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Kawaii.i Fashion Contest: My kawaii personal style VOTE FOR ME!

Kawaii.i Fashion Contest: My kawaii personal style VOTE FOR ME!


I entered the Kawaii international “My personal kawaii style” contest to be one of the next kawaii leaders. With literally like hours to go until the cut off deadline lol. Better late than never though right? This is the picture I entered with:

Vote for OhSoKawaiiXoxo in the My personal kawaii style contest

Vote for OhSoKawaiiXoxo

Do you like it? This is one of the pictures my darling husband took of me as we were shopping our way through Tokyo. I believe it was taken in Shibuya’s WC store just after I bought that jumper. I was struggling to decide what picture to use that would best represent “My personal Kawaii style” because for me its such a broad subject that changes a lot depending on my mood and what I happen to be doing on that day. I went with this one because I thought it was the best representation of my “everyday” kind of kawaii style. My work keeps me on my feet almost always, and I work a lot. So when I am out and about I like to be kawaii AND comfortable.

I like platform sneakers because they make me just that little bit taller (I’m on 5’2) and the right ones are super comfy to run around in all day. I think I own that pleated skirt in every colour of the rainbow, so its one of my go to garments, plus I can never go past some knee-high socks.

I think this is the best representation of my style at the moment, and I am really glad I got the chance to enter the contest. If you like my style too, I would really appreciate it if you would send a vote my way. Since I chose to enter right at the very last-minute (like a big dummy) I am quite behind on the public vote.

If you do want to vote for me, Thanks! But make sure you listen up now, because voting can be a little bit tricksy. First of all, you need to click on the link below to open up the woo-box page with my picture on it.

This link right here! Click on me!

Then you wan to look down the bottom of the blank white bit tot he right. you should see three round buttons. The first two will enable you to share my picture on Facebook, and Twitter. You don’t have to do this, although it would be greatly appreciated if you would con your friends into sending me a vote as well πŸ˜› The button that is most important is the thumbs up on the right. Your going to want to click on that. But wait! You’re not done yet. They couldn’t possibly make it that easy πŸ˜› When you click on the thumbs up, a little blue box saying “Like” is going to pop up. You need to make sure you click on that little guy to make your vote count. Then that’s it, your done!

You have now earned all of my gratitude and thanks. That was easy! But seriously, I do really appreciate the time you have spent reading through this post and humoring me as I am being a little ridiculous.

One last time… vote for OhSoKawaiiXoxo to be a Kawaii Leader!


Btw, I have totally entered this comp before, a few years ago. The blog post about it is here. Do you think I have levelled up or nah?

Much love guys, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Happy Birthday to Me Giveaway!

Happy Birthday to Me Giveaway!

Happy birthday to me 103…. well, not quite, but it feels like it some days πŸ˜› It occurred to me the other day, that I have had this blog going on 3 years soon, and not once have I ever celebrated my blogerversary. Terrible I know. So, since today is my actual real life birthday, I thought I should celebrate both and have a little give away πŸ™‚

I have finally finished updating my shop with all the awesome new stuff I made to sell at Avcon. I went a little over board, so there is so many cool new necklaces that have been added.

Click here to check out the store!
Birthday Giveaway!
Adorable food necklaces, Rilakkuma cupcake charms and macaroons
Birthday Giveaway!
How adorable are these marvel charms? Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and the green Lantern!
Birthday Giveaway
So many My Little Pony Necklaces!
Birthday Giveaway!
And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without some Hello Kitty!

So now the technical stuff. This giveaway is international, so anyone who wants to join in can πŸ™‚ If you unlike me as soon as you have entered you will be disqualified. I will be contacting the winner as soon as possible after the giveaway has ended, so make sure you are contactable! If I don’t get an answer from the winner within three days, a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck!

