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A salty sweet birthday adventure at 50sixone

A salty sweet birthday adventure at 50sixone

A few weekends ago some lovely lolita friends and I headed out to the magical dessert bar that is 50sixone to celebrate the birthday of our friend Ali.

As is my usual, I went for a coordinate of pink, pink and even more pink 😛 The whole outfit was based around this one head bow you see. I had seen the head bow for diner doll (my current dream dress!) come up for sale on-line, and in the hopes that one day I might actually own the matching dress, I bought it. That silly head bow has been sitting in my wardrobe for some time now and bringing me no luck at all, so I decided that in the off-chance I never end up with the dress (*cries*) I should try to coordinate it with something. So here is what I came up with:

Coordinate run down

Shoes: Bait Footwear

Stockings: Bought from a friend

Dress: Whip Factory by Angelic Pretty

Blouse: Off brand

Cardigan: Taget

Bag: Angelic Pretty

Headbow: Dinner Doll by Angelic Pretty

The birthday girl herself was in pink too, so of course we needed to get a selfie together. Pink is the best colour after all.

Our lovely little squad for the day waiting patiently for the rest of our food to arrive.

I was always a sucker for McDonald’s chips dipped in ice cream when I was younger, so when I saw that they had chips with chocolate and ice cream on the menu I just had to have it. It was so very delicious but I only made it halfway before admitting defeat.


50sixone makes the most amazing shakes and desserts. Here you can see Corrina and Ali drooling over Corrina’s chocolate brownie milkshake, and Chelsea‘s big smile when her red velvet pancakes were almost bigger than she was!

As we were leaving the venue we found a wall that had these lovely wings painted on them and we just had to stop to get our outfit shots in front of it. From left to right, Corrina, Chelsea, Katey, me and Jess!

Poor Chelsea was too short, so we tried to give her some help to get up!

Happy Birthday Ali!

Lolita’s On Ice: Our mid-summer ice skating meet!

Lolita’s On Ice: Our mid-summer ice skating meet!


I am so terribly sorry for how over due this post is, but I just couldn’t not share it as the photo’s are just too gosh darn cute! This is an ice skating meet that our local community had back in summer when the weather was tipping the scales at over 40 degree’s (Celsius!) on an almost daily basis. We decided that to cool down, we should go ice skating!

Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 1Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 2

I wore my favorite milky planet set, I thought it was perfect for the occasion as it is covered in ice creams and snow 🙂 I have a super cute up-side-down ice cream cone head band that goes with it, but I thought it would be a little impracticable for ice skating, as it falls off my head a lot when I’m just walking around, so I opted for a plain cute bow instead 🙂 Over all, I am really pleased with how my coordinate looked.

Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 6

Of course, with Milky Planet being such a popular print, I wasn’t the only one wearing it! We had a Milky Planet triplet going on, with myself in the pink (of course!) Chelsea (or Pocket Sized Vampire Pandah) in blue and Katey in yellow. The girls were complaining about their ice skates not matching their outfits, I’m lucky enough to own my own as I used to be a figure skater when I was much younger. Here is a little video I took for instagram of me showing off some of my mad skills (or not so mad… it had been a while since I’d skated, and my skates were blunt as) 😛


Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 3Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 5

I was so keen to have a reason to wear my lyrical bunny jacket. It is just the most divine colour purple, and the fluffy bunny ears are just the cutest thing in the world. I pretty much lived in it during winter, but it had been safely packed away in the wardrobe for the summer months.

Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 7Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 8

It was only a small-ish meet, but we all had a really great time and everyone looked super adorable. Christine is the only one that planned ahead, and put together a coordinate that would match the bright blue rental boots!

Lolita's On Ice Our mid-summer ice skating meet 4

Once everyone was done with ice skating, they all went into town for ice ream! Unfortunately, I had prior engagements that afternoon and had to go home, but I had such a lovely time combining two of my favourite things into one activity. I can’t wait to do it again!


Outfit of the day: Pink, blue, and a little bit vintage. Too Kawaii to die.

