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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Greatest Kawaii Lady Of Them All?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Greatest Kawaii Lady Of Them All?

So I totally entered a kawaii make up competition for a lovely brand called Lady Kawaii. This is a thing I did over a week and a half ago. I am so totally late to the party on this one, as I kept completely forgetting to write about it. So here I am, the day before the competition ends, saying hey! Check out this thing I did! And if you like it, do you think you could spare a vote for me?

Click Here to Vote for me in the Lady Kawaii Make Up Competition!

Lady kawaii make up competition! Please vote for Sarah From Oh So kawaii!

I would love to win this competition, not just for the super sweet prizes (Lady Kawaii’s logo T-shirt with my name on it, plus a whole lot of Lady Kawaii’s products), but also because I think Lady Kawaii is a super cute company, and I would love to be involved with the and an ambassador.

It was almost like it was meant to be because a few days before I heard about the competition I had my Jeffree star order arrive! I ordered the Beauty Killer Palette as well as “Virginity”. Lets all just take a moment to appreciate how pretty it all is <3

lady kawaii make up competition entry vote for Sarah from Oh So kawaii! Jeffree star cosmetics beauty killer palette

The Make Up

I had been itching for a reason to go all out with my new colours, and this was the opportunity I was looking for! I decided to go for a pinkie purple look, because well, lets face it, they are pretty much my go to colours for everything lol. To begin with, I did my brows just a light brown, then covered my lower lid with “Princess” and my upper lid with “China White”. I then filled my outer crease line with “Violence” and then blended, then blended some more with a lovely fluffy brush. I have a gorgeous purple shimmer loose eye shadow that I picked up in Vegas a few years ago that I then dusted over the whole lot. Of course, black winged eye liner is a must for me every time (I just really love it 😛 ) so I went and added that next with a black oil base liner and an eyeliner brush. The finishing touch was a set of lashes from Model Co. You can see the close up of my eyes in the picture below.

Lady kawaii make up competition! Please vote for Sarah From Oh So kawaii!

To get my cheeks such a lovely pink colour, I used a light pink highlighter along with a dark pink blush. My face is naturally always rosy red thanks to my Rosacea, so I enjoy being able to control the colour and contrast when I do my make up. For my lips, of course I just HAD to use Virginity. It is such a pretty colour and goes on so smooth. And OMG, it smells so DIVINE, I could almost eat it.Whilst it was still wet I got some loose dark pink glitter and pressed it onto my lips to give it a more textured look. And sparkly. We can'[t forget sparkly, because who doesn’t love glitter?

Lady kawaii make up competition! Please vote for Sarah From Oh So kawaii!

The Hair

Since I did this way before Vanessa at The Cutting Concept fixed the disaster that was my not-quite-so-black-anymore hair, I opted to put on my favourite pink wig and do a little bit of an up-do with some cute pig tails 🙂 I love the colour of this wig so much, that I hope to one day get my natural hair dyed to this colour. But we will see, I still remember what happened last time I went pink :S But hey, a girl can dream

Lady kawaii make up competition! Please vote for Sarah From Oh So kawaii! Lady kawaii make up competition! Please vote for Sarah From Oh So kawaii!

The Outfit

Of course no photo shoot would be complete without a full matching outfit, so I put one together that I thought would match the style I was going for. It was a miss match of colour, and a little bit preppy, but still cute.

Lady kawaii make up competition! Please vote for Sarah From Oh So kawaii!

Outfit run down:

Wig: Long and light pink, with bangs. It also has a lot of white strands through it, so the ends look even more light and pastel

Top: This top is actually a dress! (although, a very short one 😛 ) I purchased this off an Etsy designer a few years ago because I just adored the print, and i thought the little chiffon ruffled sleeves were just too cute to pas sup.

Skirt:The skirt is just a plain white pleated skirt, which I believe I bought off Ali express. You will see me wearing it a lot, as I love it so much it is one of my regular go too pieces for cute outfits.

Socks: are a baby pink colour, with a cute fat lace around the top, and a little love heart sewn on with a bow on either side.

Shoes: My shoes I bought in some little store in Tokyo several years back, and are the most adorable shade of pink!

Accessories: For my accessories, in my hair you will find a big white bow and a small purple bow on either side. Around my neck is my favourite necklace at the moment, which has a pink rhinestone covered heart hanging from a string of pink pearls. All of which were purchased at Lovisa (In the kids section, lol!).