Oh So Kawaii Store Giveaway

Day Dreaming in Pink

Day Dreaming in Pink

So it is almost midnight. And a school night too! Why on earth am I still awake? Well, as mentioned a little while ago in my post “Under Contract Baby!” Mr Tardo and I have been in the process of buying a house. That was a month ago, and now settlement is at 11.30 tomorrow morning and I am wwwaayyyyy to excited to sleep! I have been dreaming of having the ultimate pink room all for my own ever since I was a teenager, and now it is within my grasps to make it a reality. So naturally instead of getting sleep like I should, I have been endlessly searching Pinterest for the perfect way to pink up my beautiful 2.68 x 3.68 meter room. I do appreciate that I will own a whole house, but there is only so much adorable the ever tolerant Mr Tardo can handle.

Since sleep is clearly not going to be a thing tonight, I thought I would share some of my plans with you all! (Btw, all these photo’s have shamelessly been lifted from pinterest. The board is here if you would like to have a look for yourself)

First of all, I just love the idea of all of the walls being pink! I have decided I am going to have three walls a light baby pink sort of colour, and then a hot pink feature wall.

This is not quite the pinks I have in mind, but you get the idea πŸ™‚ I actually went to Bunnings with mother this afternoon and she helped me pick out some sample colours to test on the walls.

Next idea that I really like, is having white furniture up against said pink walls. I think the contrast between the two colours is just beautiful.

Now THAT’S the kind of pink I was talking about!

Unfortunately, as some of you may have noticed from some of my instagram photo’s taken in my bedroom – my furniture isn’t white. I plan to have a vanity in the new room, which will consist of a beautiful big white mirror I permanently borrowed from my mum a few years ago, hanging on top of a small desk I own. I will also have my computer desk to hold my already completely blinged up gaming monster. Since it’s only two pieces that aren’t already white, I have decided that I am going to paint them! I just ordered these gorgeous heart-shaped draw knobs off etsy today and I think once they are all put together it will look just darling.

I am also a huge toy/adorable things collector, and although my collection is not quite as awesome as the one in the picture below, I really do like the idea of having everything on shelves covering one of the walls. The wall I plan to have as the hot pink feature wall is going to have the white vanity up against it, and then I plan to get a whole bunch of shelving to put on the rest of the wall surrounding it.

I really like the way these shelves look, so I think I will try to buy/make my shelving quite similar, only white so it stands out on the pink walls.

As for curtains, I really love this design. They looks so adorable and Angelic Pretty-esque. There is no way I am going to be able to find pre made curtains like this anywhere in Adelaide, so I am adding this to my do-it-later plan. Hopefully I can convince my mother and lovely sewing friends to help me make some πŸ™‚

There are so many other little things I want to fix and change. Light fittings, rugs, pictures desk chairs. I am going to pink ALL-OF-THE-THINGS and I am so excited about it! Watch this space for updates! I should really go and attempt sleep…

Give away time!

Give away time!

I am sponsoring Β an awesome kawaii give away on xo Mia! One lucky winner will receive in the mail, one of our melty summer tops, a macaroon necklace as well as some super adorable whipped cream earrings!


To enter, all you have to do is head over to xo Mia and use the rafflecopter widget at the end of her post! Make sure you get in quick, as the give away will end on the 31st of January. Good luck!

xo Mia
Oh So Kawaii is getting a make over!

Oh So Kawaii is getting a make over!

Brace yourself people! I have been given a bit of help by the lovely Marie from Miss JediflipΒ to redesign a few things around here at Oh So Kawaii and my gosh has she done an amazing job! so watch as things slowly change, and once its all done I’ll share with you an awesome before and after picture! πŸ™‚

In other news, tonight I am going to go see a new blues band that my brother has been raving about. They are called Mojo Juju, and if the things Andy has linked me on you tube of their music, it is gearing up to be a rather epic night! I cant wait! Check it out!

Blog Lovin’

Blog Lovin’

I just discovered blog lovin’, which by the way I think is awesome. I just got the app on my iPad, and the thought that i can now read my favourite blogs over breakfast without to much effort actually makes me a little excited.
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Naturally I claimed this blog on it, so follow me ya’ll πŸ™‚