Outfit of the day: Pink, blue, and a little bit vintage. Too Kawaii to die.


ootd pink and a little bit vintage 1ootd pink and a little bit vintage 2

The common theme for these two outfits is the pink ribbon in my hair! I really can’t stand having hair in my face, especially when I am working or dancing, which is why you will quite often see me with it pulled back. I have let my fringe grow out quite long, so I can do cute pin curls in it and what have you, and am quite a fan of pulling the rest back of my face with a cute ribbon 🙂

Outfit breakdown:

Jacket: cute pink and short sleeved – found in a thrift store in Melbourne

Top: White, with black tubing and a small peter pan collar – Found in a thrift store in Adelaide

Jeans: White high waisted – Factory

Shoes: Pink and sparkly! – Ruby Shoes

ootd pink and a little bit vintage 3ootd pink and a little bit vintage 4


ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 1ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 2

I know it is not very often you see me in fact not wearing pink, but I happen to be a big fan of pastel blues as well! This is just another casual outfit I put together for work. The weather was not to hot and not to cold, so I could get away with just a cardigan. I have been a real fan of wearing cute socks with my Jelly shoes lately as well. There is nothing I hate more than having super adorable socks on, and the no one can see them because of your shoes. This way I get the best of both worlds!

Outfit Break Down:

Necklace: Light pink Pearls – given to me by a friend

Cardigan: Angelic Pretty

Skirt: Circle Skirt, Blue with white polka dots – Valley girl (although I bought it from Savers!)

Socks: White with lace borders – Ruby Shoes

Shoes: Clear sparkly Jelly Shoes from Betts

ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 3ootd I'm Blue and to kawaii to die 4


50 Shades pinker, my lolita high tea birthday party!

50 Shades pinker, my lolita high tea birthday party!


Happy Birthday to mmmeeeeee!!! yes, today is my actual birthday! But things are getting so busy at the moment that I decided to hold my birthday party a week and a half early 😛 Lolita has really become a big deal for me over the past year, as a lot of you may have noticed, so I wanted to throw a party and invite the whole community as a kind of thanks for making my life awesome.

I decided that since I had missed Britt’s 50 shades of Pink party earlier on in the year since I was away in Queensland for Dan and Jacqui’s Engagement party, I would hold the sequel 😛 and thus, my 5o Shades Pinker party was created!

I spent the better part of the day before baking up a storm, and managed to get myself a little frazzled as a few people pulled out of coming last-minute. When time came for the party to start, I was so super excited.

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 7

I decided to wear my Emily Temple Cute rose garden dress, because it is just the most amazing shade of pink, plus it is super light and just perfect for the warm spring whether we were expecting that day. I was planning to wear a blonde wig, but I just couldn’t get it to behave itself, so I ended up styling my own hair for the outfit. I am really pleased with how it turned out, plus it was much cooler in the hot weather.

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 4  50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 6

Mr Tardo being the best man a girl could ask for, got up super early to make sure the garden was looking lovely and the lawns were mowed, and then even got dressed up for the party too! Doesn’t he look super adorable in his pink shirt and bow tie?! Gosh I love that guy!

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 5

Once all the girls started arriving, it was straight into the food and gossip about dream dresses we can’t afford.

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 1

It was absolutely delightful sitting outside under the porch as well. I was a little worried it might get too hot, as we have never actually had that many people over for a party before. At least not one that didn’t involve sitting in the dark playing board games 😛

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 2

It was decided that my pink room was where all the outfit shots should be. In hind sight, I wish I thought to move my ugly red washing basket from the shots! Lucky all the girls looked just beautiful anyway.

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 8 50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 9 50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 10 50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 11

Of course at the end we all grouped together in the garden for the obligatory group photo, and even Bella decided to be in it!

50 shades pinker lolita hight tea 3

My first ever party at our new(ish) house was a complete success and as a result, it looks like we are now going to be hosting the annual Lolita community Halloween Meet. I can’t wait!

As for today, i look forward to spending the day at work with some of my favourite clients, and then going out for dinner with some close friends and family tonight.

Thanks for reading!


Outfit of the day: Cute, Pink and Girly

Outfit of the day: Cute, Pink and Girly


OOTD Cute and Girly 4

This outfit of the day comes with a bit of a story. I work for my parents company, and we had just bought a new mini bus. We got it from a seller on the gold coast, and my dad drove it down to Adelaide. Since we had to get it registered for SA, it had to be checked for road worthiness etc, which is a job my brother usually does. This time though, it fell to me to get it done because my brother had decided to go on holidays. I had a chat with him about the things I needed to do before they would let me register it, and he said it was always a tough job. It was a lovely warm day, and I was desperate to wear this new skirt I had bought the week before. Which got me wondering, Would wearing a short skirt and being adorable get these mechanics to help me get this bus through quicker than my brother could do it? Only time would tell. Here is the outfit breakdown:

Cardigan: K-mart

Top: South Sydney Rabbito’s pink tank top

Stockings: Hello Kitty Stockings from a shop in Adelaide, but you can find them online Here.