Lady kawaii make up competition! Please vote for Sarah From Oh So kawaii! Lady kawaii make up competition! Please vote for Sarah From Oh So kawaii!

Thank you so much for reading my make up post, and if I haven’t convinced you already…

Please Vote for me in the Lady Kawaii Make Up Competition!

So tell me, do you have a colour palette that you use to death? What is your best tip for making your make up as kawaii as possible? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Thank you for reading my blog post on <3 Sarah


Sanrio Puroland : Japan!

Sanrio Puroland : Japan!

After my newest discovery that is Hello Kitty Junkies, a group for people who love the the tiny white kitten, it occurred to me that I never actually got around to sharing my favourite photos of when Riccardo and I visited Sanrio Puroland theme park over in Japan last November. So without further ado, I give you Sarah and Riccardo go to Puroland! I swear I have the most patient boyfriend in existence!



It was truly such a magical experience. Everyone there is so friendly and dressed to match the scenery. All the performances were just beautifull coreographed, and they even had TV screens off to the side with english sub titles on it so we could figure out what they were saying. So many opportunities to buy ALL OF THE THINGS ( Which I did….). This place is a must see for any hardcore hello kitty fan.

Chibi! ^_^

Chibi! ^_^

Thanks to some lovely friends of mine who used it to make the header for their wedding website, I just discovered a really awesome chibi maker! ( which you can find here by the way!) So naturally I just HAD to make me and Mr Tardo. What do you think. I think its Oh so kawaii 😉

Chibi SarahMr Tardo

Onsen swing!

Onsen swing!

So the trip from Australia to Japan was a long one. We discovered as we were landing that out flight to Hong Kong was actually going through Melbourne, would have been nice to know that before hand. But it gave me the chance to get the third book in the series I have been reading (50 shades of grey – don’t roll your eyes).

After a long train ride from the airport, We had a bit of a wander through Asakusa trying to find our hostel which was fun. We got to walk through a beautiful temple, and got jumped by a bunch of school kids who were fascinated by my pink hair and wanted to speak English with us. It was all a bit adorable really 🙂



Anyway, we eventually made it here and our first hostel was dodgy as hell, and expensive for what it was. They put us in a twin room which I was in un-amused by, but it turned out to be a bit of fun. We pushed the beds together in our tiny room to make a giant cot!


Dinner that night was great, we went to a local sushi bar and stuffed ourselves. The staff were really lovely even though they didn’t speak English and we couldn’t speak Japanese. I did however manage to relay that I don’t like wasabi, only to be greeted with a giant ball of it in my face, followed by a whole lot of laughter.


One night in our dodgy hostel and we decided we would move on to somewhere else, but luckily the next day was Onsen swing!!! We had been emailing the organizers and they had given us directions etc, but we still got a little lost trying to find the group. I ended up running around asking people if they were Lindy hoppers until I was met by smiles instead of confusion. Then onto the dancing bus we got for a long drive to Japans version of the middle of whoop whoop. When we got there, the place was fantastic, a traditional Japanese Onsen. We slept on the floor on futon’s, in tiny little rooms with rice paper doors, had slippers and kimonos to walk around in and we were greeted with lovely green tea. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever bathed so much in one weekend, it was just delightful. Sitting out in the cold air in a steaming hot bath. Dinner that night was fantastic, around 17 miniature courses I think Riccardo counted. But everything was so tasty. And of course, there was sake!

20121208-154218.jpg 20121208-154244.jpg

 20121208-154121.jpg 20121208-154137.jpg 20121208-154151.jpg

  20121208-154255.jpg 20121208-154111.jpg 20121208-154202.jpg

The dancing that night was small, but fun.. I managed to convince Riccardo to try west coast swing with me as there was a free class, but I’m pretty sure all it did was cement his dislike for it. The most random part though, was the teacher was actually another dancer for Adelaide that taught for third foot Adelaide and was over to meet up with his fiancé before they went back to Adelaide to get married! Small world huh?

20121208-154652.jpg 20121208-154704.jpg 20121208-154716.jpg 20121208-154941.jpg

And then it was all over before we knew it. We had a lovely breakfast and then back on the dancing bus to Shinjuku to go find our new hotel…