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Hello this is Sarah speaking. I’m sorry you are who? NO WAY! Hang on, you want me to what?! Me, be in the omegathon? are you serious? Do I want to? FUCK YEAH I DO! I mean, sorry, yes please that would be amazing. My email address? sure. You’ll send me the details this afternoon? wonderful, I’ll keep an eye out for the email. OMG thank you so much. I can’t wait to meet you either. BYE!

*internal screaming* *massive excitement* *extreme freak out* *SQUEE!* WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?! OMG DID I JUST GET INTO THE OMEGATHON? HOLY SHIT. I need to call my husband.

lol, that was pretty much how it went down when I got the phone call. Yes, I actually got picked to be a contestant in the Omegathon at PAX Aus this year. I know right? What are the chances of that happening? I had been pottering around the house cleaning when I got a random call from an international number. When I answered it and it was one of the organisers of PAX I couldn’t believe my ears at first! After mumbling out a few star struck almost unintelligible yes’ and word vomiting my email address at him, the conversation ended and I frantically started dialling Riccardo and then my brother to tell them what had just happened.


Everything since then has happened pretty quickly. I was emailed with a consent form I had to fill out, sign and email back, there was a questionnaire to fill out for the PAX schedule books, and I had to send them a head shot for the posters. Man, I think I took about a thousand photo’s trying to get a good one. I kept getting more and more frustrated as my phone camera was just not doing any good, and it was starting to rain outside and take away all my light. In the end, my lovely neighbour came over with his good camera and took a few shots for me and I settled on this one.

ohsokawaiixoxo PAX Aus 2016 omegathon photo

I swear it was the only one I took where I managed to not pull a stupid face. It wasn’t until after I had sent the photo in and it was too late to change it that I realised I have lipstick on my teeth lol.  Oh well worse things have happened, right? Hopefully it looks ok and not to many people notice! I can’t believe my face is going to be on a bunch of posters. This is just wild.

Once the initial shock had worn of, then I started to have a freak out. I had a bit of a google to find out how the competition usually goes down and what to expect. I was soon added to the Omeganaut group on Facebook, where I was shown an awesome video of what to expect and given tips on how to best take my photo. Al the previous Omeganauts are super nice, and I have spoken to a few of the new PAX Aus ones as well. Everyone is really friendly, which is nice.

Now I am just stuck with the panic of, OMG I HAVE SO MUCH PRACTICE TO DO. I have been waiting with bated breath to find out what the game line up will be, so I can make sure I have at least played each one of them before so I don’t look like a stunned goose in the comp. I have decided I am not aiming too high, although enthusiastic and eager, I am not the greatest gamer in the world. My aim is to not get knocked out in the first round 😛 I think it is a good goal.

One of the good points about this whole thing is that I have been forced to finally settle on a tag that I like. I have never been the hugest fan of “venusfury”. I picked it as a nickname a long time ago for a burlesque performance I was in, and it just kind of stuck. Though I never really thought it suited me all that well. I figured that Oh So Kawaii has been my catch line for so long now, that I might as well use it. So I have finally decided on “OhSoKawaiixoxo” as my tag, and as I mentioned in my previous post, I have changed all of my socials to reflect this.

Since I have never actually watched any of the Omegathon in previous years ( 2014/2015), my question for you guys now is:

What should I do to prepare myself for the Omegathon? Any tips on games I should play, or skills I should work on to best help me not suck at this too badly? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


PAX Aus 2015

PAX Aus 2015


I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get to this since PAX Aus was in the beginning of November last year! But hey, like I always say, better late than never right? 😛 So here is how it all went down…

Day One

PAX 2015 1

I was so excited to wear this coordinate for the first day of PAX! Mostly, because I had just got my fancy paper dolls set in the mail a few days before we left, and I hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet. It was a dream dress get, so I was super pleased it arrived in time!

PAX 2015 6

We spent most of the first day walking around the main room just looking at all the stuff. They had this cool super Mario brothers set up, I just had to get a photo in the pipe! There were so many huge stalls and big name games in the main hall that Mr Tardo and I were like kids in a candy store 😛 We spent most of the first day just wandering around looking at stuff.

PAX 2015 5

We did however go to one panel. It was game of D&D, with Audience participation.  It only went or about an hour, but I was in stitches the whole time. I was hilarious!  They had us live tweeting idea’s for each character using the #liveRPGplus has tag, here was some of my input:

liveRPGPlus tweets

To check out the rest of the tweets, click here.

PAX 2015 4PAX 2015 3

I also found a place nearby that made truly amazing caramel macaroons. I was naughty and went back and got one every day, and by the end of the holiday one of the guys working there recognized me and gave me a second one for free ^_^ yay Macaroons!

I managed to snap the strap on the shoes I was wearing halfway through the day, so I headed back to the hotel for an outfit change. Which then turned into playing with my newly purchased head set, and having a nap 😛

PAX 2015 7

Day Two

Day two I was in such a rush to get out the door (Mr Tardo was adamant he wanted to get there early), that I completely forgot to take an outfit shot! This is the only selfie I managed to get when I remembered later on in the day 😛 I wore my adorable blue toy parade mini skirt, my tea party blouse and a pink cardigan.

PAX 2015 21

Since we were up early, Mr Tardo and I, and a few of the friends we were sharing our apartment with went out for breakfast 🙂

PAX 2015 8 PAX 2015 9

Most of the second day for me was spent playing board games, and running around collecting QR codes. I managed to find them all last year, but alas I missed 2 of them this year.