Shoes: Dolly Heels from Kawaii Clothing

Skirt: I actually can’t remember! Some shop at pacific fair on the gold coast.

OOTD Cute and Girly 2OOTD Cute and Girly 3

This is how my social experiment ended: Everyone was very nice to me. I got a few cat calls when I went to the shipping yard to weigh the bus, but it actually ended up taking me an extra day longer than I was expecting. The mechanic I had put the bus into to have all the safety measures checked, didn’t actually check everything like they said they did. Two of the seat belts didn’t actually work, so it failed its seating inspection. One angry phone call later they promised to replace the broken seat belts for free, but I couldn’t get back in to have them rechecked until the next day. Bloody mechanics!

OOTD Cute and Girly 1


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Outfit of the day: Barbie Girl!

Outfit of the day: Barbie Girl!


OOTD Barbie Girl 3

I have been loving the hell out of the new barbie range at the Myer Miss shop lately, the jumpers are so fluffy and warm they have been perfect for the cold place Adelaide has been lately. Cazz from Nerd Burger  and I were emailing, and she mentioned that she wanted to put together a barbie outfit, and that we should totally twin. Since I’ll take any excuse to wear my barbie gear, I had no problem with this 😛 So, here is the outfit breakdown:

Hair Bow: From my craft cupboard

Necklace: Equip (In the kids section! 😛 )

Jumper: Myer Miss Shop – it is totally on sale at the moment too!


Boots: (Free shipping!)

OOTD Barbie Girl 4OOTD Barbie Girl 1

OOTD Barbie Girl 5


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Nail Art of May

Nail Art of May


pink and purple bling pinstripe 3d nail art
Not gunna lie, these I am pretty proud of. Inspiration finally struck when I finally found the time to sit down for a few hours.These are a mixture of several different things. Metal bling decals, pink, purple and silver crystals, white acrylic hearts and of course giant glittery pink bows. I love them ^_^
simple pink glitter nail art
This first set I must admit, not some of my best work. I bought this pack of three nail polishes from supre on impulse when I went in there to buy tank tops a little while ago. I mostly just liked the look of the pink glitter, and it was $5. Don’t Judge me ok?! 😛 I had gotten sick of my long nails and wanted something quick, and thus this was born. it’s not THAT bad I suppose. They didn’t last long though.
Matte pink and white nail art with stripes
Next up we have this design. After using the glitter and bright colours with the matte top coat previously,I still really liked the look it gave. SO I thought I would try this. Kinda hated it, so I only ended up doing one hand. Now looking back, it is a kinda pretty design. I was just being a fussy bitch that day 😛
pink glitter matte comic book cartoon nail art
This is what followed the striped design. I wasn’t 100% happy with how they came out, but they were better than the previous design so I kept them on for a little while. Again I used a pretty pink colour, with glitter over the top then the matte top coat. Then I used some nail art pens to paint the details on over the top.
OOTD – Pink Chocolate!

OOTD – Pink Chocolate!

Chocolate inspired OOTD

I thought it was about time I tried my had at an outfit of the day post! And decided to start with my outfit for work the other day, purely because I really liked how it all came out.

Chocolate inspired OOTD 4Chocolate inspired OOTD 5

I love pink AND chocolate, so I have managed to accumulate a fair amount of clothing items that fall under those headings 😛 So, Here is the break down:

Chocolate Cardigan| Angelic pretty

Pink chocolate top| Emily Temple cute

White skirt| ASOS

Chocolate stockings| TaoBao

Pink Shoes| SpreePicky

Headband| Angelic Pretty

 Chocolate inspired OOTD 2Chocolate inspired OOTD 3

Magical Lolita Transformation meet!

Magical Lolita Transformation meet!

There is this thing the Adelaide Lolita community does about once a year that we like to call our “Magical Lolita Transformation” meet, which we held about a week ago. My first time properly dressing up in Lolita was at the meet last year (you can read about it here). It was also when I discovered my first ever dream dress and started a years worth of pining for it (you can read about the happy day I finally bought it and made it mine here!). It is a great day for girls new to the fashion to learn some tips and tricks on the ins and outs of Lolita from the veterans of the scene. As you can see, it is a pretty big day which can often mean more girls to our lovely community since they have a chance to really find out what it is all about before completely committing to it. I turned up in my daggy casual’s and “transformed” on the day as well, I didn’t want to miss out on all the fun!

