with glitter over the top then the matte top coat. Then I used some nail art pens to paint the details on over the top.
New Nail Art!

New Nail Art!

Hey guys, here is a collection of my most recent nail art that I have done for various things πŸ™‚ I hope you like them! Let me know which ones are your favourites in the comments πŸ™‚

pink dripping paint nail art
These I am in two minds about. One of the girls I follow on instagram posted up this pic of these super long clear false nails that had this super cool looking white dripping pain design on them, so I thought I would try it out myself. These are actually acrylic as I got some clear tips in for doing nails not long ago. I thought it was a cute idea, but I don’t think I made my nails long enough to quite pull off the look. So I only ended up doing one hand, took a few photo’s and then took it off. I was in a fussy mood that day. I would love to know what you guys think of it though. Do you like this design?
gothic crosses and spider webs nail art
These are a little different from what I usually do, as you all know I am usually a fan of brighter colours πŸ˜› This set I did on one of our clients down in Mt Gambier. She is a big fan of all things AC-DC and asked me to do something “gothic” on her nails. As a first go at spider webs I thought they came out rather well πŸ™‚
holigraphic butterfly wings nail art
These were another set I did down in Mt Gambier, only this time on one of our lovely staff Sharleen. SHe is terrible at making up her mind about what she wants on her nails, so after 10 minutes of going through pictures, I ended up saying keep still and I’ll just make them pretty. SO we ended up with blue holographic butterfly wings. I am so please with how these came out. I have done something similar on her previously, but with different colours. I think I got it down pat a bit better this time, and I am super happy with the end result.
Pastel matte glitter nail art
This was me just mucking around with colours for easter. As you can see I was in one of my impatient moods and managed to bump them about a dozen times before they had finished drying. oops. For these, I used a bunch of different pastel colours I had in the beauty room, then I put on a coat of glitter over the top. For once, not happy with how shiny they were, I decided to put a matte top coat on. I really love the effect it made on them, kinda makes them look like easter eggs I think! ^_^ I ended up re-doing them later on in the day since I wrecked them all so badly, but this time I just did them all purple with the glitter, because that one was my favourite πŸ™‚
Super Shiny New Nails

Super Shiny New Nails

Just a quick one today πŸ™‚ I have been so busy with TAFE lately that I haven’t had time to do my nails all that often as I would have liked, but I have a few new designs to share with you. Hope you like them!

black and pink lace nails

This design I came up with because I wanted something a little more basic and not as 3D as I usually do my nails. I really liked these, and I think I might do them again, most because I didn’t keep them this way for very long.

Chess Chocolate Nails

I did this set not long after the first design. I did these to match my Chess Chocolate dress, which i wore to our Lovely Pairs Lolita Valentines Day Meet.

Bling Nails

Since I managed to trash my chess chocolate nails pretty quickly (the gold hearts were just cut outs from gold paper and died pretty quick unfortunately), these babies were next. After out Valentines day meet, we all went for a wander around the shops, and I found packets of these bad boys for super cheap. So i bought a whole heap of them and of course had to try them right away. For something so chunky, they stayed on really well. That is until they started to drive me crazy and I pulled them all off. Now I have no fake nails on at all.