PAX 2015 12

Zombiecide was one of my favourite games of the day. I had heard so much about it, and it did not disappoint!

Day Three

For the last day I decided to go all out on the coordinate, so OTT sweet with my pink Milky Planet was what i decided to wear. I have the matching everything for my milky planet set, including the super adorable upside down ice cream headband ^_^

PAX 2015 14

The sunday was a big day for cosplay, but strangely enough I didn’t take all that many photos. Our two friend Tom and Katey went as waring DOTA characters, just because they thought it would be cute to walk around holding hands dressed as them. I am so sorry, but I cannot actually remember the characters names! There was also this hilarious  “Floreda” cosplay from the Simpsons that I just had to get a photo of it was so great.

PAX 2015 10PAX 2015 11

The only panel we made it to on the last day was “The worst games ever created” panel. They were all x-box games, and included titles such as duke nuke’m and star trek the game. Pimp my ride kinda won as the worst game ever though. It was pretty funny watching the guest panelists play them though.

PAX 2015 13

On the last day I finally ran into some other Lolita’s, who all looked just stunning and were lovely to chat with. Charlotte in the middle is actually from the Adelaide Comm 🙂

PAX 2015 15

After lunch Katy and I decided to ditch the boys and go try out the “Paint n Take”.

PAX 2015 16

I picked what looked like some sort of sorcerer, and of course painted her all in pin and purple. Katy went for more of a warrior, but he had to be pink also 😛

PAX 2015 17 PAX 2015 18 PAX 2015 19

Then of course we ended the day off with some more board games. I forget the name of this one, although it was quite similar to Incan Gold, was super fun and the art work was so pretty.

PAX 2015 20

Just as they were starting to kick us out, I got talking into buying a little card game called “F**k, the game” which is a little card game that uses colours and swear words to help train your brain. I am so glad I bought it, it’s so funny to play, especially with drunk people.

And that was PAX Australia for 2015! Mr Tardo and I have already got our tickets for next year, as it is becoming a rather un missable event for us! 🙂


PAX Australia 2014

PAX Australia 2014

So a few weeks ago now, PAX Aus hit Melbourne. Riccardo and I were lucky enough to have snagged ourselves tickets (they had sold out in 24 hours a whole YEAR before the event!), and we were so excited for it!  As you have probably read from some of my previous posts by now (1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ), I had previously been in Wellington for a dancing event. I had organised to fly into Melbourne around about the same time as Mr Tardo so we could meet up and then go and find the hotel together. We were lucky enough to snag an apartment in the Key west building just down the road from the convention centre, as Mr tardo’s dad owns an apartment in there. So we did what most people would do – filled it full of our friends 😛 There was 8 of us staying there all up and it was so lovely.

Getting into the convention the first day was just crazy. There was people everywhere! They had big holding pens (for lack of a better word) where they got everyone lining up before doors opened. I particularly liked the goals that they had hanging over the heads of the crowd, especially since there was heaps of balls that were being tossed around. I found this one a little bit later on, and it made me have a bit of a giggle since this is Mr Tardo’s message tone. ( It is so damn annoying)


Honestly, everything from then on kinda became a bit of a blur, and I couldn’t tell you which days we did what on. So I thought I would just share a few highlights. I wore Lolita every day (yes, that’s 3 different co-ords, that were carted to NZ and back again first 😉 ), but me being the dopey person I am, I was so excited each day that I completely forgot to take outfit shots! *sigh*

So back to the first day of PAX. When we were finally let in we were all completely in awe of everything. It was huge and there was just stuff to look at everywhere. I think my brain almost exploded from wanting to play all the things RIGHT NOW but not being able to choose what to do first. I was particularly impressed by the indie games section! It was huge, and all the games were super awesome and amazingly created. Mr Tardo and I spent so much time in there playing through all of them. No surprises that my favorite one was a 3D zombie game where you are literally stuck in an alleyway with zombies coming for you… and then someone hands you a chainsaw. I think I actually yelled a little bit when I cut the first one in half and the chainsaw moved as if I had actually hit something. It was great.



Mr Tardo is quite into his board games, so we spent a lot of time in the table top section testing out games we hadn’t played before. We came home with quite a few new ones to add to the collection as well 🙂 My friend Katey and I decided we needed to learn how to play the My Little Pony game, and we enjoyed it so much we both ended up buying it.

 327 354

They had a big Jousting area as well, and by some fluke we turned up there at one point only to run into every single other swing dancer at the con. It was pretty funny.


They were holding a photo competition to win this life-size Assassins creed Arno statue. I was going for a “oh darling, don’t leave me” kind of pose, until one of my brothers friends Anthony decided to dive in last-minute and ruin the photo. I wonder who won it in the end… because it wasn’t me 😛


 345 349

We stayed until the end every night playing board games until they kicked us out, and on the last night we even had a heap of our other friends over to the apartment for more games because none of us were ready for it to be over yet. I loved how chilled out the whole convention was. Unlike other cons like AVcon or Comic con, PAX didn’t feel super rushed. There was plenty of time to sit back, relax, play a heap of games and still not miss too much. I loved that. Our first ever PAX weekend was such a memorable one that we were first in line to buy tickets again for next year as soon as they came out.

PAX Australia
Me and Andy having our photo taken at the DD booth 
PAX Australia
The whole gang being a little silly after having Korean BBQ for dinner. We had drank a few cocktails…


 390 395

I can’t wait for next year!