Magical Lolita Transformation meet!
After and before shots

How it usually works, is the Mods of the community page set the date, and then start recruiting girls (and boys too!) to come help out with various things. There are people who lend out dresses and accessories for the newbies to try on, people to help with hair styling/wig styling, people to help with make up, they even had a demonstration about how to put on fake lashes!

Magical Lolita Transformation meet! Magical Lolita Transformation meet!

Although I am by no means a veteran, this year I helped out at the make-up station. There was a fair few of us, so I only ended up doing myself and my friend Tink. I was quite happy with the outcome! Isn’t she just the cutest?

Magical Lolita Transformation meet!
Here is the make up I did on Lil Miss Tink, to go with her beautiful co-ord from Angelic Pretty.

The girls from Berrie Cute had also set up a stall on one side of the room so hat people could browse through all their wonderful dresses and buy themselves one if they felt the need.

Magical Lolita Transformation meet!

I had a bit of a browse myself, and found a few little treasures of my own to take home 🙂 My favorite being the bear head hand bag. I think he will fit nicely into my collection. Mr Tardo has decided his name is Buster 🙂

Magical Lolita Transformation meet!

I had such a fun day, and I just cant wait to participate again when the next one comes around! Its thanks to this meet my first time that I discovered just how awesome Lolita really is, and I hope it has done the same for some of our new girls! ^_^

Magical Lolita Transformation meet!

Day Dreaming in Pink

Day Dreaming in Pink

So it is almost midnight. And a school night too! Why on earth am I still awake? Well, as mentioned a little while ago in my post “Under Contract Baby!” Mr Tardo and I have been in the process of buying a house. That was a month ago, and now settlement is at 11.30 tomorrow morning and I am wwwaayyyyy to excited to sleep! I have been dreaming of having the ultimate pink room all for my own ever since I was a teenager, and now it is within my grasps to make it a reality. So naturally instead of getting sleep like I should, I have been endlessly searching Pinterest for the perfect way to pink up my beautiful 2.68 x 3.68 meter room. I do appreciate that I will own a whole house, but there is only so much adorable the ever tolerant Mr Tardo can handle.

Since sleep is clearly not going to be a thing tonight, I thought I would share some of my plans with you all! (Btw, all these photo’s have shamelessly been lifted from pinterest. The board is here if you would like to have a look for yourself)

First of all, I just love the idea of all of the walls being pink! I have decided I am going to have three walls a light baby pink sort of colour, and then a hot pink feature wall.

This is not quite the pinks I have in mind, but you get the idea 🙂 I actually went to Bunnings with mother this afternoon and she helped me pick out some sample colours to test on the walls.

Next idea that I really like, is having white furniture up against said pink walls. I think the contrast between the two colours is just beautiful.

Now THAT’S the kind of pink I was talking about!

Unfortunately, as some of you may have noticed from some of my instagram photo’s taken in my bedroom – my furniture isn’t white. I plan to have a vanity in the new room, which will consist of a beautiful big white mirror I permanently borrowed from my mum a few years ago, hanging on top of a small desk I own. I will also have my computer desk to hold my already completely blinged up gaming monster. Since it’s only two pieces that aren’t already white, I have decided that I am going to paint them! I just ordered these gorgeous heart-shaped draw knobs off etsy today and I think once they are all put together it will look just darling.

I am also a huge toy/adorable things collector, and although my collection is not quite as awesome as the one in the picture below, I really do like the idea of having everything on shelves covering one of the walls. The wall I plan to have as the hot pink feature wall is going to have the white vanity up against it, and then I plan to get a whole bunch of shelving to put on the rest of the wall surrounding it.

I really like the way these shelves look, so I think I will try to buy/make my shelving quite similar, only white so it stands out on the pink walls.

As for curtains, I really love this design. They looks so adorable and Angelic Pretty-esque. There is no way I am going to be able to find pre made curtains like this anywhere in Adelaide, so I am adding this to my do-it-later plan. Hopefully I can convince my mother and lovely sewing friends to help me make some 🙂

There are so many other little things I want to fix and change. Light fittings, rugs, pictures desk chairs. I am going to pink ALL-OF-THE-THINGS and I am so excited about it! Watch this space for updates! I should really go and attempt sleep…